Just Not a Ordinary Father

Father Day fast approaches in two weeks but if I wait to write this my mind will some how not come up with the same thoughts . It’s hard to believe he has been gone 32 years but that is so. He may have pass on but his influence is still showing up in my life each day.

Some people will say that because your dad was a drunk that you are bound to be one too. I’ve always thought that you learn from your father and mother. I know I’m blessed to have had both. But no matter who raises you as a child you can pick and choose the things you want to carry on. So if your father was a drunk. You can choose not to carry that trait forward. I really never knew my dad was a Boy Scout until I choose to become one. Yet I was probably just the opposite kind of Scout than my dad was. He made Eagle Scout and I made First Class. It was okay with him and I went in for the fun and not all the badges and stuff.

He was rough on me sometimes and yes my butt got redden more that a few times. What I saw him do day in and day out has helped me through all my life. He never gave up when things got tough. Through 5 heart attacks and by pass surgery. He recovered and went back to work. Did I mention 8 kids and mom. I think I just bypass that didn’t I. He understood his responsibilities and he was a very good influence at least on me. I hopefully learned to emulate his good traits and the bad one set aside some place. There are things you miss about your parents and things you don’t. But we aren’t given a book on fatherhood or motherhood. You wing it so to speak and you make mistakes. You pray your son’s and daughter’s will forgive for your mistakes. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing and I don’t believe that forgiveness necessarily means you forget what has happen to you. It means at least to me someone doesn’t necessarily understand the things they done to hurt you. Some people never can seem to let go of the past. Forgiveness releases you from the past. Your lesson is not repeating the same mistakes as your father or mother. How my father ever managed to provide for the 9 of us I’ll never quite understand. I know he did it with far more patience than I’d have.

I could write for hours about my dad. Some people thought we were poor but we were very rich in our draw on who we got for parents. We might have had a coal furnace for years after most people changed to Natural gas yet it heated the house. We didn’t have the fancy clothes or a new car every few years. We had parents who believed in God and lead by example. You see I’m just one of 8 kids and we were all unique . We all learned different things in different ways. My faith in God stands out because of my parents. Yet I have siblings that faith doesn’t seem to stand out so much. I say that and I really hope I’m wrong. You live your own life and you can’t live your brothers or sisters life too. I believe my father got a well done from his Creator the day he stepped through those pearly gates. He gave it all at least in my eyes and his failing are forgiven. I’ll always love my dad. His good, his bad and ugly. I look forward to meeting him once again in our home in God’s house.

Getting Roasted in one easy Lesson

It does’t take much in our society today to get roasted. The sensitivity of people seem to me to be at all time high point. There isn’t much that you can comment on without getting a firestorm of critics jumping down your throat. I remember the first time a guy was joking with me and said ” You know what burns my ass? ” Then he hold his hand out about butt high and say ” A flame this high. “ Pretty funny at the time . Yet in today’s picture you’d see a guy or gal incinerate because that sense of humor has gone completely out the window and taken a jet to the North Pole.

Case in point is our current President Trump. There is nothing he can do without someone in the press burning him at the stake. It’s like anything he says or does someone is ready to strike the match under his butt. I will give him credit though were a lot of people won’t . That is he keeps trying to do his sworn duty to protect the American people. That is his job in a nut shell to protect us the everyday citizens against all enemies foreign and domestic. Now you may not think that but then you might not look at the big picture. For a example you might think his immigration ideas suck. Okay no problem but in the big picture every person who crosses our borders brings with them a cost factor. They have to stay somewhere, have to eat and have to use resources to survive. When you have one side that has it head in the sand when you see hundreds of people being gather up by the border patrol something is really wrong. Yes, we understand the politics of the situation. If you give President Trump his WALL then he wins. Then come up with a better idea that can pass the muster and help the situation. We get your point and it is very clear you hate President Trump. Fine then hate him but do your job and it isn’t playing the Justice Department.

My last point is this. President Trump keeps on trying things to do his job to protect our country. He is doing his job right or wrong at least he is trying something. What is happening on the other side is gathering firewood to have another roast each time he does absolutely anything. Instead of gathering your wood for another roast, you need to put your heads together and figure out away to be part of the solution and not the problem. This is just one old man’s point of view. What is yours ?

Are Tariffs Going to Kill Us ?

Before the world of taxes this country survived on tariffs. We protected our jobs supported our government with money from tariffs. We taxed or used tariffs on both imports and selected exports. With the need for armed forces a more even way of paying for those things was enacted, namely the income tax on individuals. Tariffs today are lot more complicated than they use to be and there has been a resistance to using them because of the response in kind from the countries whose goods are tariffed.

There are those that think the tariff on the product we receive from China is going to do untold damage on our American economy. Yet we have been on the losing side of the business with the Chinese for years. The dream of a giant new market place for American goods hasn’t materialized but the dumping and pumping of China’s products have filled our shelves in our stores. In some cases, it has been dumping and I mean dumping literally. The steel plants in China have been pumping out steel and flooding our markets with cheaper steel than we can make. Our steel industry was to a point where very few producers were left. This most recent trade dispute goes deeper than most of us can imagine. Our perception of fair trade doesn’t seem to match the thinking of the China government. They invite in the industrial business they want to dominate. The way they deal is you come in but you have to share your patents secrets with us. Then they open there own government-owned company and compete unfairly around the world against us, using our technology to dominate industries and employ there people.

What President Trump has ask for is the theft of our technology to stop. That the markets be open to fair trade or an even playing field. Our business people have been blindsided. Perhaps it has been a little on the greedy side when you see the number of people in China who could be potential customers. The Chinese seem to see nothing wrong with this field and we have let it go so long that they are a little taken back by our standing up to them. Yes, the cost of an Apple iPhone would cost a lot more here if made here. But if their technology is allowed to be stolen will Apple iPhones dominate the market in 10 years? Because China’s goal is to dominate all these tech fields by 2025.

There is more at stake than just selling our products at a fair market price. It is covering our hind ends and not letting the Chinese government steal our trade secrets. They have already silently and knowingly closed businesses around this country and around the world. This isn’t our problem alone because they aim to dominate not only us in technology and trade but the rest of the world too.

We opened up this can of worms or Pandora’s box and we didn’t need China before and if the deal is to trade with them requires us to sell our souls. Then back to the ’60s for China trade we should go. We survived before without them and we can survive again. India or somewhere else can step into play a major role and play on even field and appreciate it. Will it kill us no, because this is America. This is just my opinion of course and that is why I call it OpinionRUS.

What is OpinionRUS ?

I’ve had this idea in my head for sometime and I’m going to be the first one to float this Opinion by you the public. I’m not sure if you have noticed but I have, in the area of public expression in the last few years. We have been limited as a society to where we can speak out on issues of the day. It really seems like a left liberal problem than the right conservative problem. I could be a little wrong there but most Conservative sites will let you leave opinions as long as they are reasonibly civil. Since we are in a new era that before the 2016 Elections in the United States. Most liberal sights would allow you to leave comments on there editorials and reporting. With the Fake News on slot in reporting that has been jerked away by the powers at these networks and liberal pages. I firmly believe that someone people in our society thinks they are right and they couldn’t give a damn about you or me and our differences in Qpinion! You can call it evil at work or whatever name you want. There is a force that wants to limit the common persons Opinion and thus cutting off a avenue for complaints about what’s happening in our world today.

Thus the birth of OpinionsRUS. This isn’t a site that you can just insight hatred for the left or right. It isn’t a site where you can cuss and rave about your nieghbor. This is a site where you can leave a OPINION on news of the day on things happening in your neck of the woods from any part of the world. English is the only language allowed because that is all I speak or can read. Limited profanity is allowed but if the F-word is all you know don’t bother to leave a OPINION. I’m personally pretty Conservative but I am open minded enough to listen to the liberal point of view. When it becomes name calling and stuff the liberals do and some conservatives do then I’ll delete your opinion. Your OPINIONS have been cut off from most sites and even Facebook and Twitter in some cases. This sight is for OPINIONS not quotes from other things you have read but personal Opinions. I have friends and they are these college types who are book worms who read all this stuff and try to throw it in my face. I don’t want that here. I want your PERSONAL OPINION PERIOD. With that being said and not saying there might be some revisions down the road. Because I’m the Rush Limbaugh of this site and I’m the editor in Chief . Have at it public !!