Who Are We Protecting?

Those words searching for justice seem to jump out of the pages of news I read everyday. We hear those same cries for justice on all our media everyday. Sometimes we wonder who we are protecting, those who have been wronged or the ones who did the wrong.

I come from a Catholic family and was raised by Catholic parents. I went to Catholics schools for 11 years. I was a alter boy and a Boy Scout for about 6 of those years. Ill state this right up front I never was once touch by any member of clergy unjustifiably in anyway. So the things I’ve read in the last ten years or so have been hard for me to understand. We live in a world were evil is prevalent in almost all parts of life. So why not in the Churches too. That is a hard reality to shallow for some of us.

A harder reality to swallow is who is the Church protecting, The victims or the perpetrators? That really is hard to figure out. We understand were some of the charges of misconduct are 40 and 50 years old. Yet at the same time the Church response when complaints were brought was to just to move these individuals to another church or somewhere out of sight. Then you see the Pope asking people to forgive and asking prayers for healing. I do get that and understand that these people need forgiveness. I also understand that a great amount of money has been poured out to individuals harmed by these clergy members.

Something still seems to be missing in the way churches handle this revelation of clergy abuse of our children and in some cases vulnerable older individuals in our churches. I know that it has to be effecting the collection plates in churches but more over it shakes our faith in our leadership within the walls of the church. These Godly people who preach that Jesus saves, who sit there and say that abuse is wrong. Yet don’t give us a definitive answer to what they are doing to keep this from happening the best you can. We know that nothing can be a 100 percent fool proof, but to least say that your instructions in your seminaries is too all individual if your mind is on anything other than bringing glory to God . You should leave and not let the door hit you in the butt.

One last thing churches and not just Catholic churches , you should read this next very carefully. I don’t want to be a prophet but so I shall be in what I say next. Leaders in all churches both clergy and lay leaders you have a choice clean your congregations up and show the integrity you should have. For if you don’t God will because it isn’t your church but it is God’s.

Winners Don’t have to Play the Losers Games

Within the last 3 days Hillary Clinton announce the death of here younger brother Tony Rodham. Then I start reading all this ugly stuff from people on Facebook. I just do not get the lack of compassion of people in our society today.

I get what has been done to President Trump, his family and anyone associated with them in the last 2 years plus. That doesn’t excuse the other side from stooping to their level of hatred and not showing compassion for the Clinton family in a time of personal lost of a family member. Like I said winners don’t have to play the losers games. We should be above the hatred and leave the personal stuff out of our bones we have to pick with our political rivals. What comes around goes around. We know that is a true statement. If what has been happening for last 2 years plus is a lie, then we will press for the answers from the courts. The justification isn’t going to come from the press either written or broadcast media.

We do extend our condolences to the Clinton’s and Rodham family for there lost of there loved one. We pray that they will receive comfort from those around them and our God and Father of all of us.

Why is Making America Great Again So bad?

Here I sit with my Make America Great Again hat on and I can’t wear it outside my own home. It be like carrying a AK-47 down the street. I’m not radical or racist. I can’t even think of one person I hate. I’ve only used the N-word when I was kid in a nursery rime. I just don’t get what is wrong with making America Great Again. Yet I do have a few theories on why the left thinks it is so bad.

I get why the left didn’t want to see Donald J. Trump to become the next President. Probably just like I didn’t want Barack Obama to become President. Well that much is okay in either case. Yet to turn a campaign slogan into some kind of a racist symbol is crazy in my mind. What President wouldn’t want America to be great again or at least great. What country leader in the world wouldn’t want his country to be great in the world?

So if that isn’t wrong or it is wrong because President Trump came up with it, then there must be more to it. Just maybe the left and the media look at the way President Trump has reversed a lot of things Obama did and they think he’s wrong. They liked a constant 5% unemployment rate, a black unemployment rate of at least double that. Maybe they like 6.8 million people on food stamps. Perhaps it is the fact that President Trump came with in a whisker of getting rid of the Affordable Care Act. Maybe it is because he got his tax cuts through Congress. And the liberal states now can’t subsidize there tax system at the expense of the rest of the country. Could it be that some companies are really bringing jobs back to this country when Obama said it couldn’t be done. It really is funny to me how liberal think our taxes belong to them and we should let them piss it away on the dandelions and bee pollination. I’m sure that bees are important but not sure if the tax payers should fund it. Could it be that President Trump has kept his promises, he made while campaigning ?

At least we know with no doubt that the media is liberal and it isn’t cloaked in anyway there true bias stands out for all to see. I knew many years ago but some people had there doubts. But no more doubting the hate is in full bloom.

Maybe you are asking what President Trump really means by ” Make America Great Again “. I believe he means bring back the idea that we are a great country, we want everyone to work, we want a fair tax system, a country were you can walk the streets safely, a prison system which is fair to all, a country were you can find work if you want to work, a health care system second to none and the right to worship God or not. I ask you what is wrong with that. What is wrong though is 535 members of Congress with bank accounts larger than most Americans will ever see. Free health care for them, pension fund that most of us don’t have. They make laws they don’t have to partake in like ACA. They get richer while they are in office and treat it like it’s a job.

What Makes America Great Again is something President Trump sees in us and we see in him. We are not all cookie cutter American’s willing to go with the crowd and do anything just because some of our leaders say it is the right. President Trump is willing to try things a little differently in order to make a difference. He isn’t one to say it has been done this way for generations, so we should just continue doing things the same old way. He has challenged the leaders in Congress and in our cities to try things differently. Cities like Chicago who he has challenged to make changes in order to stem the tide of the killings. I believe because he is willing to be different and not deal in the Swamp and with the Establishment. He sees what we see waste and duplication of services and people in office to long. Working for themselves and not the people they represent. For those that say term limits are a bad thing for Congress then term limits are a bad thing for Presidents. But you will not see the agreement on that from your Congressional representatives because they want control of the purse strings. This is all opinion but Making America Great Again isn’t a bad thing because with American innovation the world is a better place to live! Again !

In Search of a Good Journalist

Sometime I miss the days of old fashion news reporting. The guy who would get up at 2 am or 3 am and rush out to cover news story to get it to us before our breakfast cooled off. I’m in the Midwest in the middle of America and as a kid I use to deliver those morning papers. The days before the disappearance of Johnny Gosh which forever changed how our paper were delivered.

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a great journalist anymore. It looks like a bunch of copy and paste papers anymore. One of our great journalist has in the last few years been forced to retire. He was probably a reporter when I was a boy delivering papers. With age came both reporting news and beating the bushes for stories that would be interesting to his readers. Bill Wundram is in his 90’s now and I’ll bet still wanting to be out there beating the bushes. Age has its away of taking its toll on things especially your mobility.

We like our new technology and probably today a reporter or Journalist uses a Smart Phone for his or her typewriter. The Smart Phone might be used for the front page picture taking too. All sent to the news room with the push of a button. Bill Wundram I miss you. And sometimes the days of old flash through my mind of neighborhoods at 4:00 am on my bike. Delivering the morning news. I’ll keep reading the paper and praying it somehow has a rebirth. But a Bill Wundram is just a one of a kind I know. While I got you here all the pictures I use are all non-copyrighted. Thanks for reading and your opinions and comments are always welcome.

A New Day Coffee Please!

Ah yes, my morning cup of coffee. I’m not sure about you but there is something about that first cup in the morning, I’ve read where you shouldn’t have a cup right away in the morning. Something about taking away from your just finished nights sleep. But regardless old habits are sometimes hard to break. I’m not a guy that finds long term habits hard to break. I smoked for about 20 years and threw them out the window of my service vehicle one day and quit cold turkey. When my dad was having by-pass surgery

I work for over 44 years for one of the largest vending companies and in the last ten years, I’d say coffee has became our saving grace. Our company became a multi-service company. We carried about every type of coffee you could think of and the same with the machines that brewed them. You could have a Starbucks machine in your office and one of our clients had one in his home basement. Sometimes I wonder how people could afford to buy some of our coffee. K-cups really are pretty expensive at almost 40 cents a cup. Yet what is nice is not having to mess with the coffee grounds. The little machine you see in my picture above is a Hamilton Beach Flex-brew. You can use either grounds in a little cup or the k-cup adapter. I can’t drink a lot of coffee upsets my stomach after a few days of too many cups of my favorite brew. There is only the two of us too, so it makes sense to use a machine like this. I’m sure I could fix a machine like this but basically, they are a throwaway machine because they are so cheap to buy. I’d recommend this one to anyone really particularly if there’s only a couple of you at home.

There are other trends in the vending and refreshment trade that have breathed a little fresh air into its limp sails. I didn’t retire because it wasn’t interesting or couldn’t keep up with the technology but driving in the Winter began to really suck. With wifi,scanners, debit cards and remote cameras the trade was taking on a new look when I retired. Was looking forward to getting rid of all the service manuals (at least paper ones ) and using a iPad and laptops. With all the coffee makers we serviced iPad’s were going to make a world of difference.

Hope you are enjoying your favorite morning coffee as you read this. Have a great rest of your day. Your continued reading of my opinions are greatly appreciated and your comments are encouraged.

Dealing with the Sick

Dealing with sick people has a lot to do with cost and cost has a lot to do with health insurance, hospitals, medicines, research, doctors,nurses and all the other things required to keep us well. Dealing with the continual sky rocketing cost of care for the sick is a mind boggling problem.

This isn’t the day of mom going to the hospital and having a baby, then coming home a week later. With a bill for a few hundred dollars. When that was the case when health insurance was a pipe dream and the only one paying the bill was the patents family. People that went to the doctor with cancer or serious things like that were basically given very little chance of survival for any length of time.

Here we are 2019 and we have made great strides in treatments for a lot of mankind’s killer diseases. With the insurance companies help and the continual rising cost because someone has to pay for the great strides in our medical care. When I sold health insurance in 1970 Blue Cross and Blue Shield was the top of the line insurance carrier. They would pay when no one else would. Also it cost more than others because it paid for more. I’m not sure who is the Ace of the health care insurance companies today but I know there is one. Holding the cost on health care is pretty hard with ever advancing progress in treating of diseases we thought were almost never going to be cured.

With the recent passage of the the Affordable Care Act I can see one thing it has done. And it really isn’t anything to do with lowering medical cost. The older doctors have retired in droves. It’s like a rush to see how fast they could close there medical practices. I believe this was brought on by the payment limits of the Affordable Care Act and the choice of doctors in the plans. Many of older doctors were considered to high a cost for the new plans to absorb. Some that stayed would allow people to pay about 60% to 75% of the office call if it was paid on the spot cash or charge. I know this for a fact because my wife who is 7 years younger than me wouldn’t go to any of the doctors in the new plan that we could afford. So she went to her doctor and we paid around 75% cash for her visits. He doctor she had before the Affordable Care Act took hold, retired so fast the door didn’t hit him in the butt on the way out.

The great strides we are making in all sorts of fields of medicine both drugs and treatments is amazing to the average person like me. But the cost and who and how we continue to pay for these advances is a great concern for all. Like taxes even though some people say business are the ones who pay there own taxes. Taxes are a cost of doing business, as is energy, wages and everything else. It is all passed on to the consumer don’t kid yourself. Health insurance premiums pay for a lot if not most of these new advances. I started out writing this thinking of all the things Blue Cross and Blue shield use to pay for in 1970 and how sometime I thought if they just said no to paying for some of the advances. That premiums for health insurance would been less. I’m looking at what I’ve written and I see the position we are in. We can say no to paying for these advancements in medicine and limit ourselves to cures now instead of 10 years from now. We are in a capitalist society though and our lines and waits for treatment isn’t as long as it is in England, Canada and many other countries were government controls the cost and makes believe that you somehow aren’t paying for it. What do you think is there away to control our sky rocketing health care without cutting out the great strides we are making on treatments for so many things I can’t list them all. You opinions are welcome.

In the Search of Fame

In search of fame I believe is a reason for a lot of the mass killings. We regretfully give these crazies exactly what they are looking for. Our justice system is slow and the death penalty is all but gone . Somehow getting your name in the history books is a rush in the minds of these crazy people . Perhaps it is a thought if I’m going to die I may as well put my name on the front page and in the history books. The solutions for this continued craziness calls for more security in all our schools, work places, public places, banning guns and the list goes on. The debate is never ceasing and after a mass shooting it is good for a couple days if not weeks of talk on CNN.

i believe we give these crazies exactly what they crave FAME ! I purpose a nationally we limit this fame game. Give them no name fame at all. Yes recognize the victims but the doer of the crime gets no television time. No mention of there name and no use of there name in print, radio or any news source. A unmarked grave anyplace they are buried. Time to cut the fame game out and make it so these crazies never were born. There day in lights shouldn’t be helped by news media, Federal, state or city governments. Maybe we should just number them like this crazy #1, crazy #2 and so forth. These crazies plan these killing and some don’t care if they die but some give up as soon as they are challenged. Yet neither deserve there names in lights or books written about them or anything else. They have taken the lives of innocent people who will be grieved for years and years to come. I’m not sure how others feel or think. I purpose this no matter how these crazies decide to cause these mass deaths. You use a knife, baseball bat or by any means, that there day of fame shell be treated without the use of there name. No page in the history books for them, a unmarked grave. You might say I don’t respect the parents that brought these crazies into this world. It isn’t that but the need for society to not glorify these killings is more important that family feeling. Your opinions are welcome !