What is Evil ?

How do I start to answer the question I pose? For you must understand that we have struggled with it since the Garden of Eden. Evil doesn’t have a bad face or even give you the indication that it is bad for you. The fact is it will appear to be good for you and society. It might even do just a little good or like the fruit in the Garden of Eden taste delicious, so why not share it. I’m not sure why God created the devil but I know that everything comes from God. Every human or thinking spirit has free will. So it isn’t hard to understand how the devil came to be. Maybe the devil came to be because God doesn’t make robots that cannot go against Him. We have a choice to love God or not. So do the spirits or angels that were created before we had a choice too. Some had that pumped up pride and choose self instead of God. I’m getting away from my own question but yet I’m no

I’m writing this and look around this world and I see blatant things that are evil and it isn’t no way hidden at all. But you’ll see the ones that perform these evil things claiming it is good or in the name of god. Now I can’t give my God credit for these evil acts, so no capital ” g ” for their god. Was 9/11/2011 a blatant act of evil? Is every bombing in cities throughout this world evil? Yes for sure but that is the end signs of evil. It is not the hidden evil that tries to suck innocent and weak people into its grasp to rip us apart from one another. It isn’t the evil that turns sister against sister and brother against brother. See or perhaps you won’t see. Evil makes something like a peace treaty with an evil empire look good and beneficial for all. Where in all you have done is give the evil empire a cloak to continue planning for your demise. Evil makes your yes a no and your no a yes. You’ll sometime hear a kid tell you that in a joking way. Yes is no and no is yes. But that is exactly what evil is. It flips bad for good and vice versa.

We deal in sight and the appearance and evil aren’t ugly but inviting and mesmerizing. Read the book of Genesis on the creation of this world. Read with a vision of the Garden of Eden where God put man. Was it dark or uninviting in any way? It wasn’t and everything in it was perfect and beautiful and even the tree which God told Adam not to touch or eat from looked good and harmless. Good is like dynamite which can be used to move mountains and save time in construction but also can be used to kill people and damage things. Evil is like a drug that cures a certain disease but has side effects that kill you if given wrongly.

Evil today even though still appearing to be good has been drawn into a panic mode. It isn’t as hidden as before. In fact, it is wide out in the open claiming to be the sole speaker for the majority of the human race. It points at those who stand for God’s unchanging ways and says God has changed and the Word’s He had our fore father’s write aren’t completely right. That somehow the hidden evils of old that weren’t talked about much aren’t really evil at all. That the ones that want a completely verifiable peace with the evil empire are wrong and it doesn’t need to be as long as there isn’t a war. Evil today is more visible than it has ever been. From the front pages of our newspapers, magazines, radios, and televisions. All claiming that evil is good and having people that will step forward to lie to say that it is so. We live in dangerous times where evil is in a panic mode because it has been called out on many fronts and sees it ultimately lost to a God of good and righteousness. So What is Evil? It is anything that appears to be good but in the long run, it is bad for God and mankind. Now is this plagiarist writing because I’m sure Evil has been written about many times before? I say no because this has come straight from my heart and what I see in our society and churches. It is an alarm that every good God loving man, woman and child should sound. Will this stop evil or change the war on evil? It isn’t supposed to but opens a few more eyes, ears and minds to the deceiving way evil continues to work but today in a much more open way than the past. Your comments are always welcome, in fact, I encourage them because we can only grow by communicating our beliefs and different views.

Thinking About God

Have you ever really sat down and thought about God? Most people would probably say no. Think of the billions of people on this planet and God knows the very next thought in each of our minds. He knows the next word you’ll say. The next thing you’ll do. He knows you better than you do. I realize that many people don’t believe in God and that is perfectly okay because they have a free will. Somehow this world and all we see and touch just magically came to be is fine with them. The awesomeness of God amazes me and why God would put up with such an ungrateful people is beyond my understanding. I say that but in a sense I do understand in my human mine why God keeps this world turning. It is a love beyond all love that man can’t possibly comprehend. See because to us someone who would spit in your face and say you are a piece of crap, you wouldn’t keep around. Yet everyday and day after day people don’t give God a first thought or second thought. God isn’t in their hundredth thought of the day. Yet God keeps them breathing, watered and feed, roofs over there heads and their world turning round and round. Jesus said the way to heaven is a narrow way and few will reach it. I read what I just wrote and I know exactly why.

Media Library

People will say I believe in God. I ask when! When a baby is born. When you get real sick. When your in a accident. When you get married. When you are on your death bed. There are a lot of whens there and what about the in between times. Isn’t there a time other than those that God crosses our minds and hearts. Don’t you look at the things in your life that God has brought you through when you thought you wasn’t going to make it. To those that don’t believe I know you did it all yourself and when you die that is it you die. Darn what a waste to go through life with nothing in the end to look forward too. That makes me sad better get off that subject.

Think of this for a minute if you will. If you was Bill Gates or any billionaire and gave it all away expecting you could get into heaven. You wouldn’t make it without faith in Jesus and excepting His death, resurrection and confessing your sins and asking forgiveness. Simple and clean but you have let go of your pride and humble yourself. That is why it is harder for some to get into heaven.

Sometime no matter who we are we take this all for granted. We get up in the morning don’t give our Creator a second thought or a thought through out the day. Now I’m guilty as charge God and no I’m not proud of it but I’m being honest. It isn’t because I don’t believe every single word I’ve written but because I’m in this human skin, and somehow I just take everyday for granted. Yet God is so Amazing, Awesome and loving God. He understands and Jesus blood has washed me clean even though I don’t deserve it. This isn’t where I intended to go but you can’t speak of God in my writing without mentioning Jesus or vice versa

Appreciation of Old Customers

Good morning once again. Thought I’d choose one of my pet peeves to write about today. It always gets to me how our American economy works. Customer appreciation is very strange. How we treat customer loyalty. In this modern day of competition for new customers. The one that has been your loyal customers seems to be the forgotten ones. I never thought I’d see the day that Sears and Roebucks would come within an eyelash of closing their doors. It could still happen and you can blame online shopping or more competition and any number of reasons. I think they like many others have forgotten their base customers and didn’t continue to build on it. Then you have to look at the modern shopper and adapt to the way they shop or you have lost them. Greed gets in the way some because you want those retail prices. I look at Sears and that is what I see greed trying to keep those retail dollars rolling in rather than adapting to the competitive nature of the business climate around them. Believe me, I get it but you see customers aren’t the dummies business people think we are. Pretty hard to beat a business that has no building to heat, rent to pay, sales taxes to charge, security to pay, etc., etc. Oh, there is a limited amount of that to pay if you operate an online business but people are willing to sit at home order a product and even pay the sales tax for convenience sake. But let’s get back to the subject of the day Customer Appreciation or the lack thereof.

Here you are sitting in your nice home or apartment and you are a loyal customer of Joe Blow Cable Service for 2o years. I use a generic name but you just pick one they all operate about the same. We sit here and watch them offer new customers the same service we have for a quarter of the price we pay for a month. Yes, we understand the need for new customers to use their services and we like the product they sell. Well for the most part. Okay then where does the Customer Appreciation come into the mix. That is the problem there is NONE. Unless you say that a 5% increase in your bill that comes around once a year like clockwork. Maybe it is the penalty you have to pay if you quit their service before your contract is up because their service is so GREAT. Maybe it is that phone call you get or letter that offers you those premium channels FREE for 2 months ( don’t forget to cancel or you pay $30 more a month after that). Oh, heck surly we appreciate your loyal use of our product so much ( will you please bend over and receive your reward.)

Sorry folks the day of Customer Appreciation is a pipe dream and these same people will be like Sears wondering where we went when the internet gobbles us up. There should be some really deep thinking in these large companies and I could name them but why bother. They know who they are and they know the problem. And the government isn’t going to save their butts either. Until these companies figure out Customer Appreciation we will continue to play switcheroo and change every few years to get a little price break that you can only get as a NEW Customer. Meanwhile wasting mailings to your current Customers and showing them what a great deal you’ll give a new customer to show them how much you appreciate there loyal use of your product. Dumb!!!!!!!!

I could write a lot more about what we pay for slow internet service here compared to customers in other countries, but why complain they know they are taking advantage of us. Don’t believe me ask some of your friends overseas how much they pay and how fast their internet is. Enough for today my opinions about burnt out for the day. I’d make a few suggestions but when you call their great Customer Service line and get the run around you to know how much they listen and care. Have a great day. I Appreciate your feedback.

The Theory of the Five Per Center’s

When someone tells you that it only takes 5 percent of the people to ruin a perfectly good day, most of us believe it. I’m not sure about the modern grade school but when I was growing up it only took a few wise guys to ruin a whole classes day. A few people acting out meant the whole class stayed inside during recess.

Well time goes on and you soon learn that no matter what walk of life you go through, the 5 per centers are still relevant in your life. Of course there are the good ones and the bad ones. The good 5 per centers are the leaders who want to move things along and make things better for everyone. The bad 5 per centers are there with a monkey wrench to throw into the spokes and bring progress to a screeching halt. If you are blessed you figure out who the bad 5 per centers are and you stay as far away as you can from them. Sometimes you fail to figure out who it is and get caught on the wrong side. You get over it and learn from it and move on.

Most of us are in the middle not a good 5 per center or a bad 5 per center. We are trying to navigate our ways through life. Just because you aren’t leading doesn’t mean anything bad and there are times we are the leaders. It just isn’t our natural talent.

We get older and we soon see that some of those bad 5 per centers have gotten into the leadership position. Places where they can cause trouble for society as a whole. They learn how to manipulate others and hide the mischief they do. The reason I’m writing this is that we can see through out history how just a few bad 5 per center’s can cause major world problems or even major problems in your state or city. Many times you will see projects that are expensive. A few people will talk us into doing it the cheap way. We all like saving money but sometime the most expensive way is the best way and it will last for centuries. If we built roads like the Rome’s built roads our roads would out last us. But since we don’t and we want to get the roads built (in a reasonable time frame) we go cheap. It only takes a few to sway a project from great to mediocre.

So there are two groups of these 5 per center’s at times trying to sway the other 95 percent to there thinking. I often wonder how many people in Germany were actually fully behind Hitler’s quest for domination in the way Hitler saw things. I think the bad 5 per center’s convinced so many to there side and once it got started fear of stepping into stop its direction was to much. I’ve always thought in a lot of cases throughout history, how your leaders went so did your country go. This is of course just my opinion and in this case I might just change the title to ” The Theory of the 5 Per Center’s ” . I believe that is a better title for this blog.

The Problem with One Sided Journalism

My best subject in school was always history and even to this day I find history of all kinds fascinating to read and study. If you study correctly with a open mind you’ll study all sides of it. We have had wars for as long as we’ve been around. There are always two side to a war and sometimes multi able causes for them. History is a opportunity to learn the reasons why they happened. Then perhaps figure out ways to keep another war from happening again. History shows the deep divides between cultures and the good and evil in our human nature. A good history book will not choose sides or tell you who was right or wrong but will explain all sides in the historical setting.

Current history is what is happening of course right now as I write this. The hardest thing to get is a none bias story on today’s current events. In a fast moving society where things can be reported almost as it happens it can be hard to keep up with it and get at the truth. The laziness of the modern writers shows in the plagiarism. Shows in reading and listening to what is said and written. You would think that writers would be embarrassed but it doesn’t phase them a bit. Journalism and history writing has taken a step backward and real journalism is becoming a lost profession.

My point is this one sided journalism isn’t journalism at all. It is a disservice to the readers and viewers. With one of the most expensive investigation into the lives of our President. his family, his staff past and present it is time to find out why it was brought forward. And on who’s word it was started on. For history’s sake if nothing else the answers should be brought out. The unrestricted answers the American voters have a right to know. We the public have seen the fake news and real news to the point of turning off the news altogether. On some stations any other news story was set on the back burner each day for opinionated BS without any conclusion from Mueller or the Justice Departments. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican how this last 2 and half years was played out and for what reasons need to be answered. The real journalist who do the real investigating to come up with news have been castrated by the way this investigation was handled and reported to the Congress and to the public. This is just my opinion and to tell you the absolute truth if it was President Hillary Clinton instead of President Trump I’d write the same thing. Justice and fairness hasn’t been served. It needs to be for our Countries sake and history’s sake.

Just Throw it in the Fan

I read through the headlines each day and I think the most important thing writers are trying to do is get a rise out of us. It doesn’t matter if there is any truth to their writing or if the facts are correct. Just throw it in the fan and let the stuff splatter on the wall. For a long time it seemed that they copied each other, especially on the TV media. It didn’t matter which network you watch on the main stories of the day the conclusions were the same. People have caught on to that and switch channels or tuned them out.

So now agenda has changed some in order to draw attention to themselves by making statements that are off the wall. Draw controversy and try to get a reaction out of your listeners or perhaps who you are talking about. The object isn’t to be relevant but to draw attention. We call it Fake News!

What it has actually done is to have forced people to be more selective on what network they watch, papers they read and articles they read on Microsoft Edge or Google News. On Friday I believe Sarah Sanders announced her leaving from the White House. Could the media let her leave in peace or was it going to get nasty. The folks at CNN had to of course give her the worst grades you ever get and all there hatred came out tenfold. This was bigger news that Iran trying to blow up oil tankers or anything else in the world of news. For CNN the news of Sanders leaving the White House is good for a week of speculation and guessing about whether Acosta will be harassed by the next White House News Secretary. Well I got news for them they are the number one Fake News people so getting the floor isn’t going to get easier, Acosta is a bully who thinks he is more important than anyone else. President Trump or Sarah didn’t have to tell the public that.

One last thing before I quit this opinion article today. We know that the news media treats the things they record like a photographer treats a picture. Photo Shop is a cool feature but when it comes to recordings and moving words around it isn’t. It’s a bad thing but that is how the game is played. Treat the public like we are just all stupid and don’t understand that mainstream media has a agenda. It is to make President Trump look bad in anyway and all ways they can. So you really want to know why CNN audience share has dropped 26 % ? Pretty easy really the lies have caught up with them and outrages things they say are finally sticking but for CNN that’s not good. Same goes for MS NBC and the other Fake News people. Your sh– is hitting the fan but read this we aren’t reading or watching.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

I’m betting that you can’t guess what this article is all about. We roll out the Red Carpet for heads of State, for movie stars at the award shows and many special occasions. What I’m going to write about is way off those happenings.

You see some of our politicians want to make voting a vote for Red Carpet treatment. Promises or statements on what some politicians say they are going to work for or give is literally unbelievable. I really call it trying to buy votes. Promises of free college, Medicare For All, free checks and the list keeps growing. Dealing in the area of ideas they have none. Like a bunch snake oil sales people of old. Well perhaps as they roll out the red carpet and give away the store they don’t control people will understand all the lies. Paying for all the free will bankrupt America but then that is there goal make us all depend on the Federal government. We don’t want to forget killing babies doesn’t matter. Your guns they want and they will have the guns and we won’t. It is screw unions and open borders. It’s free speech unless you have a different view on things other than their’s. Compromise means there way none of yours or anyone else matter.

One last thing watch out if their Red Carpet roll works a lot of people are going to get hurt !