The Big Lies We Hear Every Day

Are you tired of watching riots and looting in cities being called just protest ? Are you tired of being told that President Trump won’t give up the Presidency if he loses in 2020 ? Are you tired of being told that you are in the minority because you don’t approve of all the left thinking ? Are you tired of being told the you are racist because you voted for President Trump ? Are you tired of being told the Social Security and Medicare are going to be ended because President Trump is in office ? Are you tired of being told President Trump hasn’t done anything but play golf for 3 yrs plus ? There are so many lies being told about President Trump and so many lies being told about the 47 years of Joe Biden in D.C. .

From the moment Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower the Democrat Party has been on Red Alert and I literally mean Red Alert. You see the Democrats already knew how President Trump stood on many issues. See they knew how he stood on Welfare and Food Stamps , War in Iraq and most the other issues. See there fear was and still is that Trump would appeal to the everyday person on the street. They were afraid he’d appeal to the union members and make them think of really who has done the most damage to the unions in America. Their biggest fear was realized in Trump’s rallies across this country and win after win in the primaries. Then Trump wins the nomination and the Democrats are in a panic. He goes to the heart of the blue states and draws stadiums full of people. Just before election night he goes to Wisconsin and draws a stadium full of people on barely a couple days planning. You listen to the news media you’d have thought that these crowds came out just to see a TV celebrity but just a big lie.

Now we have had 3 yrs. plus with President Trump in office and media is in Double Red Alert. They say Trump has done nothing and everything is about Trump. Well you see they want to skip over a few facts. President Trump made some promises as candidate Trump. He said he was going to move the Embassy In Israel to Jerusalem. Promise Kept ! He promise to pass tax reform. Promise Kept ! He said he’ d appoint Conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Promise Kept ! He promised to cut red tape in D.C. for small businesses and big to like the Iron mines in Minnesota ! Promise Kept ! He said he’d get a Wall on our Southern Border. And even though the Democrats have fought him at every turn that Wall is going up. Promise Kept ! He has promised immigration reform and He has done his best to do that while fighting opposition in Congress. He promised to drain the Swamp but we have seen how deep the Swamp is entrenched in Congress and the workings of our government. He has fought to reform the VA system to speed up treatment of our vets. Now vets can see a doctor outside the system if a appointment can be made in reasonable time or they live to far from a VA Center. Promise Kept.

This my friends was the biggest fear of the Democrats had that Trump would run for office get elected and actually keep his promises. He has done that and he has reach out to bring reform to prisons and faith based groups. He has been advocate for the unborn and probably more prolife than any previous President. He has had more press conferences than any previous President. A lot of those are done on his way out of the White House for other functions. We all know that police aren’t perfect and they do things wrong sometime but the systems isn’t perfect but our President supports the police and a calls for law and order even in cites where he lost in 2016.

I think the biggest lie the media tell is that they aren’t bias and only report the news. See when you can see for yourself and hear for yourself what the President says and does. Then you hear the media say he did just the opposite or nothing at all. Then you know they are bias. Sometimes you wonder whether they are Americans or not.

We’ve had 3 yrs plus of President Trump bashing none stop everyday and all the way 24/7 on some channels. But President Trump has been like a good old Timex. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The media thinks that John Doe Public and Jane Doe Public are stupid and haven’t seen or heard the lies they have produce and said. They want us to believe that all the chaos in Washington and in the press has been caused by the President. We know the lies will continue because they have no plan to make our lives better and no plans to change anything that would limit the death gripe of the Swamp. The Swamp is not going to stream line the government and make it run like a fine tuned machine. It isn’t into NOT giving foreign aid without getting it little Hunter Biden kick back to line their pockets. See those kind of deals is why progress is so slow and how politician come out of Washington with fatter wallets than their salaries could have possibly paid them. The big lie is they don’t want us to know the TRUTH !

Does the Media Understand Trump ?

Next week is the Republican National Convention and the unconventional way of the Trump Administration continues. I say that because President Trump unlike his previous White House occupants has done something more than they ever did. He kept his promises. See the real fear in President Trump’s being in the White House for 4 more years is that he goes for the jugular. He says he is going to do something he does it. The Media lead by the NYT and CNN continue their all out campaign to make President Trump look bad in any way they can. I suppose they may have succeeded in some ways in the last 4 years. But his base sees promises made and promises kept. Some that were just border line supporters because they didn’t think he’d really keep his promises. Even some conservatives who thought President Trump was some kind of middle of the roader have been pleasantly surprised.

We listened to a week of Democrats blasting President Trump and saying how they are different than the Republicans. Yet they were afraid to bring much of specifics forward. You never heard them say what they do different on China. Just saying President Trump was the wrong President for the time. They painted a pretty ugly picture of the USA and gave very few suggestion on ideas other than getting rid of Trump to make things better. I listened to Joe Biden’s acceptance speech and it was very good. But where has he been as the riots have gone on across our nation ? Have I heard him condemn the violence or killing of police officers. Have I heard him speak out about the damage done to businesses of innocent people. Have I heard him speak out about ending the years of mayhem and murders in Chicago , Baltimore or other cities. Where is his record on unemployment and how well did the Obama & Biden administration do to end people dependence on government ? The truth is unemployment hardly ever went below 5% and food stamps were at all time highs. The number of people at work in America were at all time low. Yes 8 years of higher student debt and 8 years of plant closing and transfer of things to China, Things we need forced to be made oversea because of the Affordable Care Act. Hundreds of older doctors the one they promised you that you could keep quit or retired. Because they were going to be punished by the Affordable Care Act. Yes it gave some access to health care while others paid out the nose to even keep health care. With that kind of light I’d rather live in President Trumps darkness. With 4 years of nothing done but hate Trump and praying for anything to bring him down and trying to undermining everything he did everyday. Covid has been their final thing to try to pin on President Trump and to them nothing but a opportunity to try to take Trump out. All the chaos has been cause by Democrats from the Mueller investigation to all the blaming of Trump for everything everyday and the media has been complicit and have had never ending hate campaign for Trump. Only time they have put up the American flag up has been in a last ditch effort to fool the American taxpayers. Now they sit back and think they can fool us into believing that Joe Biden can end a Covid 19 pandemic. Only after President Trump has put every scientist and drug company to work on a treatment and a vaccine. Biden would take credit for it just like they tried to take credit for the great economy up until Covid 19 hit. The lie is they never did anything for the minority community but continue the the misery in Chicago another places and lined their pockets. They fall in line with Black Lives Matter and they turn a blind eye to the violence in Seattle and burning of businesses and looting in all those cities. They didn’t say a word about the demonstrations in Washington on the day of President Trump’s inauguration. How can the American people vote for people who don’t care if cities are torched and businesses are looted.

I look forward to President Trump’s acceptance speech because he will give a vision of hope and a vision of light. He cares to end the violence in our streets. I look forward to a uplifting speech and promises he will go all out to keep, I look forward to 4 years of recovering a economy that will be good for all. President Trump isn’t responsible Covid 19 virus killing anyone. He used all the government resources to combat this virus. He slowed the spread closing travel off to China , Asia , Eu and UK. He had no idea how big or how dangerous this virus would be. He warned about the danger it presented to elder Americans in particular . He watch with us all as governors closed businesses , gyms , schools and thing non-essential for our protection. He along with all of us watch as sporting events , music concerts , movie theaters closed and grocery stores did precautionary things to protect their staffs and employees. He watch as his hard work to revive a stagnant economy to the most productive growing one in 50 years , got ravaged by fear of the unknown and Democrat and media hype and lies. He has kept his promises and he hasn’t caved to the media, some of his coward Republicans and the Democrats. He has fought for a wall against all odds and hasn’t ever thrown in the towel. He has stood up for those that can’t speak for themselves against those that would abort babies in the third trimester. He has listened to all the brutal things people have said about him and his family. He has stood by those that have been treated like murders for minor crimes and some out right lies that cost them everything they own. No the media doesn’t understand the loyalty of President Trump to his oath of office or to the People he has sworn to protect. We look forward to 4 more years of his leadership and his determination to Make America Great Again !!!

The Media Covid Panic

Everyday almost without fail. The news networks hype the numbers of Covid 19 positive test. Yet that isn’t the number they should really hype and maybe that is the reason they don’t hype the number of people hospitalized. So what if you have 45,000 positive Covid test in a day. If the numbers of those actually aren’t flooding the hospitals then we have made progress. Such big numbers of tend to make people panic or perhaps stay at home more. But it doesn’t to me show the seriousness of the Covid 19 disease. As of August 21, 731,336,781 new test in the USA. Positive test 5,593,318. Negative test 64,743,463. Number hospitalized 40,951. Number of deaths so far 167,262. With 4,199 waiting results. The number of test are increasing for example August 20,2020 were 665,436 and August 21,2020 were 731,920. But key is the number positive test compared to number of negative test. The number of deaths aren’t growing at a massive rate compared to the number of test and numbers admitted to hospitals. The number of deaths from Covid 19 isn’t flying off the charts . There isn’t numbers in the 2 or 3 thousands deaths everyday but basically from a 1,000 to 1.500 deaths a day.

The deaths from Covid 19 aren’t nothing to laugh or even be thought of lightly. So far since March 167,262 people is a lot and we should fight to get a treatment as well as a vaccine. But even with a vaccine it might not be perfect. With vaccines the flu still kills to many people

How many people die from the flu each year?

While the impact of flu varies, it places a substantial burden on the health of people in the United States each year. CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010. This information from the CDC gives you some graphic figures on what the Flu does even with a vaccine. The strains vary and the vaccines effectiveness vary too. The whole point of what I’m writing is that instead of giving us the number of positive test each and more accurate barometer of the would be the numbers admitted to the hospitals each and number of deaths each. Then when you see those number jump shy high you know we really got a problem. But without those figures everyday it is kind a like crying wolf when you don’t know how many wolfs there are.

The power of the Media is pretty massive and that means they can paint a dire picture without many of us doing the due diligent work to check out their motive behind what they report. In the age of fake news and reporters that just copy and paste. It isn’t beyond some to try to mislead the public on what is really going on. With testing approaching 750,000 a day and not to far down the road to a 1,000,000 test a day the number of positive are bound to rise. Also with place taking temperatures of people. Most doctors first and safest option is to send a person for a Covid 19 test. You may not agree but from my personal experience that is the way doctors are reacting to even a low grade temp that isn’t going away. I hope my friends and even my foes that God will keep you and your families safe and away from this Covid 19 disease. Happy reading !!

Am I Bias Because ————–

Recently I had a nephew say that my blogs are bias. Perhaps they are and perhaps they are not. See to be compassionate doesn’t mean giving away all you have to others and just keep on giving until you are broke and they are broke too. Because in this world there are people that are takers and won’t lift a finger to help themselves as long as you are giving what they need for free. Christ once said to a crowd after He had fed almost 15,000 people. This ” He said you don’t come so that you can listen to me but so I can feed you. ” They weren’t coming to listen to the Wisdom He taught but to have their bodies fed. Yes, He had compassion for them but he understood the reasons why they were there.

Certain people in our society will always need a helping hand and won’t be able to work at a job. But even these people need to have some self worth and feel useful to society. Those that are mentally ill and off in lala land will need places to stay and people with compassion to take care of them. You are born the way you are born and you couldn’t control that. But we should take care of those people and sometimes through accidents or sickness some of us fall into that category. Life isn’t fair or even and our abilities aren’t all the same. But I don’t care who you are in a wheel chair , blind , mentally ill or any condition you name. You deserve to be respected and treated like a human being and not looked down upon like a piece of trash. We have to take care of those people and treat them with dignity and respect. It isn’t easy or a cake walk but it is our responsibility to do so.

Now that I got that off my chest let’s talk about those of us who function with our two good hands . feet and brains. Like my dad would say you don’t work you don’t eat and nothing is free. If you are a parent it is your responsibility to teach your children that this world isn’t full of free stuff. Daddy or mommy go to work every day so you can eat, have a bed to sleep in, clothes on your backs and go to school to learn period. There are times when it gets ruff and you are out of work but you adjust what you spend your money on and you beat the bushes looking for a new job. It isn’t wrong to seek help or accept it but some day when you have it better you return in kind and help others. Kids should have jobs at home and understand that they are very special. But a job is part of being part of the family. Picking up their room, helping with dishes , helping with the yard , making their bed and going to school everyday. They do those things then they deserve your praise and rewards in anyway you can afford to give them. It might not be in money but it might be in time spent just with them fishing , teaching them how to cook or bake cookies. Any number of things but something special. I had a very special friend once who taught me something I wished my parents taught me. He said his dad taught him that accidents happen with spilt milk. He said Johnny tried to pick up his glass and spilled it. All the other kids started screaming at him. But dad just reach over spilled all there milk and then proceeded to clean it up. Then he said this instead screaming at Johnny you should just say accidents happen and help clean it up and get him another glass of milk. There are lesson to be learn when accidents happen and screaming at someone does nothing to help or keep it from happening again. I learned this next thing the hard way and it has taken a long time to forgive my dad. I’m going to say this once never call your kids stupid, dumb, no good for nothing or tell them they will never find someone to marry them. Calling a kid stupid doesn’t raise their grades or make learning easer. Saying that is worst than sending them to bed without supper. The hurt inside takes years to repair and it doesn’t matter whether you meant it or not. You as a mom or dad have all the power and kids look up to you. Nothing wrong with saying you do some dumb things because we all do dumb things. Mistakes and failures are how we learn to do things differently next time or not do it at all.

Now that I straighten out child raising let’s talk about the hard subjects of life. Right and wrong. I suppose you can teach a kid how to properly tie their shoes. Fine but then if they are lazy and decide not too what then ? Well peer pressure or maybe tripping on them all the time might teach them. But then buying new laces with their allowance might be a better lesson. Something only work when you do them the right way and two wrongs never make a right. You can’t just let kids figure out things for themselves. Really best rule is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. That golden rule is the basis for all law. If you kill your neighbor you don’t love them. If you steal from your neighbor you don’t love him. If you cheat your neighbor you don’t love him. If you covet your neighbor you don’t love them. Simple ten commandments haven’t gone out of style. Bring your children up in a Faith based home gives a good foundation to live with. I’m not sure if the Koran says you should kill people that don’t agree with your religion but if it does then it is wrong. Why would anyone kill anyone just for thinking about God differently ? It makes no sense. If that is how Arabs think that you kill anyone who doesn’t agree with their Koran it’s a stupid cult religion. And there will never be peace in that area of the world. Am I bias for thinking that way ? Perhaps I’m bias because I think that the lives of the people in the South side of Chicago are just as important as the Black Lives Matter when it comes to cops. I’m bias because I don’t approve LGTB life styles . Notice said nothing about hating anyone. Maybe I’m bias because I don’t like catch and release of illegals. Maybe I’m bias because I believe God loves each and every person and it is our choice to believe in God. Maybe I’m bias because I believe everyone should pay some taxes to live in this great country. Maybe I’m bias because I have more faith in God than I do in man. Oh I know I’m bias because I support President Trump who is a sinner just like me and believes in God’s forgiveness not the forgiveness of mankind. Maybe I’m bias because I believe you should work for your keep and if you are able you should return some work for that welfare check and be looking for a job unless you are going to be recall to your job if unemployed.

Life is no cake walk and there isn’t a ticket for a free ride. Jealousy is evil and if want something bad enough then work your butt off to get it or set your sights a little lower. College education isn’t for everyone and school that just push college should review their goals and teach survival in the work place and how to manage a checkbook , cook , sewing and basic car maintenance. Perhaps a good lesson on how money doesn’t grow on trees and work is mandatory for all. Last am I bias because I love you even if we disagree on out political thinking.

The Strange year of 2020

This has been more than just a unusual year but year for record books in many ways. Of course I never live through World War 1 or through World War 2 and I can imagine the number of cancelation and thing put off until better time back then. I’d suppose some people thought that those times were the end time’s. This year has shown how little man controls his presence here on earth. It doesn’t matter whether Covid 19 or the corona virus is man made and accidentally release or somehow just developed on it’s own. The fact is no way was the world ready for it. We have had Ebola and other viruses but none as easy to pass onto one another. Good decisions have been made and some bad. I bet that in 1918 the Spanish Flu saw many good and bad decisions. That is life in medicine but if you try nothing if it’s the right disease thousands die. When all it takes is for one person to breath on another to catch a deadly disease it is scary beyond thinking sometimes. It’s hard to know what to believe when it comes to the treatments. While we try to cope with Covid 19 we see the good , bad and ugly in people. This is the saddest time for some as they lose friends and family to this deadly virus. It should bring out a unity in government to find the best way to fight Covid 19 but it seems like a thousand voices saying this is better than that. Masking up , washing hands and distance from others seems to be the prevailing answer for not catching the Covid 19 corona virus. Mean while we see the riots in the street and jumps in cases in some of the earlier opening states. Yet the curious thing is how many of these positive test end up being admitted to hospitals ? I get the hype but the important fact is being omitted everyday. How many people are actually being admitted to hospitals ? Mean while everyone is in the protect yourself and others by canceling every major event of the year. Even families have fore gone family reunions and annual picnics. Nothing is safe from cancelation. Well unless you are rioter in Portland , Chicago , New York and other big cities. Don’t want to wear a mask or be six feet apart then go riot the governments at least in the Democrat run cities don’t care. Let your cities burn then expect the Federal government to pick up the tab to rebuild your damage cities, What gall these Democrat cities have to not do everything to stop the burning and looting then asking for millions from us to repair the damage. Oh well in the mean time up words of 15 companies are working day and night for a vaccine to prevent Covid 19. Others companies are working at away to treat and without putting you in the hospital to do it. When I look at this Covid 19 I just see how little man can control things and the amazing cost at which we will go not to catch it. Trillions of dollars lost to businesses and governments. Figures we can’t get our minds around. We will prevail perhaps more by prayer and faith in a God that will let the human race find a answer to Covid 19.

Here in Iowa we have had our battle with Covid 19 and many of us have been getting use to the restrictions in our lives. Yet when we are settling in this giant wind storm mixed with rain, hail , tornados maybe and straight line winds of more than 100 miles a hour crossed our state. A friend of mine that lives in Toledo, Iowa called me to compare horror stories. Mine is rather minor but in that little town the FareWay store , car dealer , only restaurant and middle school all lost roofs. Trees up rooted power lines down with a prospect of two weeks before electricity being restored. The worst part is for the older people who don’t drive or haven’t the energy to repair the damage and remove the trees and debris. It isn’t as though other places haven’t or won’t hear their call for help but their cities too have been devastated by this wind. It isn’t the first time this kind of a storm has hit. A few years ago my Uncle Rick took us on a drive towards International Falls , Minnesota and he show us a area where a giant wind storm had came through and just flattened out thousands of acres of trees. At least their for the most part it only effected trees. The aftermath of this storm is thousands of people without power for days and perhaps weeks. We were out of power for 102 hours and other than losing food in the freezers and refrigerators we are okay. I have seen outages before but it isn’t a place where we have hurricanes and would be prepared to live without electricity for days or weeks. What does amaze you are the strangers that just stop and help others out and expect nothing in return. It’s about businesses that give help in numerous ways. Churches that open up to take care the elderly and provide charging stations for electronic goods. Unless a tornado has stuck your town in Iowa. We’ve never seen a period this long with out power and most of us hope we never do again.

With this storm situation and Covid it just shows you how fast things can change and how little each of us really are. In the pitch black of night last week with only the snoring of my dog Maggie and wife Carol , I more than realized all the blessing God has pour out upon us. Without all the gadgets and noise that fills my house. He gave me a picture of the splattering of stars and universe He created before He moved on to create the earth, the oceans, mountains , trees , green space . animals living beast and then His master piece man and womankind. Even though we all look different on our outsides but our spirits came from Him and is part of Him and are in His image. I thank God for those hours He gave me to thank and praise Him for all my blessing , heart aches and just everything. We are so small and so far out of control of the world we live in. I’m not saying we can’t try to control somethings but many things are just in God’s hands like our very lives are. I pray as I write this you are safe and have the power on. That if it was off for any time at all. You thanked God for the blessing and hardships He lets you over come. For yes Covid 19 will pass and this time of storm will just be history for our grand children to read about in the days to come. This truly has been a strange year that many of us wish would just go away.

Operation Constant Chaos

There is some sense that goes on in this Covid 19 pandemic world. It is interesting to see the left and right battle in the realm of politics. Both claiming to be the normal for the majority of Americans. Kamala Harris the presumptive Democrat Vice-Presidential pick says that ” Her and Joe Biden and are in line with the thinking of the majority of Americans. ” I’m guessing you just say what you want to say and go take a bunch polls courtesy of CNN , NBC , CBS , ABC and NYT to verify your claim. Shouldn’t be to impossible to get a positive results when they are already in the Democrats pocket.

There has been a flip of the Democrats from the leaning left views to the extreme left views on almost everything one can think of. From standing for the national anthem to the use of public bath rooms. From two sexes to five sexes and maybe more. From the support of a family with a mom and dad . To a support of mom and as two males or two female or heck women don’t need men a single woman is ok. It isn’t enough to have just abortions’ on demand or in the first trimester but now almost third term and if the babe is born a live to let lay their on a table. Then let the mother decide to let it die or not. The Democrats have gone from half way supporting police to helping defund the police. You don’t just take billions away from police funding without getting rid of officers that is a lie. You can’t do it !! The New Democrat Socialist’s Party has gone from supporting controlled borders to basically taking anyone in and letting them apply for amnesty. It doesn’t matter what it does to overwhelm schools , city or state budgets just let them in. At the same time they preach about abortions’ and women’s right to choose. They complain about the supposed mistreatment of immigrates in detention camps. They show old pictures of immigrant kids in fence areas from the Obama era and point at Trump and his Homeland team and border patrol. They complain about one kid that dies in detention and forget about the legal kids in our cities getting shot and killed with nothing being said. Stick up for the illegal and not give damn about paving the way out of poverty for legal kids.

Now that is just part of the chaos the left has been trying to jam down Americans throats as normal. On the other side anything and I mean anything said by a supporter of President Trump or Trump gets blasted with all barrels. You could say it is just because President Trump is in office but only difference between Trump and any other Republican is this: If you call his wife a B and say he is stupid for putting his dog on the roof of his car in a kennel on vacation. He is going to come back at you and not take it. No matter who runs on the Republican side they are going to be trashed from day one to the end of the campaign or in the case of Trump his 4 years at the helm. The only difference between this President and past Republicans is that the Media has shown their complete bias and support for the Democrats. No one and I mean literally no one who supports Trump is not going to get maimed and shredded in everyway the media can do it. The higher up you are the more they are out to ruin you monetarily, socially and personally. Either change your mind support them behind the scenes or in some way or your butt is the grass and they are the lawn mower. The object has been to destroy Trump since he went down that escalator and not only that but his family and us supporters too. Compromise to the left means only if there is a way to work around it to THEIR advantage. My friends for the last 3 years and 8 months Pelosi said exactly what they would do. Is keep President Trump in court , impeach , disrupt and harass non-stop. They have done exactly that and at any cost no matter how blatant the lies or how nasty they have had to be. I believe if President Trump wins another term nothing will change only get more bitter and hate filled each day. But they can bring it on because we are ready their standards aren’t ours. Operation Chaos will continue on the Democratic side right up to election night.

The Republicans will keep pointing out the differences between the sides and let the voters make their choice. I know there are some real losers on the Republican side and term limits would solve a lot of the problems in Congress. Yet we will deal what what we have until something changes. After all when you have 535 members of both houses voting to limit something now that they consider a job. It’s hard to bring it to either house floor for a vote. That is the crutch of the situation finding enough people willing to do the right thing for our country’s sake.

Shopping the Courts

Have you ever noticed how are court system works. You lose a battle in one court system and it doesn’t matter. You just go on to another and present your case until you find a favorable one for your item to find victory. How many times do you get to fish for a favorable court system to get the results you want ? My guess that is why appointing judges that are bias to your thinking is important to politicians. It isn’t looking for a set of judges that will follow the Constitution but one that will agree with your ideology that counts and that is what the Democrats do pretty successfully. Yet in the news you will see it as just a lost of a appeal by President Trump and the Republican lawyers . What a tremendous waste of our taxpayers money.

I’m not going to sit here and tell just the Democrats are the only ones guilty of shopping for judges but both parties do it. You would think that there’s a standard to becoming a judge. And technically there is one. They all swear to up hold the Constitution of the United States. But judges are people and they have opinions and they use those opinions sometimes when there isn’t a clear cut guilty or not guilty verdict needed. Perhaps they think that there is grounds to make someone do something or produce certain evidence. What I don’t quite understand is when the Supreme Court rules on something you’d think that is the final verdict. End of ballgame. That doesn’t appear to be so with President Trump’s order to use some defense money to build a wall on our southern border. I grant you that we do have many technologies that are advanced that can be used to surveil the borders. Yet even with those technologies getting spotted going across our border in the desert by a camera or a satellite wouldn’t allow the border patrol enough time to stop them. Were as a physical wall would. This isn’t a issue about race because we don’t care what race you are crossing our borders. The issue is security , law and control of our borders. Of course when you shop for a judge sometimes they make it a issue of race.

There is probably nothing anyone can say to stop this shopping for judges but at least we can understand why so often a issue seems never to go way. Even with the turn over in the Supreme Court issues that were ruled on before come back to get a different ruling because of the ideology of the court has change. To a lot of people it looks like making laws by the use of the courts and it is technically. The political games the parties use if nothing else makes it interesting even if it isn’t that logical. Sometimes too it is a delaying tactic to slow progress down when you don’t agree with a action. Your opinions are always welcome.

Corona Virus Death Projection And President Trump

Early on when President Trump shut down travel between Asia and the US . Then Europe and the US. Then the UK and the US. The experts were saying that if we did NOTHING that the projected numbers of deaths could be as high as 2.5 million Americans. I know that defending President Trump won’t make me any brownie point but still it has to be done. Those numbers came as President Trump was doing all the shut down of travel between us and the rest of the world. China hadn’t given us a accurate account of the number of deaths in Wuhan or in China itself. Little was known about Covid !9 other than no vaccine or known treatment for it was available. What was President Trump suppose to believe ? So he did the things he did and states did theirs. With the actions of the states and President Trump’s action projections were lowered to about 200,000 to 250,000 deaths in the US. Right now deaths are at about 160,000. The truth is that how the corona virus death count is recorded. If you have a heart disease and go to the hospital they test you for Covid 19 and if you die and have virus in you then Covid 19 killed you not your heart disease. Some states are even saying some deaths they counted as Covid 19 deaths were not Covid 19 related. Even with Flu shots every year depending on the severity of the Flu season that number can be as high as 90,000 deaths. Yet we don’t panic about those deaths or do we close anything because of it. We might restrict people from ICU or hospital visiting if you have Flu symptoms that’s it. With the mediation we have done staying 6 ft. apart , frequent washing hands , staying home and wearing mask in public the numbers aren’t anything to panic about. We only can stay home for so long and sooner or later if you make enough trips out you are going to get hit with Covid 19.

President Trump did the hard thing of closing travel down , getting the experts and a team set up ramp up PPE production and distribution. Yes and it took sometime for that and a faster test. President Trump in all reality shut down a great economy to protect front line workers and keep from flooding our hospitals. Now as the virus hasn’t turn into the disaster that it started out to be. He has tried to get the states open up more and get back to work. Currently as of August 5, 2020 about 61.4 million people have been tested for Covid 19 in the USA. That is roughly 341,000 per day. But that goes back to the days with very little testing at all. The media is running around with their head cut off thinking it is the end or trying to make it look like the end to get Trump. The truth is that with the increase testing which is in the range of 500,000 to 800,000 a day. You are going to find more people that test positive to Covid 19 but most are going to be a systematic or have little problems with it. We all don’t like to see anyone one die of Covid 19 but we don’t like to see people die of Cancer or Heart disease or in car wrecks. But those three things I just mentioned doesn’t make us close our country down for them. Let’s say that somehow Cancer was discovered to be transmitted by air or breathing on each other. Would we shut this country down because of it ?

We are now at a point where PPE is widely available. Respirators, testing equipment and drugs to treat Covid 19 are coming online. That isn’t to mention the way hospital , doctors and EMT are using are better for the protection of themselves and easier on the patients. There are probably a dozen companies trying to produce a vaccine and a dozen more just trying to figure out a way to treat it without a vaccine or in conjunction with it. This all was put in to motion not by Obama or Joe Biden but by President Trump and that is facts even if you hate him. He has burnt up the phone lines and stayed up late working , pushing and twisting arms to find relief from Covid 19 and get us back to work. That’s HIS job ! He knows it and he does take it just as serious as running Trump Corporation and probably a lot more serious.

How does Joe Biden Win ?

That is the number one question in the mind of the Democrat Party leaders and perhaps any Trump supporter too. With ninety some days to the election and good old Joe Biden playing hide and seek with everyone you have to question how he can win. He has fail to answer the hard question on how he do anything different than President Trump. Oh yes it is a given he’d try to resuscitate Obama Care and probably rescind 99% of President Trumps executive orders. He’d put end to oil exploration in the oceans off the coast and probably end new flacking. May stop a pipe line or two. But how does this win him the White House ? Order everyone to wear a mask in public if Covid 19 has no vaccine. Does he win by promising to remove President Trump’s wall and letting the flood gates open for immigration. Does he win by just giving illegals citizenship ? It is more than Biden taking the White House. This a election about principles and stark differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. Yes there is a third candidate and yes you can waste you vote on who ever that is. But the Democrats and Republicans as much as they say they want more people to run for office. They make it next to impossible to run as a independent.

The Democrats up to the 2012 election in many ways wanted some control over our immigration policies. With Obama in the White House and catch and release as a policy on the southern border plus the allowance of a influx of Arab immigrants and DACA things have changed. The very party that says it supports strong unions and needs their support. Are supporting bringing in cheap labor which in some industries have cut into union labors jobs.

Now that we are less than 90 day out from the election Sleep Joe woke and decide to make his campaign motto Made in America. Really Joe that is all the better you could do and plagiarize the Trump campaign. He comes out of his gopher hole to first say he do all this stuff to fight the Corona virus and then some his wisdom say we’ll do like President Trumps been doing. Everything of what President Trump had set in motion before the corona virus struck. President Trump has already set in motion all the actions need to keep the virus in check and Joe Biden has nothing new to add.

Joe Biden hasn’t called for end to violence in the cities run by his party. Nothing they are proposing will take any burden off taxpayers but only add with their green new deal. The Democrats like opening our American pocket books to support things that cost us billions but do nothing to help our economy. It’s going to take a lot more than promises that Joe Biden can’t keep to get him to the White House. A lot more than a bunch of meetings in D.C. to discuss something and do nothing. The Joe Biden plan is how do we make the Swamp Stronger and deeper and more intrenched. How do we continue to hood wink the American taxpayers and send money overseas as aid to siphon off some to make our members rich. Sorry folks The Democrats and Joe Biden have no plan and no vision for ordinary American.

The Media Say’s

With birth of the internet and Talk Radio what the media say’s isn’t nearly a relevant as it once use to be. The most popular Talk Shows on radio are conservative. The progressives in our society try to say somehow they are the majority speaking for our modern society. Yet every where you look what the progressive support is failing. They are failing in our schools , in society as a whole they are failing. Yes , there has been a outcry about gays , LGBT acceptance , Black Lives Matter and a backlash about government over stepping its bounds . George Floyd attracted not just the black communities attention but all of societies attention. Without the pictures from that Smart Phone George Floyds death would have been the black community word against the police with no proof that George Floyd wasn’t innocently killed by police. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone defend that cop for kneeling on George Floyds neck for over 8 minutes. We probably all support the outrage of Black Lives Matter in that situation but what we don’t support is the silence when comes to the numbers of minorities in Chicago , Baltimore, New York City and other liberal cities. Why the outrage just at police and not at city halls where violence keeps going on and nothing changes day in day out, month after month and year in and year out. We as a society want to see a end of the violence in these cities even though we don’t live in them ourselves.

In the media say’s group you get the picture that conservatives want to end public education and kill off unions. Yet in reality we want schools that succeed and educate our kids. But you see public school systems failing and grades coming in lower. We see the discipline that was in the schools in the 50’s and 60’s gone and of course the mention of God is taboo. Reading scores down , Math down and respect of authority down. Yet we keep spending more money on things that don’t work and we say the old way didn’t work either. The percentage of older adults brought up in those old school taught math the old fashion way survived and went on to be the leaders of today and can balance a check book and read most books.

Just because the media say’s doesn’t mean the media is right. The media has a vested interest in the liberal society and they like to push the new fades or trends of the day. For a example and don’t get me wrong the LGBT movement has been pushed by the media not because they are a majority of people but because of a few people who think they are discriminated against. Because of 2 or 3 % of the people society is suppose to change all our public facilities to suit a those few. But the media say’s that the majority thinks that way. I don’t think most people don’t care what you are or who you are. Just as long as you don’t try to shove your style on us. You want to be LGBT, gay or whatever it’s ok just don’t shove it down our throats that it is somehow normal to us when it isn’t.

For the last 3 years plus the media has team up against President Trump and he hasn’t taken it sitting down. In fact if you attack him he doesn’t hesitate to respond. He started calling them fake back in his first campaign and it really hasn’t change. I think they resent being called out and a lot of times proved wrong. They were saying things during Mueller investigation they had no proof of. It hasn’t stopped and media has continued in their false accusations and lies. So with 3 year plus of this with no proof or evidence why should the public believe anything the media says ? We should have real doubts about our media when for this length of time the media has bared false witness against anyone. Why shouldn’t we not question the polls they take or any information they print or say when so much they have said and done so far has been proved false. What media say isn’t always so.