A Lost Art

I think with the advent of the internet , computers , Smart phones and the perception of needing answers right now something has been lost. Were are the Edward R. Morrow’s or Walter Conkright’s at anymore ? Don’t they teach Journalism anymore or does it have some fancy name like Writing Technion . What has happen to the who , what, where and how of reporting news ? Is it all just follow the AP and copy and paste. You get out of bed in the morning a let your fingers do the walking and your coffee do the eye opening. Is Journalism all about using Google and other search engines ? Before a Journalist calls something Fake News do they go out and get the facts and see if it really is Fake News ? Maybe Journalism has turned into Facebook or Twitter reading and reporting. Could it be that Journalism has become more of art of sensationalizing than news of the day . Copy and paste then build it up so it it isn’t so obvious that it is plagiarized ?

Seem to this person that the old days wearing the shoe leather out has gone. The sneaking around or just asking questions doesn’t seem to get done anymore. It just seems that something is drastically wrong with how the news is gotten and how it is presented. Everything seems to be done is a rush to just get the news out. It doesn’t matter if it is correct or not but just beat the other guys getting it out. If you can’t be the first one why not say the cop fired his gun first even though you haven’t checked it out. See something has really changed with the rush to be first and to get that scoop on everyone else. Somehow the who , what ,where and how have become a blur. The exploring to make sure all the facts are straight or even true has been lost in the idea of being first to report the story. We all know this world seems to move a lot faster than when our parents were grew up. It could be that we just seem to have so many things going in our families. The need to get the news out fast is more important then accuracy of it or even the truthfulness of it. We use to see very few retractions of the news but that has become a more common thing.

Have you ever accused someone of wronging you and let it go on and on. Then maybe months or even years later you find that it isn’t so. So you go back and a apologize for your mistake. Yet when a news source runs a story and they can run it over and over again. If their facts are wrong or if the person written about is damaged do you see them going back and saying I’m sorry ? I’ll say they don’t and they don’t care. But shouldn’t they care about dragging you reputation through the mud and put your life out there in bright lights for everyone to see. I know life isn’t fair but doesn’t that mean you get cancer or heart disease or something. An not your reputation ruin in print or on TV ? If you were a reporter wouldn’t you feel some obligation to make things right if you blew it when writing a story about someone and getting it wrong. Maybe as private citizen you might be able to force a apology but a politician you may as well hang it. Just doesn’t seem fair if you are Trump or Biden and they run you through the mud and no one says we are sorry if they are wrong.

I guess I just miss print news that was investigated and checked out before it went to the press. I know even that isn’t done anymore. It’s really pretty bad when you get more honest news out of talk radio than you get out of the actual news networks sometimes. But of course not all talk radio is equal and some are just more entertainment than anything. It’s just interesting how we have gotten away from real journalism and we the readers don’t seem to care.

One more thing before I end this little page today. I know there are people that don’t like either President Trump or former Vice President Biden. But is it normal to avoid reporting news when they are making news for you to report. Is the hate so deep or your prejudice toward one candidate you can’t report what is happening ? Last night we had a new Supreme Court Judge appointed by Congress but some networks wouldn’t even go to the swearing ceremony to record it. Really do they hate Trump that much or disagree that much that they can’t even do their job ? I mean I get disagreeing if you are voting against it as a Senator but a network is a news organization not a Democrat or a Republican. Maybe I got that wrong and they are Democrats what do you think ?

If President Trump Loses Can He Only Blame Himself ?

We can go through all the articles on the internet and perhaps the papers too. You’ll see that idea that President Trump will only be able to blame himself if he loses next week. I don’t know about that since about 90% of stuff written about President Trump has been negative from day one. Not day two but day one. I think he has done amazingly well for being in the crosshairs of every media source in the United States. Even the ones that have supported him has their doubting Thomas’s on their staffs. They haven’t just thrown one or two scandals at him but 20 different women. They sit back and say family is off limits on the Democrat side but throw everything they got at the entire Trump family. I wouldn’t doubt a bit that this cousin Mary Trump is being paid by the Democrats.

I really can’t see anything he has done to defeat himself. Yea I know that people will point out the Covid 19 pandemic. But really is he suppose to have used a golf club on a invisible enemy. In 1918 the Spanish Flu killed 650,000 Americans but no effective flu vaccine was brought forward for 20 years or more and then it keeps changing. So nothing permanent that takes it out of the need to repeat a vaccination each year. Perhaps he is guilty of trying to paint a less severe picture of it than the media portrays. Yet if you look at the numbers you’ll see most cases aren’t fatal. We are at a upswing in numbers right now but we have more testing and if you fart and it comes out runny they send you for Covid 19 test. You might think that is funny but call your doctor tomorrow and say you have a low grade fever for the last 3 or 4 days. And see what he or she does. I’ll bet you’ll have a Covid 19 test within a day. Trump mobilized about everything he could and he has the big pharma’s working on both new treatments and vaccines. What else is he suppose to have done ? When he first talked about Covid 19 and closing down airports and not letting airline traffic in from China or Asia. When said there was no treatment or a vaccine wasn’t that enough for most of us to panic just a little ? Yes , we listened to the CDC and all the advice from the medical people and wasn’t that enough to make you want to stay home before they said stay home ? How much personal responsibility should we as citizens take for the spread and uptick of cases. We can’t lay that on President Trump or his administration. While Congress was screwing with impeaching Trump. He was warning us closing air travel and lining up PPE suppliers and logistics to take this Covid 19 pandemic to a level he never would have dreamed of. With Obamacare many hospitals have closed and the number beds in hospital reduced but nothing is said about that. Even the number of doctors have been reduce because many retired rather than take the cuts in revenue under Obamacare.

The national media has taken every swipe at President Trump they can take. And even when Fox News was reporting that the FISA warrants use to investigate people in the Trump administration were gotten under false pretenses because the Steele Dossier was a fake document. The regular news media called it a lie. Even after the Mueller investigation found a nothing burger they never quit saying there wasn’t any collusion. The Democrats and news media have been in sync for 4 years now. Two newspapers have endorsed Trump and dozens for Biden and his basement campaign. Trump has 40,000 at a rally with the Covid 19 pandemic and Biden can’t fill a high School gym or a small football stadium. Oh yea give me the old social distancing thing and other fear factors for excuses for Biden. I’ll give you one that the Democrats are afraid to let him open his mouth because he might just once tell the truth like he did in the second debate.

Finally I don’t think President Trump has done anything to undercut himself. I think the Republicans are as deep in the swamp as the Democrats. Of course not all of them but people like Mitt Romney , George Bush and Colin Powell to name a few. Beside the the cowards in the House of Representatives that retired or decided not run for office during the midterms and gave their seat to Democrat unknowns. The blame on President’s Trump’s lost if he loses lays at the feet of the Fake News Media. But you know something I think President Trump has 4 more years to drive these worthless Media nuts.

Choices For 2020 November 3rd

Perhaps you don’t think the choices aren’t very clear in this year in our Presidential election. I use to think that way years ago. I use to think the second a politicians mouth started moving lies started coming. I can see were many of us could think that way. We had a Democrat Presidential candidate that promised a middle class tax cut all the way through his campaign. For 8 years he completely forgot about that promise. That was President Bill Clinton. You can fact check that like I did. There are significate difference between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Then you see this ad on TV and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are saying they are only going to raise taxes on people making more than $400,000.00. But all the way through the primaries they were promising to get rid of all of President Trump’s tax cuts. Seeing the record on tax cuts and the Democrats I don’t see them keeping their promise. Stacking the Supreme Court isn’t a promise but isn’t something they will give you a answer a question on either. They have made some kind of statements that they will treat Covid 19 different than President Trump has. It’s strange but everything they say they will do has already been done by the Trump administration. They think they are going to walk in and on day one demand all American’s to wear mask in public. Well the thing is unless it is legislated through Congress the President doesn’t have the power to do it. They are promising less chaos in Washington. That should be simple with the media in their pocket and the ones causing the chaos under their control. They are promising to renew Obamacare and again make everyone pay for pre-existing conditions. We already know that Obamacare cost many of us our doctors , our choices on hospitals , higher deductibles and higher premiums. Yes of course those that are poor and on Medicaid will be well covered but everyone else will pay through the nose. Then with the Democrats we will rejoin the Climate change people in Europe. People who are thinking we can control global temps and oceans and such things. When our air has actually been improving while other parts of the world hasn’t been improving that much. Something is wrong here or should I say their. All of this is going to cost millions of dollars but of course they say that will be offset by all these jobs the environmental action will create. We will probably see the border wall torn down or for sure not completed. We’ll probably have amnesty give to millions of illegal immigrates. Our government paying for abortions and the second amendment assaulted like it has never been before.

The difference between the Democrats and Republican are like the difference between night and day. The Democrats continue to paint us as racist who don’t care about equality and fairness. They continue to say we can control things that we can’t control. They continue to blame us for world problems that we have not caused, They continue to scream for money for education when our country spends more on education than the rest of the world. Yet we fall further behind the world in science and math skills. The Democrats are a party that lives in the past. Apologizing for our actions in wars that we were drawn into or we saw as a threat to our allies. They want us to pay for things our ancestors did in which we had no part of ourselves. They say our police are systematic racist. I don’t see how that is. Of course there are people in all walks of life that are racist and I’m not sure you are ever going to rid our country but others around the world of racist. It is just life and humans regardless of what they say judge each other and sometime include whole groups in their judgements. It isn’t right but it happens because of actions of a few people. Somehow the Democrats think they have a right to punish rich people for their success by taxing them more than any one else. We give a by to the poor, child credits to families but the rich they want to stick it to them because they work hard and were successful. Instead of sitting down and figuring out how to tax everyone fairly it is punish successful people. Somehow the the Democrats feel our money is theirs to be taxed and used to their liking not ours. One of the biggest difference are the Republicans believe in protecting the lives of babies in the womb. I know there are prochoice Republicans and that is fine they have that right to feel that way. But if you a Democrat and are prolife you better keep it a secret or bury your thoughts because they don’t want to hear from you.

I think in the Republican Party there is a different attitude. The past is the past and let it be. Look at out mistakes and make the changes to make things better. We believe this is a great country where you can be anything you want to be. We believe in fighting poverty by hands up not hand outs. It’s not that we think big business or even small businesses shouldn’t pay taxes. But it shouldn’t be done in such away to discourage expansion , growth , hiring and innovation. Without businesses of all kinds we’d have stagnant economy. Trump is right that we have sat back and watched manufactures leave this country , equipment and all. Then they have turned around and sent the same products back to sell to us at the same prices or higher ones. All we got from federal , state and local officials were offers to maybe give these companies some incentives to stay. This wasn’t enough to impress most companies moving manufacturing overseas. With the present leadership in the Republican Party we see a different more blue collar approach to things. We see a need to return jobs to the United States and a need to change the status of all Americans. We have called out China for what they are unequal partners in trade and not wanting to play on a level playing field with us. They have flooded our markets with their goods but at the same time restricted our products from their markets. Someone needed to call them on the way they have treated the American consumers and Donald Trump has done that. Of course with them and others they are probably betting that Biden will win this election. Then things will return to pre-Trump ways. Perhaps Russia and OPEC are betting on that too. Because Donald Trump hasn’t been the most friendly toward the oil producers in foreign countries. I don’t get were the Democrats think Putin is so buddy buddy with Trump. Trump has cause the oil boom in Russia to take a dive south. Which has cost Russia billions of dollars. Many prolife and Conservatives didn’t know what to expect from President Trump but we were pleasantly surprised He has been a man of his word and taken on the powers that be in Europe and the UN. He hasn’t sat back and let the news media bowl him over but takes them head on. He has been a leader and he has kept promises even if you didn’t agree with them.

So here are our choices for 2020. A choice between a party with a Presidential candidate that flips his views just for votes. Who goes from saying I’m going to undo the Trump tax cuts to saying now he is just going to raise taxes on people making $400,000.00 or more a year. That should really tell you one thing if he means it. That one thing is this that he thinks those tax cuts Trump gave the rest of us were a good thing. If you believe that a the Democrat Party of the years when President Clinton thought border controls were needed to a Party who now thinks they should only be surveilled with electronic gadgets and drones. A Party that built the cages for immigrants and now says that Trump did it when there is video from President Obama era to show they were built them. A party that will sit back and watch cities turned into war zones and even burn but yet do nothing to change it. A choice between a Party that believe in everyone deserving of a education of their choice not the governments choice. A Party were the President we presently have has kept his promises and even under constant fire from the opposing Party has kept his focus on serving the people and not himself. A President that believes in the protection of even those still in the wombs of women. A President that has made some super hard decisions on calling out unfair trade with China, called on increase in funding for NATO from countries that have been failing to pay their fair share. A President that has called the UN and W. H. O. on there unfair treatment of America even though we pay the most in dues. A decision to take on China for its unfair trade policies and for letting Covid 19 to spread out of China without calling on the rest of the world to try to put a check on it their.

To me the choice is clear between a bunch of wishy washy people with plans to do nothing new unless it is to tax us and help pay for a global climate skim that they know they can’t control. A choice to continue to work to tackle Covid 19 and bring the economy back. To let private innovators make progress on electric cars with longer life batteries that make them more feasible for everyone to drive. The continued innovation in even gasoline driven cars. The innovation in medicine to cure more cancers and to bring our emergency PPE supplies and medicines back to this country to be produced. To the promotion of jobs for anyone who wants to work and make schools of choice for all Americans. For closing borders to drugs and illegals. To work on making our Justice system more friendly to all people. To change a tax code that has grown to cumbersome to understand without a degree. A vote for a Party that doesn’t think we are stupid and can’t handle our own money.

Voting During The Covid 19 Pandemic

Here we sit in our homes for months on end. It isn’t a natural thing for us to be doing but yet we have out of fear or just as a precaution against a unseen virus. Yet the virus is real and it doesn’t care about who you are or your age. It effect those with weak immunity systems and people of older ages more severely. Even that is not always true because people in good health with no pre-existing conditions have been know to get the corona virus and even die from it. That is true of the flu and even some that have been vaccinated. There is nothing that is perfect in anything that we do as humans because we are imperfect. Well of course there are a few conceited people who think they are a acceptation to that.

So all that being said how do we vote this year 2020 ? Out of 320,000,000 people so far about 8.4 million cases have been reported. Out of those 8.4 million only 241,000 have died. That isn’t a number we take lightly no more than we take lightly the number of deaths by any other means. Life is one thing we all have most in common and is our most precious possession. The numbers don’t justify our staying home from the polls either early voting or November 3rd. Yet precautions should be taken and are being taken by our government authorities. What you should see at your polling place are little booths or cardboard separate areas set 6 feet a part. Ways to protect the poll workers and minimal contact between workers , your ballot and the place you put it in the box or machine to be counted. Wear your mask to make everyone feel comfortable even if you think it sucks. It’s not caring about you that counts but caring about others. There isn’t a one of us that at sometime or another haven’t thought this mask thing really sucks but if that will make everyone comfortable with you why not. The other precautions are all social distance and common sense. You don’t shake hands, hug and do all the things you want to do when you see someone in line that you know. It is sad and very hard not to reach out and touch your friends that you have known for years but rarely see. It is just the way it is for their good and yours.

If you must vote by mail the safest way is by absentee ballot and make sure you follow the instructions very carefully. I really think it would be better to go vote in person and I think it is safe. The chances of catching the corona virus are slim for all of us. The news media will make a big deal out of any poll worker or goer that comes down with the virus but remember that might not be the only place these people have been.

Most of my post are political in nature but this one is not for anyone party or anyone person. We are citizens of the most prosperous countries in the world. We shouldn’t take this right to vote lightly but very seriously and exercise that right at every chance that we get. This isn’t a time to cower down and think that things are coming to a end in this world. It is a time to support those in power that can press for a cure for Covid 19 and more treatments to limit a persons down time to it. Unless you can somehow make something from nothing. I suggest you pray to the one that can and does for relief from this virus that attacks our global population.

Who Are The Real Discouragers of Voters ?

Now of course this is personal opinion and I have no real proof. I think the media are the ones who try to discourage people from voting. I think in particular they want to discourage Republicans or those voting Republican to not vote. I base this on the way they report news and the polls they put out. My only real question is what do they get out of their support for the Democrat Party and their socialists’ agenda. I’m sure that almost everyone want everyone in America to have healthcare. Yet I’m not sure we all want to be picking up the tab for the cost of doing just that. This maybe off the subject of discouraging voters from voting. If you go through history of our Presidential elections. I’ll bet you will see a pattern of the Republican candidate being in the losing side of those polls right up to the night that votes are cast. It is like a subluminal message saying if yote Republican you are wasting your time because our polls show your Republican candidates are going to lose. I maybe all wet but I think the polls are rigged and not really taken fairly.

I don’t get the objection to voter id that the Democrats have. I know in my polling place they just ask you for proof of living in that district. Simple enough to prove with a drivers license or a voter registration card. It really is pretty hard to live without having a address and proof that you live somewhere. Yet I suppose there is a exception for a few people to not have that proof. I use to serve a morning breakfast for people that couldn’t afford one. Our was a little different because we didn’t care whether you were poor or rich. Loneliness doesn’t discriminate between rich and poor. We all at times feel a lone. Here is the point really even people on the street have id’s and ways to use our system. We had a guy and his wife living in a van who had both Social Security Disability and Medicaid. I’m not sure how they vote but I know they vote.

It is a little discouraging when week after week from the day the polls start showing that your party is losing. I don’t believe they let the networks project the winners anymore of the Presidential election until after the polls close on the West coast. But that too was a way of stopping people going to the poll by stating early before all the polls close their projections on a winner. This is a special time in history and media has shown early how much they are in the pocket of the Democrats. They haven’t hid it from the public. It is there everyday in print and on the airways. They go over the top trying to say Trump is behind in the polls and could lose. Yet they did much the same in 2016. Even if President Trump wins they are prepare to accuse him of cheating or Russia collusion just to name a couple scenarios. Unlike the left who still Haven’t accepted the election of 2016 if Donald Trump loses the Republicans will move on and accept the results. This is America after all and 4 years are just that a very short time in the history.

Equal Treatment By The Media

I know that many people don’t think the media is bias or favor one political party over another. Yet for almost 4 yeas now the media and most forms of media have ran with anything Trump. It hasn’t mattered whether it has been true or not they just run with it. I get it that President Trump is the President and he is the news. Yet you would think that former vice President Biden would be news and that the media would be curious about his policies and his family. This has been a very unusual political primary year and basically Biden was given the nomination without much of a fight.

The media has ran with everything President Trump has said or done for 4 years. If things he did were a positive thing they tried to make it look lest so. If it was negative they tried to make it worst case scenario. Even though the Mueller investigation turned up no collusion between President Trump and Russia they never threw in the towel when the collusion was reached. There was no apology or retraction on the stuff they printed or they said , not one word !! The House of Representatives passed articles of impeachment but the trial in the Senate vindicated the President. I suspect that was maybe a little tit for tat after the impeachment trial of President Clinton. I get it and both trials were wrong. Like I have said everything President Trump has done has been open game for the media. Some of us wouldn’t consider Tweeter Press or Facebook but it is. Anything bad that you want to say about President Trump on those media has been said true or not. But yet try to say anything about the Democrats or former Vice President Biden that is negative and they band you or won’t let it be posted. This isn’t just a Tweeter or Facebook problem but media wide problem. Fox News , Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity , NewsMax and a few others are the acceptation for reporting both sides. Some will say Rush Limbaugh isn’t fair but he doesn’t always a agree with the Republicans or Trump. When he doesn’t he speaks out and so does Sean Hannity.

For years the public has wondered why our government sends such large quantities of foreign aid to countries like the Ukraine. Sometimes it seems like the money we spend doesn’t do much good. Remember when it was found out about bank in the Senate or House of Representatives and how many members owe it money. It was like a slush fund that members could use and some used it and took advantage of it loose control. Now look at foreign aid as pay for play fund. You give the aid then attach a few invisible strings. I say invisible because if Mr. & Mrs. QC Public knew how it work there would be hell to pay, It’s called we give you a nice big chunk of foreign aid then you syphon some back to our members as a little thank you. You see when the persecutor in the Ukraine saw this and started to investigate Hunter Biden. His father Vice President Biden threaten to cut a Billion dollars of foreign aid if the persecutor wasn’t fired. Now that is on tape or video for everyone to see and it isn’t fake news or a lie. Yet if you mention Burmista on Tweeter and Hunter Biden receiving a huge payment for being on the board of that company even though he knew nothing about that business. They will Not let that tweet go through and band you. It doesn’t matter what lie you tell about President Trump or his family it all goes through and they don’t care about the facts. Why is that little pay for play fact so hard to believe or maybe it hits home because CNN , NBC , CBS . MSNBC , ABC , NEW YORK TIME , DES MOINES REGISTER and the rest of the liberal papers are play a little pay for play of their own. Why else is every lie about President Trump front page and thing negative about Biden or the Democrats back page or dropped altogether. If President Trump loses his bid for re-election it will squarely lay at the media’s feet and four years of constant hate and lies. For President Trump has kept more of his promises to voters than any President in our history. I challenge the media to prove that wrong.

Liberalism It’s Claim And Actions

Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support free markets, free trade, limited government, individual rights (including civil rights and human rights), capitalism, democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.” This from one of my liberal friends and Wikipedia.

If this definition is true to form and liberals believe the definition then why do they support riots that burn private property and support people that won’t let a Conservative speak on a college campus ? Why do they want people to boycott people or events they don’t agree with ? Why do they want to limit our Constitutional right of the 2nd Amendment ? Why don’t they support the rights of people to follow the law ? Why do they want to dictate things that they haven’t figured out how to control ? Why is are they silent when hundreds of minorities are killed every year in Chicago but riot when one police officer kills a minority person ? Why do they sit back and do nothing when their schools are failing in their liberal run cities ? When in other districts with open enrollment and school choice thrive. Why do the say they believe in limited government and then want the Federal government to always bail them out or pay for their letting people burn their cities ? Why do they support that they are always right and everyone else is wrong ? Especially when they can’t prove they are right ! Now I do challenge the liberals to prove me wrong in what I’ve just stated. In each case you can see that the liberals want to restrict everyone else and not themselves.

The definition supplied doesn’t really describe the American liberal of today. Maybe it defined ones living in the 60’s or 70’s but not 2020. You can’t tune into a liberal media without hearing them wanting to restrict the rights of someone to speak or express their thoughts. They want their viewers to not turn on Rush Limbaugh or listen to President Trump. They sit back and watch buildings burn in places and then say the protest were basically peaceful. That or they don’t even say a darn word about the damage or condemn anything that was done. On January 20, 2016 President Trump was inaugurated in to office but in parts of Washington D.C. businesses were being vandalized and police beaten by mobs of rioters but the liberal media were silent and didn’t condemn it unless one of their reporters got beat up. All that stuff they espouse in their definition is all fine and dandy but it is worthless if they don’t follow it or enforce it.

During the 1992 Presidential Election, Bill Clinton said he was going to give a middle class tax cut. Instead, Clinton lied to the American People and gave them the Largest Tax Hike in the history of the United States of America.

So why should we believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will not raise our taxes or not just raise taxes on people making more than $400,000.00. After all up until weeks after the Convention they were saying they were going to undo Trump Tax cuts. That means a $2000.00 tax increase for most of the middle class. So do we believe the 22 times they promised to eliminate Trump’s tax cuts or now they are going to not raise our taxes on the middle class. Really do you trust them after this year ? I don’t trust their lips and more than I trust the news from CNN.

A Question of Free Speech

We wear our Trump hat out or your Biden hat and some guy or gal starts yelling obesities at you. The next time you go out you leave it off. It may be away of you expressing support for your candidate or could be your grandson gave you the hat so you want to wear it. We all know people that are sports nuts who are always wearing a different team hat or shirt. Sometime we get them cheap and why not just wear a shirt to wear a shirt. Unless something vulgar is on it most people shouldn’t be afraid to wear a piece of clothing and be afraid of being harassed for wearing it. Free speech stops when you yell fire in a crowded theater or a stadium. It stops when you are on a plane and ask out loud what it be like to hijack the plane. We all know these things or we should. Yet it’s like getting stopped by a cop for speeding .We want to get out of the car and see why he stopped us. But that is the wrong way to handle it. You don’t have to be a minority to handle that situation wrong. You don’t even have to be young to handle it wrong. You just have to be in the wrong frame of mind or in a bad mood to jump out of your car without thinking of what might happen !!

Since the election of Donald Trump as President , we’ve had people like Maxine Waters say ” “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. We’ve got to get the children connected to their parents,” Waters said at the Wilshire Federal Building. But citizen John Doe has taken this to a extremes and if you are wearing a Trump hat they’ll get in your face and ruin your meal experience. Free speech is a precious thing and here you have people in society that think you don’t have the right just to wear a hat or shirt to support your candidate.

What really burns me is that our colleges and high schools they have taken free speech away from students. You can’t sit their and openly have a discussion without getting yelled at or made fun of. You can’t invite a conservative speaker to speak without threats of violence against them. What has happen to being open minded and listening to someone different point of view on society. Are we so easily convince of something that we’ll change our minds because we listen to a different view point ? Perhaps it is the people that have beat you over the head day in and day out with that opposing view is afraid you might listen to something new. Why are our schools of higher learning so opposed of hearing the opposite of what they teach? Why are we raising kids to not listen to all sides of a argument? Aren’t we suppose to teach our children what is a yes and what is a no? What is right and what is wrong ? Isn’t that the reasons we should want our children to hear all sides on issues of the day? There is something wrong with teaching your child that Democrats or Republicans are always right. We may as well be communist or Nazi and not let any other view be expressed without the fear of death. Now it hasn’t got that bad on campuses yet I don’t think. But yet we have seen building torched and people beat up by just coming to campuses with a conservative point of view. That my friends is scary in America and it is wrong. We force no one to listen to anyone. It is like TV or radio you turn it off if you don’t agree. That or you listen and just leave and say they are crazies.

Even though I’m a Christian and I raise my child to be a Christian. If someday he or she decides to be Jewish or Muslim that is their right whether I think they are right or wrong . See our choice is ours and theirs is theirs. Right or wrong each person has a right to make up their mind and our opinion is just that a opinion. We aren’t hypnotist or indoctrinators but teachers who have opinions but also teach all sides of a subject. Perhaps that is the only fault I can see in sending a child to a Catholic school all the time. But if those schools were to have a required class that would teach about the different faiths of the world I’d approve.

It isn’t the schools responsibility to teach your child everything parent have the responsibility to teach what is right and wrong, What is acceptable and what is not acceptable. We aren’t quite drill instructors but our kids should know when you tell then to jump they should and it will be safe to jump.

I started out talking more political and I want to end on that note now. But the extreme at which our society has gone is wrong and just as wrong as hate speech. To tell people to go out and get in someone’s face just because you disagree with where they work or because of what they wear is wrong and hate speech. It is wrong and people should hold those people accountable either as a party or as voters.

Is The 2020 Election About How Well President Trump Handle Covid 19 ?

Does the last four years boil down to the nine months of President Trump’s Presidency ? I don’t believe it does even though some would like to make us think it does. I Think it should just as much a vote on how Congress has handle business for the last 4 years. I can’t say the House of Representative got absolutely nothing done but I can say the wasted a lot of valuable time trying to take President Trump out of office. I’m not sure how much time they wasted on the Mueller investigation or on impeaching President Trump but it was a waste of our taxpayers money and a distraction from real problems in our country. I would say we are deeply divide if we rely on the Democrats scenario that they are the majority and the Republicans are the minority. I really have very hard time believing that the majority of this country voters believe what the Democrats believe.

There are stark differences in what both parties stand for. It wasn’t always so much of a drastic difference between them. In some years past in the 50’s and 60’s you could almost vote for either side and come out with a reasonable government set up. Spin the clock forward to 2020 and you see a real divide between the two parties. Sometimes I know a lot of people wish we had a third or even a forth party in our system. It isn’t as if there isn’t just that the number candidates in them limits the power they’d have in Washington. We hear the complaint that not enough people want to get involved in government but yet they limit the basic thinking of new people to either Democrat or Republican ideology. There aren’t to many people who come to Washington that think out of those two boxes.

That is one thing Donald J. Trump has brought to Washington D.C. is a different way of thinking. Yes I get it that the Trump administration has blown the national debt as have most other administrations. Yet I do believe that the goal is to take those trillions of dollars spent on never ending wars in far off countries and spend them here on infrastructure. Which really isn’t a bad goal given the need for things like bridges and roads. It isn’t that we shouldn’t keep a sharp look out on terrorist or foreign government that want our demise sooner rather than later. But we are in parts of this world that don’t think like us, govern like us and haven’t had real peace since King Solomon. War and war and more war. People who don’t want peace unless they wipe everyone off the map that doesn’t think like them. We have tried to make head way in the Mideast but still evil still seems to sprout it’s ugly head. You pull out of a place and a year later the killing is back and the ugliness continues. So why waste our money on people who want to not only kill the Jewish people but their very own Muslim brothers of a different sec. Money that we have spent in the Mideast reminds me of the money we have spent on social welfare here. We have spent a lot of money in the trillions trying to cure poverty but it is still here and the dent we’ve made doesn’t seem to be very big. I don’t think it matters who is President because solving the hatred in that region isn’t going to happen without a complete change of attitudes and a willingness to bury the past and love your neighbor.

Covid 19 is just one piece of a puzzle in a country with many different divides. We do have problem with illegal immigration and two different opinions that a very far apart. I’m not going to say the Democrats want complete open borders but they want to use high technology to solve it and it’s true a lot of that will help. But the other side wants a physical wall and the use of high technology too. One side wants to defund the police or at least relocate money from officers to more training and better way of solving domestic violence.

This past 4 years has been 4 years of promises kept by President Trump. Moved the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem promise kept. Renegotiate NAFTH promise kept. Bring manufacturing back promise kept. Make NATO partners pay more to support NATO promise kept. Negotiated for better deal on keeping our troops in Korea and Japan and trade deals with both. He has negotiated for peace in Israel and got a couple countries to sign deal their. The border wall is going up and at the rate of 10 miles a week. He got a tax bill through Congress that give everyone one a tax cut. Some say the rich got a better deal. Well folks they pay in more than the rest of us. He is bringing our troops home from the Mideast because he recognizes the waste of our tax dollars their and the need to use our tax dollars here. How is it in times of peace we can’t spend 3 or 4 trillion dollars here on bridges and roads. Yet in war time or to help defend foreign country we have that amount and more to spend in foreign lands ? I could go on with this list but the promises President Trump made as a candidate he has kept and is still trying to keep. He has been more Pro-Life than any of our past Presidents and he continues that fight. He is has filled 300 judge vacancies and appointed two Supreme Court Judges and a third to come. The economy was on a roll with records being broke up until the Covid 19 crisis and he has help bring back with the stimulus money and if they open things up a lot more will come back.

So you see there is more to vote on than just the past nine months of Covid society and that can’t be blamed on President Trump. He has done his best to meet the demand for PPE , respirators and getting the scientist to develop a vaccine and drugs to treat Covid. Biden seems to think that President Trump hasn’t done that. But then he has been a sleep in Delaware or he can’t read or listen to what the President has said. Yes , I have read that Covid has killed more than the flu has in the last 5 years. But the flu we have a vaccine for and Covid 19 we don’t. Plus President Trump close off air travel between almost the entire world in order to slow the coming of Covid 19 and prepare our country’s first responders with PPE and supply lines. It has been pointed out that he just didn’t send massive supplies to the states but each state has to let there own fingers to the walking to bring in what they needed. New York City got a hospital ship to take the patients with out Covid 19 and I guess they didn’t listen because the sent Covid 19 patients to the ship anyhow.

At any rate this election isn’t just about Covid 19 but on who you trust to bring this economy back on track and get Covid 19 in the rear view mirror.

A Interesting Week

I’m not sure about you but this really has been a very interesting week in my world and hopefully yours too. The world just sometimes seems to be spinning its wheels. Progress on the Corona Virus seems to be at a little of a stand still. Perhaps it is because the numbers we get everyday tell us really nothing. They just seem meaningless because they don’t tell how many people are actually going to the hospitals. The urgency of bringing these numbers down are somehow lost in the way they are reported. We can see the numbers climbing yet does it mean that hospitalizations are climbing too. No one says so the Covid 19 numbers we see are just that numbers.

Corona Virus seems to be one of the main topics at the debate this week. The response to Covid 19 has generally been played pretty lousy. This shouldn’t be a political issue and it has become just that. Regardless which party you are in this has just been something more to get Trump on. It has to be a focus doing everything We can to defeat Covid 19 but Some people can do nothing but find fault in what is being done. The bad thing about the internet is the speed at which information travels. False claims and counter claims. It is where people can lie and no one seems to hold them accountable for those lies. Those lies have literally cost lives , businesses their livelihood and people jobs. We understand this is a political year better said as a Presidential election year but that being said which is more important lives of the citizens served or political parties ? This Covid 19 thing has been going on since mid February and it hit home for most of us about March 17th. Yes when our governors snapped their fingers and closed most non-essential businesses. A real sense of panic did take most of our breath away when the Corona Virus was described as a disease that had no effective drugs or vaccine to use against it or prevent it. A lot of us literally were stuck at home for over 2 months and we did understand and go a long with our elected officials. Yet with the partial openings and limits put on businesses nothing has even approach normal. This still leaves millions of people hurting with limited pay checks , limited hours of pay and millions looking for jobs or waiting to be called back to work. This isn’t a dream it is a reality and the government which imposed these restrictions and limits with good intentions are arguing on whether those of us who are hurting deserve further assistance. What don’t they understand people are out of work , hours are cut ,businesses volume is being limited and the number of people working can’t because of those limits. The state of emergency still exist because we aren’t back to normal and the government has the responsibility for the continued state of turmoil and hence they brought this on and they are the ones who should supply assistance to employers , employees , renter ,landlords and everyone else effected. Further need for stimulus and assistance is a understatement because it is government obligation or open this country up. We have bills to pay and families to feed. This is not partisan it is a time for unity and not trying to squeeze your political junk through on a bill aimed to aid the people you serve. See we understand even better now than we did last week that no one can be fully protected from Covid 19. With President Trump and the first lady being diagnosed with Covid 19 it speaks volumes to us. The time has come to face some facts for Congress we are still in a state of limbo and no solution has come forward to take this invisible Covid 19 out of our society and we need relief or orders to open our businesses up. It isn’t a time to get Trump for anything he has done or to pin that guilt to his chest. He did what he had to do. Didn’t he do the most drastic thing he could do by closing off airports , shipping and declaring this a emergency ? If I’m not clear enough this isn’t the American workers fault and we never asked to lose our jobs , our businesses or stiff our landlords or our banks . We need help and it should be on the governments back to provide help because they are the ones who have the power. Either that or let us take our chances and open things up full blown. A interesting week indeed with Covid 19 hitting a homer in the White House and the in fighting in Congress goes on and this isn’t a normal year. Call your Senators and representatives and tell them to do their jobs and help the people they serve !!