Shopping the Courts

Have you ever noticed how are court system works. You lose a battle in one court system and it doesn’t matter. You just go on to another and present your case until you find a favorable one for your item to find victory. How many times do you get to fish for a favorable court system to get the results you want ? My guess that is why appointing judges that are bias to your thinking is important to politicians. It isn’t looking for a set of judges that will follow the Constitution but one that will agree with your ideology that counts and that is what the Democrats do pretty successfully. Yet in the news you will see it as just a lost of a appeal by President Trump and the Republican lawyers . What a tremendous waste of our taxpayers money.

I’m not going to sit here and tell just the Democrats are the only ones guilty of shopping for judges but both parties do it. You would think that there’s a standard to becoming a judge. And technically there is one. They all swear to up hold the Constitution of the United States. But judges are people and they have opinions and they use those opinions sometimes when there isn’t a clear cut guilty or not guilty verdict needed. Perhaps they think that there is grounds to make someone do something or produce certain evidence. What I don’t quite understand is when the Supreme Court rules on something you’d think that is the final verdict. End of ballgame. That doesn’t appear to be so with President Trump’s order to use some defense money to build a wall on our southern border. I grant you that we do have many technologies that are advanced that can be used to surveil the borders. Yet even with those technologies getting spotted going across our border in the desert by a camera or a satellite wouldn’t allow the border patrol enough time to stop them. Were as a physical wall would. This isn’t a issue about race because we don’t care what race you are crossing our borders. The issue is security , law and control of our borders. Of course when you shop for a judge sometimes they make it a issue of race.

There is probably nothing anyone can say to stop this shopping for judges but at least we can understand why so often a issue seems never to go way. Even with the turn over in the Supreme Court issues that were ruled on before come back to get a different ruling because of the ideology of the court has change. To a lot of people it looks like making laws by the use of the courts and it is technically. The political games the parties use if nothing else makes it interesting even if it isn’t that logical. Sometimes too it is a delaying tactic to slow progress down when you don’t agree with a action. Your opinions are always welcome.

Corona Virus Death Projection And President Trump

Early on when President Trump shut down travel between Asia and the US . Then Europe and the US. Then the UK and the US. The experts were saying that if we did NOTHING that the projected numbers of deaths could be as high as 2.5 million Americans. I know that defending President Trump won’t make me any brownie point but still it has to be done. Those numbers came as President Trump was doing all the shut down of travel between us and the rest of the world. China hadn’t given us a accurate account of the number of deaths in Wuhan or in China itself. Little was known about Covid !9 other than no vaccine or known treatment for it was available. What was President Trump suppose to believe ? So he did the things he did and states did theirs. With the actions of the states and President Trump’s action projections were lowered to about 200,000 to 250,000 deaths in the US. Right now deaths are at about 160,000. The truth is that how the corona virus death count is recorded. If you have a heart disease and go to the hospital they test you for Covid 19 and if you die and have virus in you then Covid 19 killed you not your heart disease. Some states are even saying some deaths they counted as Covid 19 deaths were not Covid 19 related. Even with Flu shots every year depending on the severity of the Flu season that number can be as high as 90,000 deaths. Yet we don’t panic about those deaths or do we close anything because of it. We might restrict people from ICU or hospital visiting if you have Flu symptoms that’s it. With the mediation we have done staying 6 ft. apart , frequent washing hands , staying home and wearing mask in public the numbers aren’t anything to panic about. We only can stay home for so long and sooner or later if you make enough trips out you are going to get hit with Covid 19.

President Trump did the hard thing of closing travel down , getting the experts and a team set up ramp up PPE production and distribution. Yes and it took sometime for that and a faster test. President Trump in all reality shut down a great economy to protect front line workers and keep from flooding our hospitals. Now as the virus hasn’t turn into the disaster that it started out to be. He has tried to get the states open up more and get back to work. Currently as of August 5, 2020 about 61.4 million people have been tested for Covid 19 in the USA. That is roughly 341,000 per day. But that goes back to the days with very little testing at all. The media is running around with their head cut off thinking it is the end or trying to make it look like the end to get Trump. The truth is that with the increase testing which is in the range of 500,000 to 800,000 a day. You are going to find more people that test positive to Covid 19 but most are going to be a systematic or have little problems with it. We all don’t like to see anyone one die of Covid 19 but we don’t like to see people die of Cancer or Heart disease or in car wrecks. But those three things I just mentioned doesn’t make us close our country down for them. Let’s say that somehow Cancer was discovered to be transmitted by air or breathing on each other. Would we shut this country down because of it ?

We are now at a point where PPE is widely available. Respirators, testing equipment and drugs to treat Covid 19 are coming online. That isn’t to mention the way hospital , doctors and EMT are using are better for the protection of themselves and easier on the patients. There are probably a dozen companies trying to produce a vaccine and a dozen more just trying to figure out a way to treat it without a vaccine or in conjunction with it. This all was put in to motion not by Obama or Joe Biden but by President Trump and that is facts even if you hate him. He has burnt up the phone lines and stayed up late working , pushing and twisting arms to find relief from Covid 19 and get us back to work. That’s HIS job ! He knows it and he does take it just as serious as running Trump Corporation and probably a lot more serious.

How does Joe Biden Win ?

That is the number one question in the mind of the Democrat Party leaders and perhaps any Trump supporter too. With ninety some days to the election and good old Joe Biden playing hide and seek with everyone you have to question how he can win. He has fail to answer the hard question on how he do anything different than President Trump. Oh yes it is a given he’d try to resuscitate Obama Care and probably rescind 99% of President Trumps executive orders. He’d put end to oil exploration in the oceans off the coast and probably end new flacking. May stop a pipe line or two. But how does this win him the White House ? Order everyone to wear a mask in public if Covid 19 has no vaccine. Does he win by promising to remove President Trump’s wall and letting the flood gates open for immigration. Does he win by just giving illegals citizenship ? It is more than Biden taking the White House. This a election about principles and stark differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. Yes there is a third candidate and yes you can waste you vote on who ever that is. But the Democrats and Republicans as much as they say they want more people to run for office. They make it next to impossible to run as a independent.

The Democrats up to the 2012 election in many ways wanted some control over our immigration policies. With Obama in the White House and catch and release as a policy on the southern border plus the allowance of a influx of Arab immigrants and DACA things have changed. The very party that says it supports strong unions and needs their support. Are supporting bringing in cheap labor which in some industries have cut into union labors jobs.

Now that we are less than 90 day out from the election Sleep Joe woke and decide to make his campaign motto Made in America. Really Joe that is all the better you could do and plagiarize the Trump campaign. He comes out of his gopher hole to first say he do all this stuff to fight the Corona virus and then some his wisdom say we’ll do like President Trumps been doing. Everything of what President Trump had set in motion before the corona virus struck. President Trump has already set in motion all the actions need to keep the virus in check and Joe Biden has nothing new to add.

Joe Biden hasn’t called for end to violence in the cities run by his party. Nothing they are proposing will take any burden off taxpayers but only add with their green new deal. The Democrats like opening our American pocket books to support things that cost us billions but do nothing to help our economy. It’s going to take a lot more than promises that Joe Biden can’t keep to get him to the White House. A lot more than a bunch of meetings in D.C. to discuss something and do nothing. The Joe Biden plan is how do we make the Swamp Stronger and deeper and more intrenched. How do we continue to hood wink the American taxpayers and send money overseas as aid to siphon off some to make our members rich. Sorry folks The Democrats and Joe Biden have no plan and no vision for ordinary American.

The Media Say’s

With birth of the internet and Talk Radio what the media say’s isn’t nearly a relevant as it once use to be. The most popular Talk Shows on radio are conservative. The progressives in our society try to say somehow they are the majority speaking for our modern society. Yet every where you look what the progressive support is failing. They are failing in our schools , in society as a whole they are failing. Yes , there has been a outcry about gays , LGBT acceptance , Black Lives Matter and a backlash about government over stepping its bounds . George Floyd attracted not just the black communities attention but all of societies attention. Without the pictures from that Smart Phone George Floyds death would have been the black community word against the police with no proof that George Floyd wasn’t innocently killed by police. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone defend that cop for kneeling on George Floyds neck for over 8 minutes. We probably all support the outrage of Black Lives Matter in that situation but what we don’t support is the silence when comes to the numbers of minorities in Chicago , Baltimore, New York City and other liberal cities. Why the outrage just at police and not at city halls where violence keeps going on and nothing changes day in day out, month after month and year in and year out. We as a society want to see a end of the violence in these cities even though we don’t live in them ourselves.

In the media say’s group you get the picture that conservatives want to end public education and kill off unions. Yet in reality we want schools that succeed and educate our kids. But you see public school systems failing and grades coming in lower. We see the discipline that was in the schools in the 50’s and 60’s gone and of course the mention of God is taboo. Reading scores down , Math down and respect of authority down. Yet we keep spending more money on things that don’t work and we say the old way didn’t work either. The percentage of older adults brought up in those old school taught math the old fashion way survived and went on to be the leaders of today and can balance a check book and read most books.

Just because the media say’s doesn’t mean the media is right. The media has a vested interest in the liberal society and they like to push the new fades or trends of the day. For a example and don’t get me wrong the LGBT movement has been pushed by the media not because they are a majority of people but because of a few people who think they are discriminated against. Because of 2 or 3 % of the people society is suppose to change all our public facilities to suit a those few. But the media say’s that the majority thinks that way. I don’t think most people don’t care what you are or who you are. Just as long as you don’t try to shove your style on us. You want to be LGBT, gay or whatever it’s ok just don’t shove it down our throats that it is somehow normal to us when it isn’t.

For the last 3 years plus the media has team up against President Trump and he hasn’t taken it sitting down. In fact if you attack him he doesn’t hesitate to respond. He started calling them fake back in his first campaign and it really hasn’t change. I think they resent being called out and a lot of times proved wrong. They were saying things during Mueller investigation they had no proof of. It hasn’t stopped and media has continued in their false accusations and lies. So with 3 year plus of this with no proof or evidence why should the public believe anything the media says ? We should have real doubts about our media when for this length of time the media has bared false witness against anyone. Why shouldn’t we not question the polls they take or any information they print or say when so much they have said and done so far has been proved false. What media say isn’t always so.

The Headlines of the Day

Maybe you are like me and sit down each morning and skim over the headline on Microsoft Edge or Google. I do that every morning anymore particularly since going out for breakfast has been restricted. They loosen things up in recent months and our restaurant’s are open to limited seating’s. Yet if you are over 65 they still advise very limited outside contact. So that I do at age 73. So I read the news and books , walk the dog , mow the grass and putter around the house. But headlines in the news anymore usually evolve around Covid 19 and the increasing spread , President Trump’s actions or inactions of the day and the 2020 Election. They may touch on the riots in Portland and the Feds defending the Federal building. Usually the try to point out how this is pretty much a over stepping of Federal authority. They neglect the facts that since it is FEDERAL PROPERTY the Feds have every right to defend it. One thing you don’t see in the headlines is where is Joe Biden. Politico put the headline out yesterday that read. ” The Media’s Biggest Favor to Biden Was to Ignore Him” I think they got that a little wrong by using the word Was and not saying Is.

Here we are less than 100 days to the November Election and Joe Biden acts alike gopher in March popping out of his hole to see his shadow. Of course in this case to take a swipe at President Trump and telling us how bad a guy he is and the bad job he is doing. He may take a couple questions and then it’s back to the gopher hole. I read no headlines say “Where is Joe Biden? ” I see no outcry from anyone in the media except Fox News and a few other Trump supporters on where old Joe Biden is. They are content to leave him alone and only speculate on his VP pick. After all the American people don’t need to get any answers to questions from sleepy Joe Biden the perfect pick of the Democrat Party because his answers are unlike Trump’s perfect and concise. Yes as the media gives Joe Biden and the Democrats a by for the last 4 years of Hate Trump and wasting millions on investigation. We the public who they continue treat like idiots and stupid voters. Will give the Democrats the same answer we gave them in 2016. Because the no plan man and the Democrats have no vision for a great America and a strong America. I guess we get the preemptive Democrat Presidential Joe Biden candidate’s opinion without any media asking him the hard questions on the issues of the day. He has said a few things about the riots. Maybe a minute or two about them. But is he calling for a end to the burning and rioting or said what he do differently ? We already know what he thinks about the killings every week in the Democrat run cities of America. Black Lives Matter only when police kill or maim them. A perfect slogan for the Democrats ” Your life only Matters When Police either kill you or Maim you . Just be sure you are a Minority ” How is it that Joe somehow is going to solve Global Warming by throwing Trillion of Dollars at it like we have with solving poverty. We have spent more that 19 trillion dollars on solving poverty since LBJ but yet the numbers haven’t changed.

How is old Joe Biden going to bring law and order to American cities when he approve of taking money away from law enforcement ? How is Joe Biden going to pay for all these free things him and Bernie approve of with people ordered to hunker down and businesses operating at 50% of capacity or less. How are we going to get Joe Biden’s vision for America from his gopher hole ?

Perhaps we are already getting good old Joe Biden’s vision with his not giving opinions. He may approve of the chaos in our country and the sites of burning cites doesn’t bring a sadness to his heart. We keep on hearing that the Republicans are the problem and that they want to divide us. But yet I see no issue were the Republicans have been the ones to bring up something to divide us. Did the Republicans bring up the LGBT thing or change from prolife to prochoice ? Did the Republicans bring up Free college or Free Healthcare ? Did the Republicans bring up defunding police departments ?

It’s ok if we don’t hear from the Democrats or Joe Biden. We have already heard enough from the Hate everything Trump does wagon. We already know the Democrats approve of burning cities , since inauguration day 2016 with start of the hate campaign and riots and burning in Washington D.C. . Yea , we don’t need to hear from Old Sleepy Joe Biden. We’ll give him his answer to all his problems on November 3rd and he can just stay hibernating in his gopher hole.

The Headlines Of the Day

If you are almost religious like I am in reading the news each day you notice a few things about them. It is a little bit like watching the morning news or evening news shows on ABC , CBS OR NBC . It’s like listening to a bunch of plagiarist because they copy each others views in many ways. If they are talking about the Corona Virus. It’s about how far out of touch President Trump is with his views on it. If it is about the riots in Portland it is about how they aren’t that bad. And they it just that these federal agents got to leave because they think they are making things worst, Plus they have no right to be there it’s Oregon’s problem to solve. It doesn’t matter that it is federal agent protecting federal property and these socialist have been trying to burn the place down for 60 days plus. They show these pictures of Black Lives Matter and call them some kind of civil rights group but they won’t say a word about them not giving a damn about the hundreds of blacks being shot and killed each week in Chicago , Baltimore , New York City or any where else. They help the people from Black Lives Matter when a cop roughs up a black citizen but if a one year old is killed in a drive by shooting in a black neighborhood it doesn’t matter to them.

One of the most interesting headlines of the particularly hit a nerve with me when I saw it. I also thought that its past tense stating was wrong. Here it is straight from Politico ” The Media’s Biggest Favor to Biden Was to Ignore Him ” That really is very true except for the Was should be a IS . I think that if any Republican candidate was just sitting back and playing gopher like Joe Biden. The media would be all over them screaming bloody murder about the Republican candidate silence on the issue of the day before a election. Then of course I could be all wrong because they don’t have any love for the Republicans. Joe Biden continues to stay in his gopher whole and pops out to take a swipe at President Trump every once in a while. Yea he takes maybe a question or two. Yet he doesn’t have the time to go on the Chris Wallace Show and answer some real hard questions. He wouldn’t have the guts to go on Hannity and get some real pointed questions. Everything he has said he’d do about Covid 19 President Trump has already done. The big deal of the mask to the press and President Trump is a nothing burger. President Trump is probably getting tested more for Covid 19 than any other person in the world. His nose is probably getting sore from all the swabs. We do have rights to say no we aren’t going to wear one. I’m not saying it is smart to not wear a mask in public but you have a right not to and the businesses have a right to say stay out without one, Now the signs should say ” No Shoes No Shirt No Mask No Service ”

So the Headlines of the day are full of the Covid 19 pandemic and President Trump picking on the media or the drug he thinks helps heal us. His thoughts on the riots across our great country. His thought on voting by mail or any other subject the media has thrown at him in a day. But the silence from the gopher hole that Joe Biden is in continues. The Media’s Biggest Favor to Biden IS to Ignore Him. And that is the Democrat game keep Joe Biden in his gopher hole and blame it on Covid 19 or the sniffles or something. Just don’t let him open his mouth to insert foot and call his wife his sister again !! Your thought are welcome.

There is a Darkness in the World

There is a Darkness in this world. It isn’t new and it isn’t different from a darkness that put a blemish on mankind since the Garden of Eden. It is always there portraying of a better way for mankind to do things. In most cases it really looks like a light and it is presented that way. It is that all inclusive presentation. It seems to be a answer to prayers. It brings out the ability to say for years, we’ve been in a darkness and now new light shines upon this taboo that makes it ok. Now these sins in life are not sin but just something we hadn’t figured out to make good yet. It’s the evolution of man’s brain now that makes man wake up to our misguided ways. Do you get the picture yet ? Well let me go on and explain.

Mankind has always been a bunch of suckers. Since Eden we have wanted to control everything ourselves. We have wanted to make our own rules to create a perfect utopia. But there has been someone or some power that has stood fast in man’s way. We call this power God and of course there are those that say see God meant these things to be good for us. They even say that there is no God and somehow from the vacuum of space where nothing exist. This all just came to be. Like watching David Copperfield make things from nothing. They throw away good science for dark science. The good science of atoms , proton and neutrons that make up all things even us. They throw it away to say this all just came to be without any thought or planning. Nothingness all whirled around in no where land and then we were created.

This darkness has shone us the new light that somehow aborting millions of babies a year is a good thing. Now they have step into say that there aren’t just two sex’s but multiple ones and it is good. The darkness is getting braver by the day because it somehow thinks it has the Light on the run. The darkness says see these evil police they sit back and shoot a kill innocent blacks. So it is ok to riot and destroy cities and even burn black peoples businesses. Just collateral damage and besides government is so stupid they’ll pay to rebuild it. The darkness sees no need for police and that somehow neighborhood watches or someone will keep people safe. Maybe if we don’t have police crime will magically go away. Somehow the darkness see beating up a old man or woman in their 80’s as ok. Maybe it is because they look at the age of a person and think , they have out lived their usefulness. Darkness is deep and deceiving. There is nothing wrong with doing wrong. You knock a guy on his butt because he has Trump hat or a Biden hat on. Nothing wrong with that. You break the window out of a car because you don’t like the Trump or Biden sticker on it. Nothing wrong with that. It’s ok to say just ” Black Lives Matter ” and not include anyone else.

I’ve painted a pretty dark picture of this darkness that is trying to consume us. That has been intentional and I think it is accurate. I think that even though this darkness is trying to consume the Light it can’t win. Because the Light created all things and darkness only came to be because of freewill. No matter what it looks like The Light is in control. Darkness can’t kill the Light because Darkness came out of hate for the Light. The Light someday will push all that Darkness away and anyone consume by it will be push to a place of its own where it will never hurt anyone again. I perhaps will catch some flake for writing this but I even though the Darkness scares me the Power of the Light holds me firm.


Let’s See I’m White Privileged Because someone says I am.

I’m not really sure if I get this White Privilege thing or not. I was born white so somehow that makes me a privilege person ? Somehow because my mom and dad worked hard and spanked my butt when I acted out. Because I got my mouth washed out with soap for cussing. Maybe it is because when I went anyplace and acted like a spoiled brat I got my butt spanked on the spot or my butt spanked when my teacher call my dad when I misbehaved at school. In fact I sometimes got it twice once at school and when I got home. I’m white privileged because I was a Boy Scout and our leaders were are parents when we were away from home and had permission from our parents to spank our butts if we gave them any guff. Maybe I’m white privilege because my parents taught me to keep my hands to myself and girls were suppose to be treated like ladies. Maybe I’m white privileged because my dad taught me you get nothing in this world for free. Maybe I’m white privileged because my dad said if you don’t go to school you go to work and the day you graduate you better have a plan because it cost to live. Maybe I’m white privileged because my dad taught me that jails are not good places to be. Maybe I’m white privileged because I was taught if you break something that belongs to a neighbor you pay them back. Maybe I’m white privileged because I was taught let the other guy throw the first punch then flatten his butt. But then after you are done settling your differences you shack hands and get a long.

I just don’t get it. I’m white I rate no special breaks because I am and don’t think I ever got any because of being white. I grant you that I wasn’t born in the ghetto or raised in a single parent home. I could go to the park and play ball in the evening without worrying about getting beat up or drugs being push in front of me. I didn’t have to worry about my 8 blocks I walked to school each day. I didn’t worry about walking to Boy Scouts at night and coming home afterwards and being safe. Am I white Privileged because we didn’t have a/c and we only had window fans in the summer ? Was I white privilege because at Christmas I got clothes and few toys ? I think there is a problem with this white privilege thing.

I do feel sorry for anyone that has no father or mother. I know that is tuff life and it means growing up on your own a lot. My problem is this. We can learn one of two way from what we see in life. We can learn what works and what doesn’t. We can learn what hurts and what doesn’t hurt. So many people use what their parents did as a excuse to blame things on them or act the same damn way. Maybe we should have a class in school that teaches you how things are meant to be. That two parent families is a good thing. That you are responsible for the children you procreate and nothing in life is free just because you want it. Maybe I’m white privilege because I was taught to respect my elders no matter who they were. I grant you this that not every cop deserved my respect but I stayed clear of them. But 99.9 % of them deserved my respected and they just did their jobs and kept us safe. Even the ones that I didn’t like just rousted us because we were causing a problem.

This whole thing of race comes down to one thing. Loving your neighbor as you love yourself. The golden rule. Teaching children to respect one another but that starts at home and not in school. We have taken the power of teaching respect out of teachers hands. We’ve tied their hand behind their backs because you can’t touch a kid without being sued. We have taken God out of the schools , respect of our Nations flag out of our schools. We don’t teach the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in school. We teach instead that there are no winners or losers and we are all somehow equal even after we lose in a game of baseball. Somehow now it is ok to steal or loot because you can’t afford those things and your mom or dad didn’t teach you right from wrong. We don’t need jails because all those bad thing those people do are because they never were taught anything different. So we are just going to let them loose to do those bad things over and over again because the white privilege people are all to blame. If somehow we can just take all that stuff white privilege people have and give it to everyone else this world will be better. Why work just let those white privilege people just give all their stuff up. Have you got the picture yet on how dangerous this sounds ? But that is what you hear out of these people. Who think the police aren’t needed and mayors and governors who think after they let theirs cities burn and be looted. That the rest of America should send our hard earned taxes to rebuild what they let someone burn down and didn’t do what it takes to stop it.

In America there is no privileged class white , black , yellow , red or any other skin color. You respect the people who raise you. You go to school and then work hard you can do whatever you want with in our laws. Sure you can go the other way but then there is a price to pay. But no one ever said you had to steal , loot , do drugs or drink. Those things are your choices not society choice for anyone. Personal responsibility is a choice and no one can make that choice for anyone else or force it on anyone. We took God out of the schools took the rulers out of teachers hands and even out of parents hands. It is time to put it all back because guess what folks school and family life wasn’t that bad when you had God in your home and school. With my privilege white butt I worked hard and I respected my elders. I praised my God and paid for my miss deeds with blood. sweat and tears. All our lives matter because God created us all and no one is perfect except for Jesus who died on that cross for us all . We don’t have to agree on everything but loving someone doesn’t mean you always agree with them or what they do. It means you’ll be there even when they are wrong or vice versa.

Am I Naïve or What ?

I use to think politics was sort a like a game of sports. You enter the game and put your qualifications forward and the issues you support. You run for the office and you win or lose. Then you shake hands with your opponent and either go serve or go home. That does sound a little cut and dry that way and it is by today standards. I guess thinking at the end of a campaign you just agree to disagree and go home is naïve. In the age of President Trump or even perhaps the last few President’s it has been getting more cut throat than ever. I know that if you have been reading my blogs that I’m a Trump fan. Yet I can take Donald J. Trump out of the equation all together and I’d still vote Republican. Does this take my bias away ? I’m not sure.

Let’s just look at the issues. I think the issues for us voters are pretty well defined. First immigrations is a very big one for most of us. It isn’t a question of race or where people come from. It is a question of national security and control of our borders and protection of the American workers already here in the United States. You just can’t open the borders and airways to let everyone that wants in. Those that want to take our rules of law and throw them away are the same ones that supported the rules of law in the past. The question to ask yourself is why have the Democrats flipped on immigration. Really it is rather simple immigrants with less education than even the one here now are more likely to vote for Democrats. They have to have that dependent vote. People are trapped in low income status. That’s why you see no progress in the ghettos of the big cities run by Democrats. They have the votes where they want them and the people to blame are those rich Republicans that want things like open school enrollment.

The second big issue is health care. It really centers around pre-existing conditions. This really is a big issue to most people because sooner or later we all may fall into this class of patient. If you are working and say have a heart attack. You are all right unless you lose your job and then need insurance again. It then gets very expensive for you and may almost impossible to get insurance because you are now at risk for another heart attack. Instead of sitting down and figuring this out we have a political tug a war going on. This can be solved but you just can’t lay all that expense on people of good health. Either make it a separate welfare system .

We do need to pull back from our dependence on China. It has been a one way street and a dream of open markets in China for our goods is a dream and has been a dream. Promises never kept by China and won’t be with Joe Biden in charge.

The economy would be one of the big reasons to vote for the Republicans over the Democrats. Right now with Covid 19 the Democrats are crying for a continued shut down of the economy and they are all talk and no action as usual. They complain about Trumps reaction to it and everything Joe Biden says he would do President Trump has already done. Of course if all you pay attention to is CNN you probably be right because they really don’t pay any attention to Trump. We can’t stay at home forever and the longer we do the more it destroys our economy. This is right were the Democrats want us dependent on government for our daily needs.

The biggest reason I can’t vote for the Democrats are they don’t want my vote or anyone that supports Prolife. Every year they reject thousands of future votes in the babies that are aborted. They don’t care and they don’t care that the majority of those babies are minority. Why would I vote for people who think more of protecting the life of a dog , cat or any other animals more than protecting a precious a human fetus. Now does that make sense babies mean less to the Democrats than dogs or animals. I’m probably going to get some static for saying that but if you think I’m wrong show me how. Better yet stop killing babies and figure out some other way to help these unwanted babies.

Now you can say I’m bias towards President Trump but regardless even without Trump I rather vote for people that believe in saving lives and making life better for all. Than voting for people who think it is alright to kill babies , watch cities burn , watch our economy fail and don’t respect law and order for all.

Oh Where Oh Where are you Joe ?

While our President takes all the questions , complaints , news conference’s and Covid 19 briefings. Joe Biden snipes out of his basement and maybe answers a question a day. While President Trump makes hard decisions and catch the flack for sending federal officers into Portland, Chicago and maybe New York City . Have we even heard whether Joe Biden even gives a damn about what is happening or what he’d do if he was in charge ? I know the good old Joe Biden is the presumptive candidate of the Democrat Party and that being said he has a few questions to answer and some pretty big ones. Joe Biden reminds me of a time when I use to go to the Carnival and shoot those 22 rifles at those pop up targets. You got more points for hitting the pop ups. I guess if I was shooting at old Joe Biden I wouldn’t get to pull the trigger very often.

Now just perhaps Joe Biden’s absences isn’t his idea. Could it be that the longer they can keep old Joe in his bunker. The less chances of him inserting foot in mouth. The less often he’ll have to answer those hard question President Trump fields daily. President Trump has already demonstrated his willingness to talk to the press and the American people. He steps out of the White House and many times is hit up with many questions from reporters who are always their. He tries to take their questions even when they are mean spirited. If President Trump loses which I don’t think he will. I’ll miss President Trump and fearless approach to serving us as President. I hate to see the good old boring press briefing with all the low ball questions from the Democrat press fielded.

While I’m at it where oh where is the media and all their curiosity of what Joe Biden is thinking or even doing all day. Perhaps President Trump is right Joe is sleeping a little more than normal . Yea, I know a low blow but then I can’t hit him he isn’t coming out to answer any questions. At least when President Trump is absent we can find him hurrying around on a golf course in Florida. I guess it is easy to stay ahead in the polls when you don’t have to answer any questions. Probably plan A knowing the Democrats anyhow. Had no vision when Clinton ran for President and still no vision with Biden running. Oh I know continue Obama’s legacy. Yea , at least 5% unemployment , 18,000,000 people on food stamps and no job growth. Have at it Joe you should be able to sleep through that.