Equal Treatment By The Media

I know that many people don’t think the media is bias or favor one political party over another. Yet for almost 4 yeas now the media and most forms of media have ran with anything Trump. It hasn’t mattered whether it has been true or not they just run with it. I get it that President Trump is the President and he is the news. Yet you would think that former vice President Biden would be news and that the media would be curious about his policies and his family. This has been a very unusual political primary year and basically Biden was given the nomination without much of a fight.

The media has ran with everything President Trump has said or done for 4 years. If things he did were a positive thing they tried to make it look lest so. If it was negative they tried to make it worst case scenario. Even though the Mueller investigation turned up no collusion between President Trump and Russia they never threw in the towel when the collusion was reached. There was no apology or retraction on the stuff they printed or they said , not one word !! The House of Representatives passed articles of impeachment but the trial in the Senate vindicated the President. I suspect that was maybe a little tit for tat after the impeachment trial of President Clinton. I get it and both trials were wrong. Like I have said everything President Trump has done has been open game for the media. Some of us wouldn’t consider Tweeter Press or Facebook but it is. Anything bad that you want to say about President Trump on those media has been said true or not. But yet try to say anything about the Democrats or former Vice President Biden that is negative and they band you or won’t let it be posted. This isn’t just a Tweeter or Facebook problem but media wide problem. Fox News , Rush Limbaugh , Sean Hannity , NewsMax and a few others are the acceptation for reporting both sides. Some will say Rush Limbaugh isn’t fair but he doesn’t always a agree with the Republicans or Trump. When he doesn’t he speaks out and so does Sean Hannity.

For years the public has wondered why our government sends such large quantities of foreign aid to countries like the Ukraine. Sometimes it seems like the money we spend doesn’t do much good. Remember when it was found out about bank in the Senate or House of Representatives and how many members owe it money. It was like a slush fund that members could use and some used it and took advantage of it loose control. Now look at foreign aid as pay for play fund. You give the aid then attach a few invisible strings. I say invisible because if Mr. & Mrs. QC Public knew how it work there would be hell to pay, It’s called we give you a nice big chunk of foreign aid then you syphon some back to our members as a little thank you. You see when the persecutor in the Ukraine saw this and started to investigate Hunter Biden. His father Vice President Biden threaten to cut a Billion dollars of foreign aid if the persecutor wasn’t fired. Now that is on tape or video for everyone to see and it isn’t fake news or a lie. Yet if you mention Burmista on Tweeter and Hunter Biden receiving a huge payment for being on the board of that company even though he knew nothing about that business. They will Not let that tweet go through and band you. It doesn’t matter what lie you tell about President Trump or his family it all goes through and they don’t care about the facts. Why is that little pay for play fact so hard to believe or maybe it hits home because CNN , NBC , CBS . MSNBC , ABC , NEW YORK TIME , DES MOINES REGISTER and the rest of the liberal papers are play a little pay for play of their own. Why else is every lie about President Trump front page and thing negative about Biden or the Democrats back page or dropped altogether. If President Trump loses his bid for re-election it will squarely lay at the media’s feet and four years of constant hate and lies. For President Trump has kept more of his promises to voters than any President in our history. I challenge the media to prove that wrong.

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