A Question of Free Speech

We wear our Trump hat out or your Biden hat and some guy or gal starts yelling obesities at you. The next time you go out you leave it off. It may be away of you expressing support for your candidate or could be your grandson gave you the hat so you want to wear it. We all know people that are sports nuts who are always wearing a different team hat or shirt. Sometime we get them cheap and why not just wear a shirt to wear a shirt. Unless something vulgar is on it most people shouldn’t be afraid to wear a piece of clothing and be afraid of being harassed for wearing it. Free speech stops when you yell fire in a crowded theater or a stadium. It stops when you are on a plane and ask out loud what it be like to hijack the plane. We all know these things or we should. Yet it’s like getting stopped by a cop for speeding .We want to get out of the car and see why he stopped us. But that is the wrong way to handle it. You don’t have to be a minority to handle that situation wrong. You don’t even have to be young to handle it wrong. You just have to be in the wrong frame of mind or in a bad mood to jump out of your car without thinking of what might happen !!

Since the election of Donald Trump as President , we’ve had people like Maxine Waters say ” “Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up. And if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere. We’ve got to get the children connected to their parents,” Waters said at the Wilshire Federal Building. But citizen John Doe has taken this to a extremes and if you are wearing a Trump hat they’ll get in your face and ruin your meal experience. Free speech is a precious thing and here you have people in society that think you don’t have the right just to wear a hat or shirt to support your candidate.

What really burns me is that our colleges and high schools they have taken free speech away from students. You can’t sit their and openly have a discussion without getting yelled at or made fun of. You can’t invite a conservative speaker to speak without threats of violence against them. What has happen to being open minded and listening to someone different point of view on society. Are we so easily convince of something that we’ll change our minds because we listen to a different view point ? Perhaps it is the people that have beat you over the head day in and day out with that opposing view is afraid you might listen to something new. Why are our schools of higher learning so opposed of hearing the opposite of what they teach? Why are we raising kids to not listen to all sides of a argument? Aren’t we suppose to teach our children what is a yes and what is a no? What is right and what is wrong ? Isn’t that the reasons we should want our children to hear all sides on issues of the day? There is something wrong with teaching your child that Democrats or Republicans are always right. We may as well be communist or Nazi and not let any other view be expressed without the fear of death. Now it hasn’t got that bad on campuses yet I don’t think. But yet we have seen building torched and people beat up by just coming to campuses with a conservative point of view. That my friends is scary in America and it is wrong. We force no one to listen to anyone. It is like TV or radio you turn it off if you don’t agree. That or you listen and just leave and say they are crazies.

Even though I’m a Christian and I raise my child to be a Christian. If someday he or she decides to be Jewish or Muslim that is their right whether I think they are right or wrong . See our choice is ours and theirs is theirs. Right or wrong each person has a right to make up their mind and our opinion is just that a opinion. We aren’t hypnotist or indoctrinators but teachers who have opinions but also teach all sides of a subject. Perhaps that is the only fault I can see in sending a child to a Catholic school all the time. But if those schools were to have a required class that would teach about the different faiths of the world I’d approve.

It isn’t the schools responsibility to teach your child everything parent have the responsibility to teach what is right and wrong, What is acceptable and what is not acceptable. We aren’t quite drill instructors but our kids should know when you tell then to jump they should and it will be safe to jump.

I started out talking more political and I want to end on that note now. But the extreme at which our society has gone is wrong and just as wrong as hate speech. To tell people to go out and get in someone’s face just because you disagree with where they work or because of what they wear is wrong and hate speech. It is wrong and people should hold those people accountable either as a party or as voters.

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