Is The 2020 Election About How Well President Trump Handle Covid 19 ?

Does the last four years boil down to the nine months of President Trump’s Presidency ? I don’t believe it does even though some would like to make us think it does. I Think it should just as much a vote on how Congress has handle business for the last 4 years. I can’t say the House of Representative got absolutely nothing done but I can say the wasted a lot of valuable time trying to take President Trump out of office. I’m not sure how much time they wasted on the Mueller investigation or on impeaching President Trump but it was a waste of our taxpayers money and a distraction from real problems in our country. I would say we are deeply divide if we rely on the Democrats scenario that they are the majority and the Republicans are the minority. I really have very hard time believing that the majority of this country voters believe what the Democrats believe.

There are stark differences in what both parties stand for. It wasn’t always so much of a drastic difference between them. In some years past in the 50’s and 60’s you could almost vote for either side and come out with a reasonable government set up. Spin the clock forward to 2020 and you see a real divide between the two parties. Sometimes I know a lot of people wish we had a third or even a forth party in our system. It isn’t as if there isn’t just that the number candidates in them limits the power they’d have in Washington. We hear the complaint that not enough people want to get involved in government but yet they limit the basic thinking of new people to either Democrat or Republican ideology. There aren’t to many people who come to Washington that think out of those two boxes.

That is one thing Donald J. Trump has brought to Washington D.C. is a different way of thinking. Yes I get it that the Trump administration has blown the national debt as have most other administrations. Yet I do believe that the goal is to take those trillions of dollars spent on never ending wars in far off countries and spend them here on infrastructure. Which really isn’t a bad goal given the need for things like bridges and roads. It isn’t that we shouldn’t keep a sharp look out on terrorist or foreign government that want our demise sooner rather than later. But we are in parts of this world that don’t think like us, govern like us and haven’t had real peace since King Solomon. War and war and more war. People who don’t want peace unless they wipe everyone off the map that doesn’t think like them. We have tried to make head way in the Mideast but still evil still seems to sprout it’s ugly head. You pull out of a place and a year later the killing is back and the ugliness continues. So why waste our money on people who want to not only kill the Jewish people but their very own Muslim brothers of a different sec. Money that we have spent in the Mideast reminds me of the money we have spent on social welfare here. We have spent a lot of money in the trillions trying to cure poverty but it is still here and the dent we’ve made doesn’t seem to be very big. I don’t think it matters who is President because solving the hatred in that region isn’t going to happen without a complete change of attitudes and a willingness to bury the past and love your neighbor.

Covid 19 is just one piece of a puzzle in a country with many different divides. We do have problem with illegal immigration and two different opinions that a very far apart. I’m not going to say the Democrats want complete open borders but they want to use high technology to solve it and it’s true a lot of that will help. But the other side wants a physical wall and the use of high technology too. One side wants to defund the police or at least relocate money from officers to more training and better way of solving domestic violence.

This past 4 years has been 4 years of promises kept by President Trump. Moved the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem promise kept. Renegotiate NAFTH promise kept. Bring manufacturing back promise kept. Make NATO partners pay more to support NATO promise kept. Negotiated for better deal on keeping our troops in Korea and Japan and trade deals with both. He has negotiated for peace in Israel and got a couple countries to sign deal their. The border wall is going up and at the rate of 10 miles a week. He got a tax bill through Congress that give everyone one a tax cut. Some say the rich got a better deal. Well folks they pay in more than the rest of us. He is bringing our troops home from the Mideast because he recognizes the waste of our tax dollars their and the need to use our tax dollars here. How is it in times of peace we can’t spend 3 or 4 trillion dollars here on bridges and roads. Yet in war time or to help defend foreign country we have that amount and more to spend in foreign lands ? I could go on with this list but the promises President Trump made as a candidate he has kept and is still trying to keep. He has been more Pro-Life than any of our past Presidents and he continues that fight. He is has filled 300 judge vacancies and appointed two Supreme Court Judges and a third to come. The economy was on a roll with records being broke up until the Covid 19 crisis and he has help bring back with the stimulus money and if they open things up a lot more will come back.

So you see there is more to vote on than just the past nine months of Covid society and that can’t be blamed on President Trump. He has done his best to meet the demand for PPE , respirators and getting the scientist to develop a vaccine and drugs to treat Covid. Biden seems to think that President Trump hasn’t done that. But then he has been a sleep in Delaware or he can’t read or listen to what the President has said. Yes , I have read that Covid has killed more than the flu has in the last 5 years. But the flu we have a vaccine for and Covid 19 we don’t. Plus President Trump close off air travel between almost the entire world in order to slow the coming of Covid 19 and prepare our country’s first responders with PPE and supply lines. It has been pointed out that he just didn’t send massive supplies to the states but each state has to let there own fingers to the walking to bring in what they needed. New York City got a hospital ship to take the patients with out Covid 19 and I guess they didn’t listen because the sent Covid 19 patients to the ship anyhow.

At any rate this election isn’t just about Covid 19 but on who you trust to bring this economy back on track and get Covid 19 in the rear view mirror.

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