A Interesting Week

I’m not sure about you but this really has been a very interesting week in my world and hopefully yours too. The world just sometimes seems to be spinning its wheels. Progress on the Corona Virus seems to be at a little of a stand still. Perhaps it is because the numbers we get everyday tell us really nothing. They just seem meaningless because they don’t tell how many people are actually going to the hospitals. The urgency of bringing these numbers down are somehow lost in the way they are reported. We can see the numbers climbing yet does it mean that hospitalizations are climbing too. No one says so the Covid 19 numbers we see are just that numbers.

Corona Virus seems to be one of the main topics at the debate this week. The response to Covid 19 has generally been played pretty lousy. This shouldn’t be a political issue and it has become just that. Regardless which party you are in this has just been something more to get Trump on. It has to be a focus doing everything We can to defeat Covid 19 but Some people can do nothing but find fault in what is being done. The bad thing about the internet is the speed at which information travels. False claims and counter claims. It is where people can lie and no one seems to hold them accountable for those lies. Those lies have literally cost lives , businesses their livelihood and people jobs. We understand this is a political year better said as a Presidential election year but that being said which is more important lives of the citizens served or political parties ? This Covid 19 thing has been going on since mid February and it hit home for most of us about March 17th. Yes when our governors snapped their fingers and closed most non-essential businesses. A real sense of panic did take most of our breath away when the Corona Virus was described as a disease that had no effective drugs or vaccine to use against it or prevent it. A lot of us literally were stuck at home for over 2 months and we did understand and go a long with our elected officials. Yet with the partial openings and limits put on businesses nothing has even approach normal. This still leaves millions of people hurting with limited pay checks , limited hours of pay and millions looking for jobs or waiting to be called back to work. This isn’t a dream it is a reality and the government which imposed these restrictions and limits with good intentions are arguing on whether those of us who are hurting deserve further assistance. What don’t they understand people are out of work , hours are cut ,businesses volume is being limited and the number of people working can’t because of those limits. The state of emergency still exist because we aren’t back to normal and the government has the responsibility for the continued state of turmoil and hence they brought this on and they are the ones who should supply assistance to employers , employees , renter ,landlords and everyone else effected. Further need for stimulus and assistance is a understatement because it is government obligation or open this country up. We have bills to pay and families to feed. This is not partisan it is a time for unity and not trying to squeeze your political junk through on a bill aimed to aid the people you serve. See we understand even better now than we did last week that no one can be fully protected from Covid 19. With President Trump and the first lady being diagnosed with Covid 19 it speaks volumes to us. The time has come to face some facts for Congress we are still in a state of limbo and no solution has come forward to take this invisible Covid 19 out of our society and we need relief or orders to open our businesses up. It isn’t a time to get Trump for anything he has done or to pin that guilt to his chest. He did what he had to do. Didn’t he do the most drastic thing he could do by closing off airports , shipping and declaring this a emergency ? If I’m not clear enough this isn’t the American workers fault and we never asked to lose our jobs , our businesses or stiff our landlords or our banks . We need help and it should be on the governments back to provide help because they are the ones who have the power. Either that or let us take our chances and open things up full blown. A interesting week indeed with Covid 19 hitting a homer in the White House and the in fighting in Congress goes on and this isn’t a normal year. Call your Senators and representatives and tell them to do their jobs and help the people they serve !!

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