Why Are You Going To Vote For Joe Biden ?

I sure Joe Biden voter can let those reasons roll off their tongue. I really can only think of two personally if I was a Biden voter. One he is a Democrat and two is he isn’t Donald J. Trump. Somehow those two reasons are quite good enough for me to vote for him.

Let’s see Biden is a strong support of controlling out borders. Really he has only flipped on that 3 or 4 time. I guess he must support Pelosi and the open border crew now.

Maybe Biden is a strong supporter of our Police . I saw a campaign ad today and he spoke about being against violence and riots. But I wondered why it took him so long to call it wrong. In his little Delaware cave I guess he didn’t have a TV for a few months. Where was Biden as they rioted and burned private businesses in Minneapolis ? That is a very good question Joe wasn’t smoking mad but he could have been smoking something funny. Where has he been as businesses and Federal building where being destroyed and burned in Portland and Seattle ? Yes , his Democratic friends keep supporting Defund the Police and passing laws that tie police hands and he says nothing.

Well maybe good old Joe is going to be rough on terrorist. Yea the same guy who DIDN’T want to take out Bin Laden. I know if we are nice to all these guys that hate us in the world. They’ll like us someday. I guess we found out how that policy worked on 9/11/2001. I’m sure he has a plan to protect us from China and North Korea. Oh yea forgot we just open our markets to all their stuff while they suck our businesses in and steal out technology because that is all China has done. Fair to the Chinese is you wear the blindfolds we play with our eye wide open. Well as far as North Korea goes Biden like Obama just won’t talk to them or draw meaningless lines in the sand.

Let’s see Biden and NATO is easy to figure out. Just go back to paying the most and getting the least like before. After all why should the rich American taxpayers get a fair deal from those poor EU bunch.

Maybe United Nations will love us a little more if we go back to letting them poop on us and pee on us because we are the big imperialists’ of the world. That’s okay Obama and Joe like that for 8 years.

Maybe you can vote for old Joe Biden so Hollywood super stars won’t want to leave our country because they hate Trump who won’t kiss their butts.

Maybe you can vote for old Joe because he never lies. Other than plagiarizing speeches and telling us he never talked to Hunter about his dealing the Ukraine. We know they never said a word about Hunter’s business dealing in those hours of flying to Ukraine and China together. I know you believe they never even touch the subject of what Hunter was going to get paid and how much. Yes and Santa , the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are coming to give all Democrats a $1000. 00 each after the election.

Maybe you can vote for Joe Biden because he never changers his mind. He is just a Democrat first he is for strong borders and then he isn’t. Him and Obama putting kids in cages and the blaming Trump. Now it is back to open borders.

Maybe it is Joe Biden Covid 19 plan. You know all the things he said that Trump already did. Things Trump wanted to do but couldn’t because because he isn’t the dictator the Democrats claim he is. I know Joe wanted to keep those Chinese coming from Wuhan when President Trump shut the air ways down to their travel here. I know we heard Joe Biden crying about all the deaths and destruction Covid 19 might do as Pelosi tried to impeach Trump. Yea and we know President Trump never took Covid 19 serious because he did nothing. WRONG President Trump may have said we’d get through it and tried all those reassuring words but at the same time he organized experts , close traffic to the USA and got on his phone and burnt lines up for the production of PPE and ventilators. The hype was in the action not in the words. Words that scared the Americans people were UNKNOWN VIRUS WITH NO KNOW CURE COMING OUR WAY. Ask your neighbor if that wasn’t enough to scare most people in this country. Perhaps President Trump regretted closing things down but he like us and even the scientist didn’t know how to slow it down.

Well you might vote for old Joe Biden because he is strong on the environment. What’s he strong on taking our money and giving China a pass ? Next question is just how exactly are they going to do to control climate change ? It could be he want to close all our coal fired power plants and Nuclear plants and force electric cars on us all. I know just a Joe dream.

I think the question we should ask both President Trump is this. Mister President you stopped aid to the Ukraine because you want a clear picture on the end of corruption in Ukraine’s political system is that right ? Is that Quid quo Pro ? Mister Biden you wanted the prosecutor in the Ukraine fired before they got a billion deal with our government Why and what for ? What was he doing so wrong that he needed to be fired ? Little follow up didn’t your son Hunter get a job as board member of a Ukraine Petroleum company for a $1,000,000.00 salary right after this Persecutor got fired ? Was the the Quid quo pro ?

That you see my friends should end the debate and see if they both lie or not.

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