What Questions The Media Should Ask Both Presidential Candidates

There are a lot of questions that the media is dying to ask President Trump that they should ask Biden too. Recently I had a friend tell that President Trump is hypocritical. He says that all the campaign stuff is made in China. I have no doubt that is true and to ask President Trump why would be a fair question. To ask Sleep Joe the same question is fair too. Some of President Trump’s biggest supporter are in his family and I have no doubt payed to run parts of his campaign. Fair question would be how much are they payed ? Same would go for Sleep Joe’s family. President Trump you have been able to bring back a lot of manufacturing why wasn’t President Obama able to do the same ? Sleep Joe Biden why couldn’t your 8 years in the White House produce anymore manufacturing jobs ? President Trump you have had great success at making the Petroleum industry a key to job growth in your 4 years. What have you done that the previous administration didn’t do and why ? Why Sleepy Joe wasn’t Obama and you capable of doing the same thing ? President Trump it seems to be fair game to investigate anything related to you or your family. Joe Biden why isn’t it fair to put you and your family through the same kind of investigation ? President Trump in the giving of foreign aid you held it up to the Ukraine for what reason ? Sleep Joe Biden you threatened to cut a billion dollars from foreign aid to Ukraine unless a certain persecutor was fired. Why did you want him fired and what was he investigating that unset you ? There has been claims in the media President Trump that you are profiting from you time in office are you ? Sleep Joe Biden in your family there are claims that they have received contracts for things even though they had no experience in those industries isn’t that true ?

It is questions like these that deserve to be answered and rightfully so since they have been in the news for the past 4 years. There is the question of fairness of the press and whether it is bias in it’s coverage of both sides in this election year. When the public can see actual burning building in news coverage and the media is saying that it is peaceful protest. Something is wrong. When the media can’t get the facts straight on how a arrest went down and it causes riots it should be investigated. Sometime when a airline has a disaster and the number of people killed get reported are different on different networks. Those are easy mistakes to make and explain. But when a police go to arrest someone in a house and they are shot at first and then they return fire and a innocent person is killed it isn’t the police at fault. But if a news network says that the police just started firing their weapons first. Then you have riots in the streets. And reporting like that is wrong as it would be to yell fire in a theater.

We are in a day were people want instant justice and instant solution to problems. We see reporters taking side and not reporting the news correctly. When you have a group of people of either left political persuasion or the right political persuasion An they come at each other with clubs and things. Which side is right ? One has a permit to march the other doesn’t. But when the fist start flying and people get hurt who’s fault is it ? President Trump didn’t take sides he basically said they were both wrong. He said it was a horrible thing he saw and he never judge one or the other. I guess he is like me it takes two to tangle and if one group or the other would have just gone home or protested later it would not have happened. But in this case people were looking for a fight and they found it. Leadership sometimes isn’t always the wisest when tempers are high. Nothing is solved by beating police or trashing businesses. If people aren’t willing to sit down and discuss problems in communities then they are part of the problem not the solution. That goes for city leaders if they aren’t willing to discuss peoples concerns and work toward reasonable answers then they are the problem and not the solution. No one is perfect and governments aren’t either.

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