The Six Things That Hold The Trump Voters Together

Recently a friend of mine said I follow President Trump like a God. What he was saying is that the people who vote for Trump and go to his rallies think he is always right. I really don’t believe that to be the case. President Trump is still just a man. He makes mistakes , he miss speaks and isn’t always right. He takes chances on things and sometime raises eye brows on his most stanch supporters. But yet he is always thinking of the promises he made to the people that voted for him. His personal life he has made many mistakes in and you can’t be married 3 times and say you haven’t made mistakes. I’m not sure who was at fault in his two failed marriages but that is his business. We see President Trump’s faults but we aren’t going to drink the killing Kool-Aid and walk off a cliff to follow some wild scheme. And we support him because his issues are OUR ISSUES.

First of all we support American jobs. For years jobs have been shipped overseas a long with the plants and machinery to build the same products then shipped back here to sell to us. They use cheaper labor and yet the products come back here at the same prices or higher ones. President Trump has listened and has work to even the playing field. Yes , there still is China made products here but nothing is going to change completely over night. He has worked with success on our trade deals and give us more markets and more open markets for our goods.

Second President Trump has worked from his very first moment in office on illegal immigration and securing our borders. His administration continues this fight everyday. There isn’t much else to be said on this issue except this isn’t even on the table on the Democrat side. Even though this illegal immigration hurts the supposed people they say they want to protect their jobs.

Third President Trump has made every effort to increase our support for our Arm Services in Defense spending and increase pay. We know that planes and ships can’t be produced over night and the time line of the stuff getting to our troops aren’t overnight shipping. But he and his administration has increase spending on defense and made it a priority.

Four President Trump has supported reform in the Veterans Administration and we can see the reforms at work in our communities. Yes further work needs to be done. He knows as well as we do.

Five President Trump supports the Right To Life and protecting the unborn is a major reason he has our support. Whether he was always prolife or not doesn’t matter to us but he is now and is all that matters. We have heard all the innuendo about President Trump’s past life but I guess like the Clinton forgivers we are willing to forgive him.

Sixth President Trump has appointed hundreds of judges who believe in our Constitution and Supreme Court Judges who he believes do the same.

So you see the pro Trump people don’t worship the ground President Trump walks on. We don’t cheer just because we think Hillary has gotten a pass on justice. We don’t cheer because we don’t agree with Sleepy Joe Biden or the Socialist Democrats who support Sleepy. We don’t cheer just because we think America is Great or that our flag should be respected like he says. We don’t cheer because he doesn’t support the kneeling as the American Anthem is played. We don’t believe he hates Democrats or anyone because he took a oath to serve us all. But you can’t please all no matter how hard you try as President or even in your own life. He is working to make this county better for all.

You can say I brushed a side Covid 19 and education and other things that are all very important . Yet I believe if President Trump deserts any of those sixth things above he would lose his base and more than that really. But that the Democrats can figure out themselves.

President Trump believe that God has blessed America and has made this a very special place in His world that He created and he believes like we believe we can’t desert God or this nation is doomed.

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