Who Hyped The Corona Virus ?

In the last couple of weeks or maybe just since Bob Woodward book came out that question is being kicked around quite a bit. President Trump did play it very cool. I think as a leader of a great nation he needed to project calm and no need to panic. If you have ever been in a fire or any of those crisis situations. You’d notice that the good leaders would encourage calm and non-panic. Panic kills people it wipes out supplies and causes hording. It gets people trampled and traps people in fires. In the case of Covid 19 someone definitely got the message out that it’s a serious disease with no cure or vaccine. Saying that is enough to put panic in peoples minds. Yes at first President Trump told people it was something like the flu virus but more serious.

We were told about the Spanish Flu of 1918 and we saw pictures of big building with beds from one end to the other. We were told about the number of people that died because of the unknown nature of the virus and no real treatment for it. Then the media wonders why people panic. So we ask who hyped Covid 19 ? From the President shutting down travel to and from China , Asia , EU and UK. Then it just kept on spreading from continent to continent. See you could point the finger at President Trump but you’d have to remember he got criticized for trying to over step his powers as President. So the governors stepped into shut businesses down and I think that is when the shelves got wiped out in stores. I’ve never seen and I know most of us have never seen businesses shut down so fast . It was like a snap of your fingers from our governors and businesses closed to keep Covid 19 in check and not completely delete our supply of PPE. We were thinking of our front line people and the unknown ways of the spread of Covid 19. The media is responsible for the hype of Covid 19 effecting the minority communities more than white people. Why they played this race card I don’t get why but they did it. So did President Trump down play the seriousness of Covid 19 a yes and a no I believe. He definitely had our attention everyday for weeks on end. But the CDC and his team of people kept us well informed and the media and Democrats played their usual everything is Trump’s fault card. A never ending sh– in the fan and see where it hits and most of it rolled right off President Trump because he was doing everything he could to move Uncle Sam to supply PPE and getting companies working on treatments , faster test and treatments until a vaccine is developed.

So here we sit pointing fingers at one another about a disease that year ago no one knew nothing about. On thing is true though we still haven’t a magic bullet to treat Covid 19 or a vaccine. Yet many of us believe our government has put all its power into coming up with a vaccine and a effective treatment. Progress on all fronts are being made and we in America know that through our faith in God we will end this nightmare for us and the world.

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