How Time Flies Even When You Have No Fun !

I know to my Democrat friends it must seem like it has been a long 4 years with President Trump in office . Yet here we sit at September 14, 2020 and the Presidential election is approaching at lighting speed. How many lies is the Donald at ? How much more can we throw into the fan. To let it stick on the wall or boomerang back to hit you in the face. How much more can Donald Trump take ? What can we dig up to continue to destroy President Trump ? How can we shake his base up ? How can we build old Sleepy Joe up and make people vote for someone who can’t read a tell-a-propter ? How can we hide babbling Sleepy Joe Biden the perfect candidate that never lies ? How long can we keep old Sleepy Joe Biden away from the hard questions President Trump has been answering for 4 years ? I know all those lies about our job loses to China and the Covid 19 coming from China . Those lies about unemployment before Covid 19 or his lies about closing travel to China while the Democrats were wasting time trying to impeach him. All those lies about trying to get our NATO partners to pick up a fairer share of defending their own borders. Maybe it his lie about telling the UN to stick it because they can’t make the other countries pay their fair share to preserve peace. How about his lie about protecting those that are most vulnerable the unborn. How about his lie about making America First ? Maybe it’s those peaceful protest He says aren’t peaceful as he watches police get beat and building burn ? Maybe you can tell us about all his promises he HASN’T kept. Maybe you can tell us about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok their fair and unbias way they conducted themselves as they investigated President Trump. Maybe you can tell us how President Trump didn’t call for the end of the violence and riots in Minneapolis and Kenosha. While Sleepy babbling Joe Biden hide in his whole in Delaware and said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING UNTIL AFTER THE DEMOCRAT CONVENTION. Maybe you can tell us again about Sleepy Joe Biden’s plan to fix the economy a exact copy of President Trump’s. Oh yea but President Trump lies when he put his plan into action. Maybe you can tell us how unfair the 2017 tax bill was even though ALL of US got some kind of a break. Maybe you can tell us how those greedy business people that provide jobs for millions and how you are going to make them pay their fare share to drive them to foreign countries. You can tell us how Sleepy Joe Biden is going to attack Covid 19 differently and wave his magic wand to make it vanish. So far Sleep Joe Biden hasn’t proposed anything President Trump hasn’t. He says a national plan but he forgets like President Trump did , he can’t say jump and have all the states jump.

Yes time flies and the lies of the Democrats keep coming. For almost 4 years of hate has run off President Trump like water off a greased pan. Oh yes Pelosi passed her bills in the House in which she knew were dead in the water in the Senate. Yet I have to say when the Democrats controlled the Senate and Republicans controlled the House it was much the same way. So tit for tat I get it. See but we understand as citizens that there are great differences in philosophies and why pass something you don’t agree with. Well my friends as we continue to read how awful President Trump is and how he is so far behind Sleepy Joe Biden in the polls. Let us remember that a Democrats believe in free speech , riots , burning businesses and only saying something against it when it hurts them in the polls. They believe in killing the unborn and protecting only themselves. They believe in flipping sides on any issue that will keep money in their pockets and it doesn’t matter if it is good for anyone else but them. Remember they support away out of the ghettos unless it gives you a choice on where to send your kid to school. After all those teacher unions and the dollars they give to the Democrats are far more important than our kids. But remember President Trump is a racist because he wants your kids to go to the school of YOUR CHOICE !! I could go on for a few pages but if you are Democrat I’ve already pissed you off enough for today. Keep your lies coming President Trump appreciates the help to re-elect him and so do I !!!!

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