A Day That I Can’t Forget

Nineteen years ago at about 10:30 I stood in shock as I watched a second jet hit the second tower of the World Trade Center. I had been working on repairing a food machine at Guardian Glass in DeWitt, Iowa. I was working on it when someone pointed out the special broadcast going on and the first Tower of the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane. Of course you have a job to do and you just can’t stop your job to watch even a breaking story on TV. I remember finishing my repair job and then taking my lunch break. Everyone was speculating on what hit the first tower and whether it was a accident or not. But watching that second plane hit the other tower we knew it wasn’t a accident.

A lot of things go through your mind as you see something like that. Being thousands of miles away from the scene it isn’t nearly horrific as it would be on site. Yet even just watching you had to wonder what our nations reaction was going to be like. The shock , anger and the cry for justice came out immediately. Most of us didn’t even realize there were two more planes had hit a places in Pennsylvania and The Pentagon. It’s like a burning ember that won’t go out in my mind. I know for some it sparked a hatred for the Muslims after we found out who was responsible. It never triggered that kind of reaction in me but quest to bring the masterminds of that attack to justice was in my heart. To remove from society those that would do such things and take innocent lives for evil reasons. It brought a unity to this country and the world for a while. It didn’t last long because you had the media pundits trying to say we were at fault and somehow brought it on ourselves. Our nation has gone to great lengths and expense to bring those responsible for 9/11/2001 to justice but nothing can change or bring back loved ones lost that day or the days since. Acts of terrorism continue even to this day and I doubt they will ever stop. We do not hate these people that cause terror but we seek to end their terror. My God says that I should love everyone even those that hate me. He doesn’t say we shouldn’t seek peace by bringing them that cause terror to justice. That isn’t hate to do that but it is the rule of law. We operate in a civil world with laws of order. But even if our enemies are starving we feed them and aid them in disasters. We seek peace even when peace seems impossible. We turn our other cheek and take another slap. It isn’t that we don’t want to hit back but we know that hitting someone back gives them the satisfaction they seek to justify their anger.

Even though we seek peace it doesn’t mean we turn our backs on the people hurt by terrorism. Terrorism has no place in society and cowards that perform those acts upon innocent civilians will never live in peace and not a hole in this world is deep enough to keep us from finding them and bringing them to justice. 9/11/2001 will not be forgot and even as our government pulls our soldiers out of harms way. It doesn’t mean we have forgotten or vigilance is any less. We seek peace but we know evil never takes a break and we know it. If you do this in a name of god it isn’t in the name of our God who create all of us out of love and commands us to love all. We seek peace with a strength of a God who knows justice isn’t hate but a act of civilized world to bring Peace !!

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