The Campaigns Finally Begin

Up until the conventions ended folks they have both kind a been playing political games with each other. Now you find out who is going fish or cut bait. Now the polls begin to show if you are messed up or not. Take a look at the chief flipper himself Sleepy Joe Biden. After almost 100 days of riots, looting and destroying cities Biden finally comes out of his hole to condemn the riots , violence and looting. Let’s see he has know that he is going to be the Democrat Presidential candidate for President but couldn’t say nothing about the riots until after the convention. Something about the flippers in the Democrat Party. You can trace the records of all the major leaders in the Democrat Party and you’ll find they all support most the things President Trump has said about immigration. In fact in some cases you get the feeling that Trump plagiarized some of their speeches. They are like a bunch of old men and women with 10 kids. They start out with all theses high principle and strict rules for their kids. An that is good for the first 4 or 5 kids but you know the older you get the more tired you get and let a few rules and strictness slide some. By the 10th kid you have given up 90% of them. That is how the Democrats operate. Anything that can get them votes to stay in power or they think is popular enough to give them a edge. But the most important element is MONEY !!!!

In criminals cases you’ll hear the detectives say follow the money. In politics in the modern age and maybe not even just in the modern ages POWER IS MONEY ! Control of the money being used by the government and control of the money that runs your party. You have to say and do the right things and if it means your whole Party becomes a flipper so be it. Don’t believe me look at one issue. Immigration used to be less partisan and both parties weren’t that far apart. But now there is the great divide between them. They aren’t close even in non election years. Money from somewhere is supporting the drastic push this fools folly of open borders and unlimited immigration. What you are going to hear from the these very same people. Is going to be this modifying of their position s just for votes. After all you can’t control the money unless you are in power. They might say things like you know we don’t want to completely open the borders. We’ll use all sorts of technology to control it. Pack of lies they won’t enforce if they win !

We have about 60 days until our votes are cast. It’s time for all the real dirty tricks to start but since the media , most magazines , papers , late night TV has already shown that they are firmly in the Democrats pockets we can count their lies and propaganda as the norm. The lies will just get more wild and more evil from here on out. It is almost better to tune them out. They will say everything and anything to say Trump is going to lose and Joe Biden is the answer to our future. This really isn’t unusual because every four years the Democrat use the same lie book. They always say the Republican candidate are going to take grandmas Social Security and Medicare away. Somehow that they hate gays and going to put the blacks back in chains. I could go on for a page or more but why you know the lies. I suppose there are lies on the Republican side , such as the Democrats are going to take our guns away and do away of the Second Amendment. But in some states this has been tried and laws have been pass that weren’t allow to go in to effect because the courts shot them down. Oh well the lies are going to get worst before anything gets better.

Just remember one thing modern day elections are more about the money and power than you or me. It might not be so in some ways if there were term limits. Without term limits you have people serving in Congress with 20 or 30 years under their belts. It is more like a JOB than a representation of constituents. You wonder how districts in Baltimore get so run down. Its because people keep electing the same people who don’t really serve them and because voters aren’t holding them accountable. We limit the terms on the President because it gives him or her to much power. But Congress which controls the power to tax and spend we don’t. Makes no sense at all and we can’t limit their terms without a Amendment to the Constitution or them passing a law to cut their own throats. Congress wasn’t set up to be the way it is but leave it to man to manipulate things for their greed for Power and Money. This should be a time to hold people accountable in our states and Washington but will it be that way? Soon find out !!

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