Who Are The Real Fear Mongers ?

I keep on reading that President Trump is spreading Fear. Perhaps he is just stating fact and differences between him and his administration and a Biden administration to come. . We go from tax cuts to tax increases. From a wall on our Southern border to none. From non-amnesty to amnesty of 11,000,000 illegal’s. From closed borders to open borders. From a administration that doesn’t believe global warming can be controlled to one that will think it can. From administration that believes American know better what is for them to one that thinks American don’ know how to use their own money. From a administration that thinks we have been short change by our trading partners to ones that thinks we somehow are better off paying more than our fare share in the UN and NATO. From one which thinks it wrong to give a foreign aid to a country and then turn around and let son’s and daughters accept jobs from companies in those foreign countries for outrages salaries with no experience. From a administration that thinks we are getting the short end of a stick from China to one that thinks its OKAY. From one that took 8 years to get a economy back on track to 4.7%. To one that took less than 3 yrs. to get the best employment numbers in 50 years. From a administration that thinks violence’s is wrong from the start to one that thinks you can sit back and say nothing for 100 somedays then blame your opponent. Who has already condemned it and offered help to end it. I could go on a fill this page with all the differences and change Sleepy Joe and his administration would attempt to make. These aren’t really fears if you ask me. Just stated facts that sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will push. Yes they are scary if you are on the Trump side.

The media keeps on throwing things out there like President Trump wouldn’t willingly leave the White House if he loses the election. Somehow he is the most dangerous person in the White House because he does what ? Haven’t really figured that one out yet. He is trying to draw down on troops in Afghanistan and the rest of the middle east. Perhaps it is because he supports Bill Barr and his pursuit of justice in the Mueller investigation. Maybe because he has appointed Constitutionalist as judges and not people who make their own wild judgements. There are so many things that the media dislikes about Trump that it is hard to know what they do like about him at all.

Well we all ready know what President Trump has planned for the next 4 years and isn’t about raising taxes. Yet we will hear all sorts of wild things from Sleepy Joe Biden. Most won’t be coherent then he is sleepy. They have tried everything they can to bring him down. They keep throwing their lies at him. Today I see they said when he went to the hospital it was for little strokes. That should be good for a few days or a week. Mean while President Trump will continue to throw ice water on all their BS. The real fear mongers are the media and their co-conspirators the Democrat Party. The Hollywood Elite will just keep throwing foul language stupid things at him and lying about leaving America if Trump wins again. Now I see the media and Democrats are blaming all the violence and riots on Trump. It’s all about blaming him for every bad thing that happens. Been that way since day one of his Presidency. That has been plan A and Pelosi said it right after he took office. Something they have not looked at very closely. The voters that voted for him are former plant workers that past President’s flipped off , mine worker , clothing manufactures workers . union workers who had jobs shipped overseas and people who had promises made to them and not kept. Media keep your hate and lies going and Democrats keep telling us how much of a racist Donald J. Trump is and remember you are the one who support killing mostly minority children in Planned Parenthood Centers across this great nation. That isn’t fear my friends Plain Fact. See Hate is a very strong word. God says if you Hate your brother or sister you can’t love Him and He doesn’t know you. From my point of view we don’t hate anyone no matter what they have done. I’ll feed you or cloth you and help you in anyway I can. But it won’t mean that I agree with you and you don’t have to pay the price for your transgression. That is fine and if you feel the same way about me , no problem in book I get it. Because if you are in American we win some and lose some but we are Americans in the land of the Free !!!

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