A Thing Called Respect

I’ve listened to the media for the pasted 3 yrs. and 9 months and they keep saying President Trump doesn’t respect them. That they aren’t fake news and are journalist. Yet you’ll see a reporter on the streets of Portland with burning building and a person shot. And they will be saying that it is basically peaceful protest. Really !!!!!! That makes no sense. You’ll see Joe Biden crawl out of his hole in Delaware and come out and say that he is against the violence and rioting. After for over 60 days of it he finally says something and has the gall to ask President Trump to demand a end to it too. Really Sleep Joe have you had your TV off for the past 60 some days? President Trump has condemn it over and over again. But no the media will not defend President Trump but join in on Sleep Joe’s band wagon and say Trump is a racist and he is the cause of the violence. They want respect but won’t give any respect at all not even when Trump is right. The fact is the media has been as complacent as the Democrats and Sleepy Joe Biden and not demanding or given a damn about the violent protest and police maiming , looting and out right law breaking. The media and Sleepy Joe in particular only come out of his hole to say anything once it hurts them in the polls after the Republican convention. I dare anyone in the media to find anything said about the riots in any city or the looting at the Democrat Convention. Yes plenty said about George Floyd but nothing said about the innocent business owners that lost their lively hood and building to rioters (criminals). Let’s see who side are you on rioters , looters or law abiding citizens ?

This is no surprise to common sense people in this country. The media wants respect and they side with the law breakers and violence mayhem almost every time. On immigration , sanctuary cities , poop in the streets and killings of hundreds in Chicago , Baltimore , New York City , Detroit or any other Democrat city the media they are inept. They are absent on doing their jobs. The media has sat back even more so in the last 3years plus on purpose to try to blame President Trump for the violence. The media has dealt out it’s hate for President Trump on a daily bases and call him every bad name I can think of and only reason they don’t use cuss words are the laws of broadcasting. It surprises me they haven’t broken those because they don’t respect other laws. I haven’t paid attention to President Trump’s tweets today but I can imagine he is coming down on Sleep Joe pretty hard on his call for stopping the violence. It won’t be because he doesn’t want the violence to end but because Sleepy Joe hasn’t had the guts to say anything about it since the day it started until now. Yea not one word about in his acceptance speech and not a word until he was called out of his hole by the Republicans. Oh Sleepy Joe you can hide somethings in a you hole in Delaware but you can’t hide saying nothing about it for 60 days without the help of the fake news ,who are as guilty as YOU Sleepy Joe Biden!!!!!!!!! .

From day one of President Trump’s administration the media has given no respect to President Trump and in fact they have gone right a long with the Democrats and their destroy Trump theme everyday and all the way. But President Trump hasn’t cowered back in a hole and not said a thing. Yes he has come out in a fire storm of his tweets and walked out of press conferences when stupid question or degrading ones were asked. He has called for the violence to end and to let law officers do their jobs. But the media and Democrats blame the violence on the police and city council and Mayors tie their hand and let the violence rain. The gall is they let the Democrat politicians come on their shows and say stupid things like President Trump owns this violence and blame him for Covid 19. In the last campaign then candidate Trump went to a minority place in I think Wisconsin and he said to those people after pointing out the disparity of the continuing situation they have been in. He said ” why not vote for me and give it a chance. What do you have to lose ? ” That did not just resonate with that minority crowd but also with people that have been left behind because of unfair trade deal , closing plant moving overseas with no one blinking a eye and same things being shipped back to us to buy at the same price, That still resonates today but President Trump has made the priority of getting companies to build here and to employ here. My Democrat friends will point out that some people still need two jobs to survive but the same person couldn’t find a second job during the Obama era.

In any other administration the First Lady would have been on covers of every national magazine and on the Today Show or Good morning America. Oh no but with President Trump we can’t show that respect of our First Lady because she is Trump’s wife. President Trump has to kiss the media’s ass and say they are right that they aren’t fake news. Well bull poop while the media has been complacent and sat back and watch our jobs , cities , schools and government go to hell in a hand basket. Then complain when someone finally takes the bull by the horns and throughs him to ground and says enough and you say he sucks and is a liar, cheat, adulterer, Hitler , Russian lover and everything else. Maybe he waited to long to come forward but either Trump did or we were screwed.

While I’m on this subject of respect there is someone else we have all turned our backs on. We have turn our backs on God and let our liberal judges remove Him from school , public building , meeting and basically our daily lives. The Jewish people at one time had no king and God guided them through thick and thin. They never lost a battle unless they failed in the way God told them to run it. But they insisted on having their own King and said God Okay. They had their own King’s. Some good and some bad but mostly bad until Israel was no more. Carried off to Babylon and in slaved again. Eventually they did return but never to the power they were, But God never forgot them and today protects them still. He doesn’t protect them because they believe in Jesus because they don’t. He protects them because He made a promise to them He wouldn’t desert them. He has kept us the American people safe because we have founded our nation under the pledge of God We Trust. Deserting that trust and turning our nation to the acceptance of all the immoral thing of the rest of the world. Will cost us the peace we have , the unity we have and our basic peace in our society. Time to stop the slippery slide is now for us and our children’s future. Are we to late who knows but by not standing up and saying violence is wrong , police brutality is wrong , not respecting our President is wrong. And the Number One not Respecting God who has protected for over 200 years now is the biggest wrong !!

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