What Happen if the Democrats Lose On November 3rd ?

I sit here listening to President Trump make his Republican Party acceptance speech. I see the wheels turning in the Democrats heads. I can hear them yelling liar at their TV screens. I know the next 2 months are just going to be a repeat of everyday like it has been for the last 3years and 10 months. They are going to call President Trump and even those who vote for him every bad name you can think of plus a few you can’t.

Putting that aside because we all know that is exactly what is going to happen. Just what happens if the Democrats lose the White House again and the House. I for one don’t think that the Democrats are going to crawl back into a hole to lick their wounds. Oh they will retreat some and ask where did we go wrong ? All a long and even for the last 3 years and 8 months , they have claim to be in the majority in America. For many years the Democrats were able to block laws to change segregation in schools and society. But after it was passed in 1966 the Democrats decided they would be the champions of civil rights. Even though they were the ones to filibuster bills to change segregation. They decide it was a losing issue and they had more to gain being the so called champions of civil rights. Is that what American voters will see if the Democrats lose the White House again and the House. Will they change their stripes and become advocates of immigration control and vote for School choice? The question is will they do some kind a rope a dope thing to save face. Many times in politics we have seen people like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan get beat in elections or runs up to elections and come back to be the winners and President. Both those men were written off at least according the liberal media future candidates for President. The Democrats aren’t ones to say they are wrong even when they are caught red handed. Look at the Mueller hearings even after the final report came forward they never admitted it was over. They make a big deal out of three or four people being found guilty of lying to Congress. You think it was a guilty verdict for murder. I think they will try to paint a different picture of climate change and find someone a little more articulate than Joe Biden to run the next time. May soften their stands and try to regain support of the Police Unions. The problem they have had this time is you can’t hide the riots and lootings and call them just peaceful protest. Because we’d have to be more than blind to see the riots as any different than riots

Well will the cat change it stripes or just continue to shows how they are the only ones that care about America and continue to advertise a free lunch for all. We all like free but we know our mom’s and dad’s have told us nothing is free in life. Someone pays ! When it sounds to good to be true it just probably isn’t true. We do have to remember that schools are basically controlled by liberals. Where you think that open minds and diverse opinions would be taught. They really aren’t. It’s all about bullying in grade school and high school. But when you get to college it’s all about agreeing with their liberal views or your grades are toast and you are a outcast. A place where you’d think they would encourage difference of opinion. But can’t even let a conservative speaker on to campus to give a speech. If they do let them on to campus. They are harassed and yelled at and forced to cut their speech short.

We will see what happens after the elections. A lot of things President Trump has done has put a tight squeeze on some people. Even with the future of electric cars ,trucks and planes looking better. The trusted old GTO still sounds better than being stuck with no way to charge your car , truck or plane.

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