The Democrat Employment Plan

I don’t usually write two blogs in a day but this spark of genius struck me as I was walking my dog Maggie. See I don’t believe they really have any plan to bring jobs back from China or anyplace else. The thing that has scared the Democrats is the regulations and red tape that President Trump and the Republicans would cut. And that is exactly what has happen in the 3 years and 8 months President Trump has been in office.

There is another impact this has had. It has lowered the numbers of people enforcing the tangled regulations and red tape in government. You see the red tap and regulation makes it harder to get things done but more importantly to the Democrats it keeps people employed and drags out projects longer. That is very big money in D.C. . These regulations aren’t all pasted by Congress as Law. These regulation come out of committees and they make it difficult to get things done but employ more people to enforce them. See the Democrat employment plan is to bring back the red tape and regulation. More so it is to bring government down even hard on the American business community and on states. You will see the numbers of people employed with Old Joe as President because he likes government building better than the private sector. He likes giving foreign aid to countries because that can feed his friends or family like Hunter Biden. That seem a little harsh but prove me wrong. Why would you hire someone that doesn’t know one thing about the Petroleum industry. If you really think this is a rare thing that has happen over the last 40 yrs or more you are blind. If anything this revelation about Hunter Biden should be a eye opener. A $1,000.000 to sit on a board of directors when you know nothing about the business. REALLY !! Yea really do we want to continue this pay forward for foreign aid. It might bring money back but it does little help you or me.

When you get Sleep Joe Biden he might work hard to rebuild the service sector and the minimum wage. He’ll brag about increasing the food stamp program and numbers in government housing. Hope and change will be Old Sleep Joe’s every day policy and but it will just reverse the growth in the last four years. The employment plan the Democrats have will benefit them and that is a sure bet. I realize I have to love Joe Biden and that is commanded by God. But God doesn’t say I have to agree with him or the Democrat policies that just encourages more government and more of big brother in my life. He will help Plan Parent grow and take more innocent lives of those that can’t speak for themselves. That’s Biden’s plan to limit new employee’s in the future. Joe Biden’s plan is to regrow the Swamp and make it harder to get things done. The regulations and red tape not only helps the number of government employees grow in Washington D.C. but it helps state governments, city governments grow in the numbers it takes to deal with this red tape and regulations. Because you need people to figure out your way through this jungle of rules and regulations. Joe Biden has had a good teachers over the years on how to make a recovery grow at a snails pace. He has had a teacher that said unemployment would never get below 5% and manufacturing jobs would never return. Well of course they won’t if you don’t try or give business enough incentive to return.

So here you see is Joe Biden’s plan to employ more American’s and continue the growth of the Swamp.

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