The Big Lies We Hear Every Day

Are you tired of watching riots and looting in cities being called just protest ? Are you tired of being told that President Trump won’t give up the Presidency if he loses in 2020 ? Are you tired of being told that you are in the minority because you don’t approve of all the left thinking ? Are you tired of being told the you are racist because you voted for President Trump ? Are you tired of being told the Social Security and Medicare are going to be ended because President Trump is in office ? Are you tired of being told President Trump hasn’t done anything but play golf for 3 yrs plus ? There are so many lies being told about President Trump and so many lies being told about the 47 years of Joe Biden in D.C. .

From the moment Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower the Democrat Party has been on Red Alert and I literally mean Red Alert. You see the Democrats already knew how President Trump stood on many issues. See they knew how he stood on Welfare and Food Stamps , War in Iraq and most the other issues. See there fear was and still is that Trump would appeal to the everyday person on the street. They were afraid he’d appeal to the union members and make them think of really who has done the most damage to the unions in America. Their biggest fear was realized in Trump’s rallies across this country and win after win in the primaries. Then Trump wins the nomination and the Democrats are in a panic. He goes to the heart of the blue states and draws stadiums full of people. Just before election night he goes to Wisconsin and draws a stadium full of people on barely a couple days planning. You listen to the news media you’d have thought that these crowds came out just to see a TV celebrity but just a big lie.

Now we have had 3 yrs. plus with President Trump in office and media is in Double Red Alert. They say Trump has done nothing and everything is about Trump. Well you see they want to skip over a few facts. President Trump made some promises as candidate Trump. He said he was going to move the Embassy In Israel to Jerusalem. Promise Kept ! He promise to pass tax reform. Promise Kept ! He said he’ d appoint Conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Promise Kept ! He promised to cut red tape in D.C. for small businesses and big to like the Iron mines in Minnesota ! Promise Kept ! He said he’d get a Wall on our Southern Border. And even though the Democrats have fought him at every turn that Wall is going up. Promise Kept ! He has promised immigration reform and He has done his best to do that while fighting opposition in Congress. He promised to drain the Swamp but we have seen how deep the Swamp is entrenched in Congress and the workings of our government. He has fought to reform the VA system to speed up treatment of our vets. Now vets can see a doctor outside the system if a appointment can be made in reasonable time or they live to far from a VA Center. Promise Kept.

This my friends was the biggest fear of the Democrats had that Trump would run for office get elected and actually keep his promises. He has done that and he has reach out to bring reform to prisons and faith based groups. He has been advocate for the unborn and probably more prolife than any previous President. He has had more press conferences than any previous President. A lot of those are done on his way out of the White House for other functions. We all know that police aren’t perfect and they do things wrong sometime but the systems isn’t perfect but our President supports the police and a calls for law and order even in cites where he lost in 2016.

I think the biggest lie the media tell is that they aren’t bias and only report the news. See when you can see for yourself and hear for yourself what the President says and does. Then you hear the media say he did just the opposite or nothing at all. Then you know they are bias. Sometimes you wonder whether they are Americans or not.

We’ve had 3 yrs plus of President Trump bashing none stop everyday and all the way 24/7 on some channels. But President Trump has been like a good old Timex. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The media thinks that John Doe Public and Jane Doe Public are stupid and haven’t seen or heard the lies they have produce and said. They want us to believe that all the chaos in Washington and in the press has been caused by the President. We know the lies will continue because they have no plan to make our lives better and no plans to change anything that would limit the death gripe of the Swamp. The Swamp is not going to stream line the government and make it run like a fine tuned machine. It isn’t into NOT giving foreign aid without getting it little Hunter Biden kick back to line their pockets. See those kind of deals is why progress is so slow and how politician come out of Washington with fatter wallets than their salaries could have possibly paid them. The big lie is they don’t want us to know the TRUTH !

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