Does the Media Understand Trump ?

Next week is the Republican National Convention and the unconventional way of the Trump Administration continues. I say that because President Trump unlike his previous White House occupants has done something more than they ever did. He kept his promises. See the real fear in President Trump’s being in the White House for 4 more years is that he goes for the jugular. He says he is going to do something he does it. The Media lead by the NYT and CNN continue their all out campaign to make President Trump look bad in any way they can. I suppose they may have succeeded in some ways in the last 4 years. But his base sees promises made and promises kept. Some that were just border line supporters because they didn’t think he’d really keep his promises. Even some conservatives who thought President Trump was some kind of middle of the roader have been pleasantly surprised.

We listened to a week of Democrats blasting President Trump and saying how they are different than the Republicans. Yet they were afraid to bring much of specifics forward. You never heard them say what they do different on China. Just saying President Trump was the wrong President for the time. They painted a pretty ugly picture of the USA and gave very few suggestion on ideas other than getting rid of Trump to make things better. I listened to Joe Biden’s acceptance speech and it was very good. But where has he been as the riots have gone on across our nation ? Have I heard him condemn the violence or killing of police officers. Have I heard him speak out about the damage done to businesses of innocent people. Have I heard him speak out about ending the years of mayhem and murders in Chicago , Baltimore or other cities. Where is his record on unemployment and how well did the Obama & Biden administration do to end people dependence on government ? The truth is unemployment hardly ever went below 5% and food stamps were at all time highs. The number of people at work in America were at all time low. Yes 8 years of higher student debt and 8 years of plant closing and transfer of things to China, Things we need forced to be made oversea because of the Affordable Care Act. Hundreds of older doctors the one they promised you that you could keep quit or retired. Because they were going to be punished by the Affordable Care Act. Yes it gave some access to health care while others paid out the nose to even keep health care. With that kind of light I’d rather live in President Trumps darkness. With 4 years of nothing done but hate Trump and praying for anything to bring him down and trying to undermining everything he did everyday. Covid has been their final thing to try to pin on President Trump and to them nothing but a opportunity to try to take Trump out. All the chaos has been cause by Democrats from the Mueller investigation to all the blaming of Trump for everything everyday and the media has been complicit and have had never ending hate campaign for Trump. Only time they have put up the American flag up has been in a last ditch effort to fool the American taxpayers. Now they sit back and think they can fool us into believing that Joe Biden can end a Covid 19 pandemic. Only after President Trump has put every scientist and drug company to work on a treatment and a vaccine. Biden would take credit for it just like they tried to take credit for the great economy up until Covid 19 hit. The lie is they never did anything for the minority community but continue the the misery in Chicago another places and lined their pockets. They fall in line with Black Lives Matter and they turn a blind eye to the violence in Seattle and burning of businesses and looting in all those cities. They didn’t say a word about the demonstrations in Washington on the day of President Trump’s inauguration. How can the American people vote for people who don’t care if cities are torched and businesses are looted.

I look forward to President Trump’s acceptance speech because he will give a vision of hope and a vision of light. He cares to end the violence in our streets. I look forward to a uplifting speech and promises he will go all out to keep, I look forward to 4 years of recovering a economy that will be good for all. President Trump isn’t responsible Covid 19 virus killing anyone. He used all the government resources to combat this virus. He slowed the spread closing travel off to China , Asia , Eu and UK. He had no idea how big or how dangerous this virus would be. He warned about the danger it presented to elder Americans in particular . He watch with us all as governors closed businesses , gyms , schools and thing non-essential for our protection. He along with all of us watch as sporting events , music concerts , movie theaters closed and grocery stores did precautionary things to protect their staffs and employees. He watch as his hard work to revive a stagnant economy to the most productive growing one in 50 years , got ravaged by fear of the unknown and Democrat and media hype and lies. He has kept his promises and he hasn’t caved to the media, some of his coward Republicans and the Democrats. He has fought for a wall against all odds and hasn’t ever thrown in the towel. He has stood up for those that can’t speak for themselves against those that would abort babies in the third trimester. He has listened to all the brutal things people have said about him and his family. He has stood by those that have been treated like murders for minor crimes and some out right lies that cost them everything they own. No the media doesn’t understand the loyalty of President Trump to his oath of office or to the People he has sworn to protect. We look forward to 4 more years of his leadership and his determination to Make America Great Again !!!

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