Am I Bias Because ————–

Recently I had a nephew say that my blogs are bias. Perhaps they are and perhaps they are not. See to be compassionate doesn’t mean giving away all you have to others and just keep on giving until you are broke and they are broke too. Because in this world there are people that are takers and won’t lift a finger to help themselves as long as you are giving what they need for free. Christ once said to a crowd after He had fed almost 15,000 people. This ” He said you don’t come so that you can listen to me but so I can feed you. ” They weren’t coming to listen to the Wisdom He taught but to have their bodies fed. Yes, He had compassion for them but he understood the reasons why they were there.

Certain people in our society will always need a helping hand and won’t be able to work at a job. But even these people need to have some self worth and feel useful to society. Those that are mentally ill and off in lala land will need places to stay and people with compassion to take care of them. You are born the way you are born and you couldn’t control that. But we should take care of those people and sometimes through accidents or sickness some of us fall into that category. Life isn’t fair or even and our abilities aren’t all the same. But I don’t care who you are in a wheel chair , blind , mentally ill or any condition you name. You deserve to be respected and treated like a human being and not looked down upon like a piece of trash. We have to take care of those people and treat them with dignity and respect. It isn’t easy or a cake walk but it is our responsibility to do so.

Now that I got that off my chest let’s talk about those of us who function with our two good hands . feet and brains. Like my dad would say you don’t work you don’t eat and nothing is free. If you are a parent it is your responsibility to teach your children that this world isn’t full of free stuff. Daddy or mommy go to work every day so you can eat, have a bed to sleep in, clothes on your backs and go to school to learn period. There are times when it gets ruff and you are out of work but you adjust what you spend your money on and you beat the bushes looking for a new job. It isn’t wrong to seek help or accept it but some day when you have it better you return in kind and help others. Kids should have jobs at home and understand that they are very special. But a job is part of being part of the family. Picking up their room, helping with dishes , helping with the yard , making their bed and going to school everyday. They do those things then they deserve your praise and rewards in anyway you can afford to give them. It might not be in money but it might be in time spent just with them fishing , teaching them how to cook or bake cookies. Any number of things but something special. I had a very special friend once who taught me something I wished my parents taught me. He said his dad taught him that accidents happen with spilt milk. He said Johnny tried to pick up his glass and spilled it. All the other kids started screaming at him. But dad just reach over spilled all there milk and then proceeded to clean it up. Then he said this instead screaming at Johnny you should just say accidents happen and help clean it up and get him another glass of milk. There are lesson to be learn when accidents happen and screaming at someone does nothing to help or keep it from happening again. I learned this next thing the hard way and it has taken a long time to forgive my dad. I’m going to say this once never call your kids stupid, dumb, no good for nothing or tell them they will never find someone to marry them. Calling a kid stupid doesn’t raise their grades or make learning easer. Saying that is worst than sending them to bed without supper. The hurt inside takes years to repair and it doesn’t matter whether you meant it or not. You as a mom or dad have all the power and kids look up to you. Nothing wrong with saying you do some dumb things because we all do dumb things. Mistakes and failures are how we learn to do things differently next time or not do it at all.

Now that I straighten out child raising let’s talk about the hard subjects of life. Right and wrong. I suppose you can teach a kid how to properly tie their shoes. Fine but then if they are lazy and decide not too what then ? Well peer pressure or maybe tripping on them all the time might teach them. But then buying new laces with their allowance might be a better lesson. Something only work when you do them the right way and two wrongs never make a right. You can’t just let kids figure out things for themselves. Really best rule is to love your neighbor as you love yourself. That golden rule is the basis for all law. If you kill your neighbor you don’t love them. If you steal from your neighbor you don’t love him. If you cheat your neighbor you don’t love him. If you covet your neighbor you don’t love them. Simple ten commandments haven’t gone out of style. Bring your children up in a Faith based home gives a good foundation to live with. I’m not sure if the Koran says you should kill people that don’t agree with your religion but if it does then it is wrong. Why would anyone kill anyone just for thinking about God differently ? It makes no sense. If that is how Arabs think that you kill anyone who doesn’t agree with their Koran it’s a stupid cult religion. And there will never be peace in that area of the world. Am I bias for thinking that way ? Perhaps I’m bias because I think that the lives of the people in the South side of Chicago are just as important as the Black Lives Matter when it comes to cops. I’m bias because I don’t approve LGTB life styles . Notice said nothing about hating anyone. Maybe I’m bias because I don’t like catch and release of illegals. Maybe I’m bias because I believe God loves each and every person and it is our choice to believe in God. Maybe I’m bias because I believe everyone should pay some taxes to live in this great country. Maybe I’m bias because I have more faith in God than I do in man. Oh I know I’m bias because I support President Trump who is a sinner just like me and believes in God’s forgiveness not the forgiveness of mankind. Maybe I’m bias because I believe you should work for your keep and if you are able you should return some work for that welfare check and be looking for a job unless you are going to be recall to your job if unemployed.

Life is no cake walk and there isn’t a ticket for a free ride. Jealousy is evil and if want something bad enough then work your butt off to get it or set your sights a little lower. College education isn’t for everyone and school that just push college should review their goals and teach survival in the work place and how to manage a checkbook , cook , sewing and basic car maintenance. Perhaps a good lesson on how money doesn’t grow on trees and work is mandatory for all. Last am I bias because I love you even if we disagree on out political thinking.

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