The Strange year of 2020

This has been more than just a unusual year but year for record books in many ways. Of course I never live through World War 1 or through World War 2 and I can imagine the number of cancelation and thing put off until better time back then. I’d suppose some people thought that those times were the end time’s. This year has shown how little man controls his presence here on earth. It doesn’t matter whether Covid 19 or the corona virus is man made and accidentally release or somehow just developed on it’s own. The fact is no way was the world ready for it. We have had Ebola and other viruses but none as easy to pass onto one another. Good decisions have been made and some bad. I bet that in 1918 the Spanish Flu saw many good and bad decisions. That is life in medicine but if you try nothing if it’s the right disease thousands die. When all it takes is for one person to breath on another to catch a deadly disease it is scary beyond thinking sometimes. It’s hard to know what to believe when it comes to the treatments. While we try to cope with Covid 19 we see the good , bad and ugly in people. This is the saddest time for some as they lose friends and family to this deadly virus. It should bring out a unity in government to find the best way to fight Covid 19 but it seems like a thousand voices saying this is better than that. Masking up , washing hands and distance from others seems to be the prevailing answer for not catching the Covid 19 corona virus. Mean while we see the riots in the street and jumps in cases in some of the earlier opening states. Yet the curious thing is how many of these positive test end up being admitted to hospitals ? I get the hype but the important fact is being omitted everyday. How many people are actually being admitted to hospitals ? Mean while everyone is in the protect yourself and others by canceling every major event of the year. Even families have fore gone family reunions and annual picnics. Nothing is safe from cancelation. Well unless you are rioter in Portland , Chicago , New York and other big cities. Don’t want to wear a mask or be six feet apart then go riot the governments at least in the Democrat run cities don’t care. Let your cities burn then expect the Federal government to pick up the tab to rebuild your damage cities, What gall these Democrat cities have to not do everything to stop the burning and looting then asking for millions from us to repair the damage. Oh well in the mean time up words of 15 companies are working day and night for a vaccine to prevent Covid 19. Others companies are working at away to treat and without putting you in the hospital to do it. When I look at this Covid 19 I just see how little man can control things and the amazing cost at which we will go not to catch it. Trillions of dollars lost to businesses and governments. Figures we can’t get our minds around. We will prevail perhaps more by prayer and faith in a God that will let the human race find a answer to Covid 19.

Here in Iowa we have had our battle with Covid 19 and many of us have been getting use to the restrictions in our lives. Yet when we are settling in this giant wind storm mixed with rain, hail , tornados maybe and straight line winds of more than 100 miles a hour crossed our state. A friend of mine that lives in Toledo, Iowa called me to compare horror stories. Mine is rather minor but in that little town the FareWay store , car dealer , only restaurant and middle school all lost roofs. Trees up rooted power lines down with a prospect of two weeks before electricity being restored. The worst part is for the older people who don’t drive or haven’t the energy to repair the damage and remove the trees and debris. It isn’t as though other places haven’t or won’t hear their call for help but their cities too have been devastated by this wind. It isn’t the first time this kind of a storm has hit. A few years ago my Uncle Rick took us on a drive towards International Falls , Minnesota and he show us a area where a giant wind storm had came through and just flattened out thousands of acres of trees. At least their for the most part it only effected trees. The aftermath of this storm is thousands of people without power for days and perhaps weeks. We were out of power for 102 hours and other than losing food in the freezers and refrigerators we are okay. I have seen outages before but it isn’t a place where we have hurricanes and would be prepared to live without electricity for days or weeks. What does amaze you are the strangers that just stop and help others out and expect nothing in return. It’s about businesses that give help in numerous ways. Churches that open up to take care the elderly and provide charging stations for electronic goods. Unless a tornado has stuck your town in Iowa. We’ve never seen a period this long with out power and most of us hope we never do again.

With this storm situation and Covid it just shows you how fast things can change and how little each of us really are. In the pitch black of night last week with only the snoring of my dog Maggie and wife Carol , I more than realized all the blessing God has pour out upon us. Without all the gadgets and noise that fills my house. He gave me a picture of the splattering of stars and universe He created before He moved on to create the earth, the oceans, mountains , trees , green space . animals living beast and then His master piece man and womankind. Even though we all look different on our outsides but our spirits came from Him and is part of Him and are in His image. I thank God for those hours He gave me to thank and praise Him for all my blessing , heart aches and just everything. We are so small and so far out of control of the world we live in. I’m not saying we can’t try to control somethings but many things are just in God’s hands like our very lives are. I pray as I write this you are safe and have the power on. That if it was off for any time at all. You thanked God for the blessing and hardships He lets you over come. For yes Covid 19 will pass and this time of storm will just be history for our grand children to read about in the days to come. This truly has been a strange year that many of us wish would just go away.

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