Operation Constant Chaos

There is some sense that goes on in this Covid 19 pandemic world. It is interesting to see the left and right battle in the realm of politics. Both claiming to be the normal for the majority of Americans. Kamala Harris the presumptive Democrat Vice-Presidential pick says that ” Her and Joe Biden and are in line with the thinking of the majority of Americans. ” I’m guessing you just say what you want to say and go take a bunch polls courtesy of CNN , NBC , CBS , ABC and NYT to verify your claim. Shouldn’t be to impossible to get a positive results when they are already in the Democrats pocket.

There has been a flip of the Democrats from the leaning left views to the extreme left views on almost everything one can think of. From standing for the national anthem to the use of public bath rooms. From two sexes to five sexes and maybe more. From the support of a family with a mom and dad . To a support of mom and as two males or two female or heck women don’t need men a single woman is ok. It isn’t enough to have just abortions’ on demand or in the first trimester but now almost third term and if the babe is born a live to let lay their on a table. Then let the mother decide to let it die or not. The Democrats have gone from half way supporting police to helping defund the police. You don’t just take billions away from police funding without getting rid of officers that is a lie. You can’t do it !! The New Democrat Socialist’s Party has gone from supporting controlled borders to basically taking anyone in and letting them apply for amnesty. It doesn’t matter what it does to overwhelm schools , city or state budgets just let them in. At the same time they preach about abortions’ and women’s right to choose. They complain about the supposed mistreatment of immigrates in detention camps. They show old pictures of immigrant kids in fence areas from the Obama era and point at Trump and his Homeland team and border patrol. They complain about one kid that dies in detention and forget about the legal kids in our cities getting shot and killed with nothing being said. Stick up for the illegal and not give damn about paving the way out of poverty for legal kids.

Now that is just part of the chaos the left has been trying to jam down Americans throats as normal. On the other side anything and I mean anything said by a supporter of President Trump or Trump gets blasted with all barrels. You could say it is just because President Trump is in office but only difference between Trump and any other Republican is this: If you call his wife a B and say he is stupid for putting his dog on the roof of his car in a kennel on vacation. He is going to come back at you and not take it. No matter who runs on the Republican side they are going to be trashed from day one to the end of the campaign or in the case of Trump his 4 years at the helm. The only difference between this President and past Republicans is that the Media has shown their complete bias and support for the Democrats. No one and I mean literally no one who supports Trump is not going to get maimed and shredded in everyway the media can do it. The higher up you are the more they are out to ruin you monetarily, socially and personally. Either change your mind support them behind the scenes or in some way or your butt is the grass and they are the lawn mower. The object has been to destroy Trump since he went down that escalator and not only that but his family and us supporters too. Compromise to the left means only if there is a way to work around it to THEIR advantage. My friends for the last 3 years and 8 months Pelosi said exactly what they would do. Is keep President Trump in court , impeach , disrupt and harass non-stop. They have done exactly that and at any cost no matter how blatant the lies or how nasty they have had to be. I believe if President Trump wins another term nothing will change only get more bitter and hate filled each day. But they can bring it on because we are ready their standards aren’t ours. Operation Chaos will continue on the Democratic side right up to election night.

The Republicans will keep pointing out the differences between the sides and let the voters make their choice. I know there are some real losers on the Republican side and term limits would solve a lot of the problems in Congress. Yet we will deal what what we have until something changes. After all when you have 535 members of both houses voting to limit something now that they consider a job. It’s hard to bring it to either house floor for a vote. That is the crutch of the situation finding enough people willing to do the right thing for our country’s sake.

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