Shopping the Courts

Have you ever noticed how are court system works. You lose a battle in one court system and it doesn’t matter. You just go on to another and present your case until you find a favorable one for your item to find victory. How many times do you get to fish for a favorable court system to get the results you want ? My guess that is why appointing judges that are bias to your thinking is important to politicians. It isn’t looking for a set of judges that will follow the Constitution but one that will agree with your ideology that counts and that is what the Democrats do pretty successfully. Yet in the news you will see it as just a lost of a appeal by President Trump and the Republican lawyers . What a tremendous waste of our taxpayers money.

I’m not going to sit here and tell just the Democrats are the only ones guilty of shopping for judges but both parties do it. You would think that there’s a standard to becoming a judge. And technically there is one. They all swear to up hold the Constitution of the United States. But judges are people and they have opinions and they use those opinions sometimes when there isn’t a clear cut guilty or not guilty verdict needed. Perhaps they think that there is grounds to make someone do something or produce certain evidence. What I don’t quite understand is when the Supreme Court rules on something you’d think that is the final verdict. End of ballgame. That doesn’t appear to be so with President Trump’s order to use some defense money to build a wall on our southern border. I grant you that we do have many technologies that are advanced that can be used to surveil the borders. Yet even with those technologies getting spotted going across our border in the desert by a camera or a satellite wouldn’t allow the border patrol enough time to stop them. Were as a physical wall would. This isn’t a issue about race because we don’t care what race you are crossing our borders. The issue is security , law and control of our borders. Of course when you shop for a judge sometimes they make it a issue of race.

There is probably nothing anyone can say to stop this shopping for judges but at least we can understand why so often a issue seems never to go way. Even with the turn over in the Supreme Court issues that were ruled on before come back to get a different ruling because of the ideology of the court has change. To a lot of people it looks like making laws by the use of the courts and it is technically. The political games the parties use if nothing else makes it interesting even if it isn’t that logical. Sometimes too it is a delaying tactic to slow progress down when you don’t agree with a action. Your opinions are always welcome.

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