Corona Virus Death Projection And President Trump

Early on when President Trump shut down travel between Asia and the US . Then Europe and the US. Then the UK and the US. The experts were saying that if we did NOTHING that the projected numbers of deaths could be as high as 2.5 million Americans. I know that defending President Trump won’t make me any brownie point but still it has to be done. Those numbers came as President Trump was doing all the shut down of travel between us and the rest of the world. China hadn’t given us a accurate account of the number of deaths in Wuhan or in China itself. Little was known about Covid !9 other than no vaccine or known treatment for it was available. What was President Trump suppose to believe ? So he did the things he did and states did theirs. With the actions of the states and President Trump’s action projections were lowered to about 200,000 to 250,000 deaths in the US. Right now deaths are at about 160,000. The truth is that how the corona virus death count is recorded. If you have a heart disease and go to the hospital they test you for Covid 19 and if you die and have virus in you then Covid 19 killed you not your heart disease. Some states are even saying some deaths they counted as Covid 19 deaths were not Covid 19 related. Even with Flu shots every year depending on the severity of the Flu season that number can be as high as 90,000 deaths. Yet we don’t panic about those deaths or do we close anything because of it. We might restrict people from ICU or hospital visiting if you have Flu symptoms that’s it. With the mediation we have done staying 6 ft. apart , frequent washing hands , staying home and wearing mask in public the numbers aren’t anything to panic about. We only can stay home for so long and sooner or later if you make enough trips out you are going to get hit with Covid 19.

President Trump did the hard thing of closing travel down , getting the experts and a team set up ramp up PPE production and distribution. Yes and it took sometime for that and a faster test. President Trump in all reality shut down a great economy to protect front line workers and keep from flooding our hospitals. Now as the virus hasn’t turn into the disaster that it started out to be. He has tried to get the states open up more and get back to work. Currently as of August 5, 2020 about 61.4 million people have been tested for Covid 19 in the USA. That is roughly 341,000 per day. But that goes back to the days with very little testing at all. The media is running around with their head cut off thinking it is the end or trying to make it look like the end to get Trump. The truth is that with the increase testing which is in the range of 500,000 to 800,000 a day. You are going to find more people that test positive to Covid 19 but most are going to be a systematic or have little problems with it. We all don’t like to see anyone one die of Covid 19 but we don’t like to see people die of Cancer or Heart disease or in car wrecks. But those three things I just mentioned doesn’t make us close our country down for them. Let’s say that somehow Cancer was discovered to be transmitted by air or breathing on each other. Would we shut this country down because of it ?

We are now at a point where PPE is widely available. Respirators, testing equipment and drugs to treat Covid 19 are coming online. That isn’t to mention the way hospital , doctors and EMT are using are better for the protection of themselves and easier on the patients. There are probably a dozen companies trying to produce a vaccine and a dozen more just trying to figure out a way to treat it without a vaccine or in conjunction with it. This all was put in to motion not by Obama or Joe Biden but by President Trump and that is facts even if you hate him. He has burnt up the phone lines and stayed up late working , pushing and twisting arms to find relief from Covid 19 and get us back to work. That’s HIS job ! He knows it and he does take it just as serious as running Trump Corporation and probably a lot more serious.

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