How does Joe Biden Win ?

That is the number one question in the mind of the Democrat Party leaders and perhaps any Trump supporter too. With ninety some days to the election and good old Joe Biden playing hide and seek with everyone you have to question how he can win. He has fail to answer the hard question on how he do anything different than President Trump. Oh yes it is a given he’d try to resuscitate Obama Care and probably rescind 99% of President Trumps executive orders. He’d put end to oil exploration in the oceans off the coast and probably end new flacking. May stop a pipe line or two. But how does this win him the White House ? Order everyone to wear a mask in public if Covid 19 has no vaccine. Does he win by promising to remove President Trump’s wall and letting the flood gates open for immigration. Does he win by just giving illegals citizenship ? It is more than Biden taking the White House. This a election about principles and stark differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. Yes there is a third candidate and yes you can waste you vote on who ever that is. But the Democrats and Republicans as much as they say they want more people to run for office. They make it next to impossible to run as a independent.

The Democrats up to the 2012 election in many ways wanted some control over our immigration policies. With Obama in the White House and catch and release as a policy on the southern border plus the allowance of a influx of Arab immigrants and DACA things have changed. The very party that says it supports strong unions and needs their support. Are supporting bringing in cheap labor which in some industries have cut into union labors jobs.

Now that we are less than 90 day out from the election Sleep Joe woke and decide to make his campaign motto Made in America. Really Joe that is all the better you could do and plagiarize the Trump campaign. He comes out of his gopher hole to first say he do all this stuff to fight the Corona virus and then some his wisdom say we’ll do like President Trumps been doing. Everything of what President Trump had set in motion before the corona virus struck. President Trump has already set in motion all the actions need to keep the virus in check and Joe Biden has nothing new to add.

Joe Biden hasn’t called for end to violence in the cities run by his party. Nothing they are proposing will take any burden off taxpayers but only add with their green new deal. The Democrats like opening our American pocket books to support things that cost us billions but do nothing to help our economy. It’s going to take a lot more than promises that Joe Biden can’t keep to get him to the White House. A lot more than a bunch of meetings in D.C. to discuss something and do nothing. The Joe Biden plan is how do we make the Swamp Stronger and deeper and more intrenched. How do we continue to hood wink the American taxpayers and send money overseas as aid to siphon off some to make our members rich. Sorry folks The Democrats and Joe Biden have no plan and no vision for ordinary American.

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