The Media Say’s

With birth of the internet and Talk Radio what the media say’s isn’t nearly a relevant as it once use to be. The most popular Talk Shows on radio are conservative. The progressives in our society try to say somehow they are the majority speaking for our modern society. Yet every where you look what the progressive support is failing. They are failing in our schools , in society as a whole they are failing. Yes , there has been a outcry about gays , LGBT acceptance , Black Lives Matter and a backlash about government over stepping its bounds . George Floyd attracted not just the black communities attention but all of societies attention. Without the pictures from that Smart Phone George Floyds death would have been the black community word against the police with no proof that George Floyd wasn’t innocently killed by police. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone defend that cop for kneeling on George Floyds neck for over 8 minutes. We probably all support the outrage of Black Lives Matter in that situation but what we don’t support is the silence when comes to the numbers of minorities in Chicago , Baltimore, New York City and other liberal cities. Why the outrage just at police and not at city halls where violence keeps going on and nothing changes day in day out, month after month and year in and year out. We as a society want to see a end of the violence in these cities even though we don’t live in them ourselves.

In the media say’s group you get the picture that conservatives want to end public education and kill off unions. Yet in reality we want schools that succeed and educate our kids. But you see public school systems failing and grades coming in lower. We see the discipline that was in the schools in the 50’s and 60’s gone and of course the mention of God is taboo. Reading scores down , Math down and respect of authority down. Yet we keep spending more money on things that don’t work and we say the old way didn’t work either. The percentage of older adults brought up in those old school taught math the old fashion way survived and went on to be the leaders of today and can balance a check book and read most books.

Just because the media say’s doesn’t mean the media is right. The media has a vested interest in the liberal society and they like to push the new fades or trends of the day. For a example and don’t get me wrong the LGBT movement has been pushed by the media not because they are a majority of people but because of a few people who think they are discriminated against. Because of 2 or 3 % of the people society is suppose to change all our public facilities to suit a those few. But the media say’s that the majority thinks that way. I don’t think most people don’t care what you are or who you are. Just as long as you don’t try to shove your style on us. You want to be LGBT, gay or whatever it’s ok just don’t shove it down our throats that it is somehow normal to us when it isn’t.

For the last 3 years plus the media has team up against President Trump and he hasn’t taken it sitting down. In fact if you attack him he doesn’t hesitate to respond. He started calling them fake back in his first campaign and it really hasn’t change. I think they resent being called out and a lot of times proved wrong. They were saying things during Mueller investigation they had no proof of. It hasn’t stopped and media has continued in their false accusations and lies. So with 3 year plus of this with no proof or evidence why should the public believe anything the media says ? We should have real doubts about our media when for this length of time the media has bared false witness against anyone. Why shouldn’t we not question the polls they take or any information they print or say when so much they have said and done so far has been proved false. What media say isn’t always so.

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