The Headlines of the Day

Maybe you are like me and sit down each morning and skim over the headline on Microsoft Edge or Google. I do that every morning anymore particularly since going out for breakfast has been restricted. They loosen things up in recent months and our restaurant’s are open to limited seating’s. Yet if you are over 65 they still advise very limited outside contact. So that I do at age 73. So I read the news and books , walk the dog , mow the grass and putter around the house. But headlines in the news anymore usually evolve around Covid 19 and the increasing spread , President Trump’s actions or inactions of the day and the 2020 Election. They may touch on the riots in Portland and the Feds defending the Federal building. Usually the try to point out how this is pretty much a over stepping of Federal authority. They neglect the facts that since it is FEDERAL PROPERTY the Feds have every right to defend it. One thing you don’t see in the headlines is where is Joe Biden. Politico put the headline out yesterday that read. ” The Media’s Biggest Favor to Biden Was to Ignore Him” I think they got that a little wrong by using the word Was and not saying Is.

Here we are less than 100 days to the November Election and Joe Biden acts alike gopher in March popping out of his hole to see his shadow. Of course in this case to take a swipe at President Trump and telling us how bad a guy he is and the bad job he is doing. He may take a couple questions and then it’s back to the gopher hole. I read no headlines say “Where is Joe Biden? ” I see no outcry from anyone in the media except Fox News and a few other Trump supporters on where old Joe Biden is. They are content to leave him alone and only speculate on his VP pick. After all the American people don’t need to get any answers to questions from sleepy Joe Biden the perfect pick of the Democrat Party because his answers are unlike Trump’s perfect and concise. Yes as the media gives Joe Biden and the Democrats a by for the last 4 years of Hate Trump and wasting millions on investigation. We the public who they continue treat like idiots and stupid voters. Will give the Democrats the same answer we gave them in 2016. Because the no plan man and the Democrats have no vision for a great America and a strong America. I guess we get the preemptive Democrat Presidential Joe Biden candidate’s opinion without any media asking him the hard questions on the issues of the day. He has said a few things about the riots. Maybe a minute or two about them. But is he calling for a end to the burning and rioting or said what he do differently ? We already know what he thinks about the killings every week in the Democrat run cities of America. Black Lives Matter only when police kill or maim them. A perfect slogan for the Democrats ” Your life only Matters When Police either kill you or Maim you . Just be sure you are a Minority ” How is it that Joe somehow is going to solve Global Warming by throwing Trillion of Dollars at it like we have with solving poverty. We have spent more that 19 trillion dollars on solving poverty since LBJ but yet the numbers haven’t changed.

How is old Joe Biden going to bring law and order to American cities when he approve of taking money away from law enforcement ? How is Joe Biden going to pay for all these free things him and Bernie approve of with people ordered to hunker down and businesses operating at 50% of capacity or less. How are we going to get Joe Biden’s vision for America from his gopher hole ?

Perhaps we are already getting good old Joe Biden’s vision with his not giving opinions. He may approve of the chaos in our country and the sites of burning cites doesn’t bring a sadness to his heart. We keep on hearing that the Republicans are the problem and that they want to divide us. But yet I see no issue were the Republicans have been the ones to bring up something to divide us. Did the Republicans bring up the LGBT thing or change from prolife to prochoice ? Did the Republicans bring up Free college or Free Healthcare ? Did the Republicans bring up defunding police departments ?

It’s ok if we don’t hear from the Democrats or Joe Biden. We have already heard enough from the Hate everything Trump does wagon. We already know the Democrats approve of burning cities , since inauguration day 2016 with start of the hate campaign and riots and burning in Washington D.C. . Yea , we don’t need to hear from Old Sleepy Joe Biden. We’ll give him his answer to all his problems on November 3rd and he can just stay hibernating in his gopher hole.

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