The Headlines Of the Day

If you are almost religious like I am in reading the news each day you notice a few things about them. It is a little bit like watching the morning news or evening news shows on ABC , CBS OR NBC . It’s like listening to a bunch of plagiarist because they copy each others views in many ways. If they are talking about the Corona Virus. It’s about how far out of touch President Trump is with his views on it. If it is about the riots in Portland it is about how they aren’t that bad. And they it just that these federal agents got to leave because they think they are making things worst, Plus they have no right to be there it’s Oregon’s problem to solve. It doesn’t matter that it is federal agent protecting federal property and these socialist have been trying to burn the place down for 60 days plus. They show these pictures of Black Lives Matter and call them some kind of civil rights group but they won’t say a word about them not giving a damn about the hundreds of blacks being shot and killed each week in Chicago , Baltimore , New York City or any where else. They help the people from Black Lives Matter when a cop roughs up a black citizen but if a one year old is killed in a drive by shooting in a black neighborhood it doesn’t matter to them.

One of the most interesting headlines of the particularly hit a nerve with me when I saw it. I also thought that its past tense stating was wrong. Here it is straight from Politico ” The Media’s Biggest Favor to Biden Was to Ignore Him ” That really is very true except for the Was should be a IS . I think that if any Republican candidate was just sitting back and playing gopher like Joe Biden. The media would be all over them screaming bloody murder about the Republican candidate silence on the issue of the day before a election. Then of course I could be all wrong because they don’t have any love for the Republicans. Joe Biden continues to stay in his gopher whole and pops out to take a swipe at President Trump every once in a while. Yea he takes maybe a question or two. Yet he doesn’t have the time to go on the Chris Wallace Show and answer some real hard questions. He wouldn’t have the guts to go on Hannity and get some real pointed questions. Everything he has said he’d do about Covid 19 President Trump has already done. The big deal of the mask to the press and President Trump is a nothing burger. President Trump is probably getting tested more for Covid 19 than any other person in the world. His nose is probably getting sore from all the swabs. We do have rights to say no we aren’t going to wear one. I’m not saying it is smart to not wear a mask in public but you have a right not to and the businesses have a right to say stay out without one, Now the signs should say ” No Shoes No Shirt No Mask No Service ”

So the Headlines of the day are full of the Covid 19 pandemic and President Trump picking on the media or the drug he thinks helps heal us. His thoughts on the riots across our great country. His thought on voting by mail or any other subject the media has thrown at him in a day. But the silence from the gopher hole that Joe Biden is in continues. The Media’s Biggest Favor to Biden IS to Ignore Him. And that is the Democrat game keep Joe Biden in his gopher hole and blame it on Covid 19 or the sniffles or something. Just don’t let him open his mouth to insert foot and call his wife his sister again !! Your thought are welcome.

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