There is a Darkness in the World

There is a Darkness in this world. It isn’t new and it isn’t different from a darkness that put a blemish on mankind since the Garden of Eden. It is always there portraying of a better way for mankind to do things. In most cases it really looks like a light and it is presented that way. It is that all inclusive presentation. It seems to be a answer to prayers. It brings out the ability to say for years, we’ve been in a darkness and now new light shines upon this taboo that makes it ok. Now these sins in life are not sin but just something we hadn’t figured out to make good yet. It’s the evolution of man’s brain now that makes man wake up to our misguided ways. Do you get the picture yet ? Well let me go on and explain.

Mankind has always been a bunch of suckers. Since Eden we have wanted to control everything ourselves. We have wanted to make our own rules to create a perfect utopia. But there has been someone or some power that has stood fast in man’s way. We call this power God and of course there are those that say see God meant these things to be good for us. They even say that there is no God and somehow from the vacuum of space where nothing exist. This all just came to be. Like watching David Copperfield make things from nothing. They throw away good science for dark science. The good science of atoms , proton and neutrons that make up all things even us. They throw it away to say this all just came to be without any thought or planning. Nothingness all whirled around in no where land and then we were created.

This darkness has shone us the new light that somehow aborting millions of babies a year is a good thing. Now they have step into say that there aren’t just two sex’s but multiple ones and it is good. The darkness is getting braver by the day because it somehow thinks it has the Light on the run. The darkness says see these evil police they sit back and shoot a kill innocent blacks. So it is ok to riot and destroy cities and even burn black peoples businesses. Just collateral damage and besides government is so stupid they’ll pay to rebuild it. The darkness sees no need for police and that somehow neighborhood watches or someone will keep people safe. Maybe if we don’t have police crime will magically go away. Somehow the darkness see beating up a old man or woman in their 80’s as ok. Maybe it is because they look at the age of a person and think , they have out lived their usefulness. Darkness is deep and deceiving. There is nothing wrong with doing wrong. You knock a guy on his butt because he has Trump hat or a Biden hat on. Nothing wrong with that. You break the window out of a car because you don’t like the Trump or Biden sticker on it. Nothing wrong with that. It’s ok to say just ” Black Lives Matter ” and not include anyone else.

I’ve painted a pretty dark picture of this darkness that is trying to consume us. That has been intentional and I think it is accurate. I think that even though this darkness is trying to consume the Light it can’t win. Because the Light created all things and darkness only came to be because of freewill. No matter what it looks like The Light is in control. Darkness can’t kill the Light because Darkness came out of hate for the Light. The Light someday will push all that Darkness away and anyone consume by it will be push to a place of its own where it will never hurt anyone again. I perhaps will catch some flake for writing this but I even though the Darkness scares me the Power of the Light holds me firm.

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