Let’s See I’m White Privileged Because someone says I am.

I’m not really sure if I get this White Privilege thing or not. I was born white so somehow that makes me a privilege person ? Somehow because my mom and dad worked hard and spanked my butt when I acted out. Because I got my mouth washed out with soap for cussing. Maybe it is because when I went anyplace and acted like a spoiled brat I got my butt spanked on the spot or my butt spanked when my teacher call my dad when I misbehaved at school. In fact I sometimes got it twice once at school and when I got home. I’m white privileged because I was a Boy Scout and our leaders were are parents when we were away from home and had permission from our parents to spank our butts if we gave them any guff. Maybe I’m white privilege because my parents taught me to keep my hands to myself and girls were suppose to be treated like ladies. Maybe I’m white privileged because my dad taught me you get nothing in this world for free. Maybe I’m white privileged because my dad said if you don’t go to school you go to work and the day you graduate you better have a plan because it cost to live. Maybe I’m white privileged because my dad taught me that jails are not good places to be. Maybe I’m white privileged because I was taught if you break something that belongs to a neighbor you pay them back. Maybe I’m white privileged because I was taught let the other guy throw the first punch then flatten his butt. But then after you are done settling your differences you shack hands and get a long.

I just don’t get it. I’m white I rate no special breaks because I am and don’t think I ever got any because of being white. I grant you that I wasn’t born in the ghetto or raised in a single parent home. I could go to the park and play ball in the evening without worrying about getting beat up or drugs being push in front of me. I didn’t have to worry about my 8 blocks I walked to school each day. I didn’t worry about walking to Boy Scouts at night and coming home afterwards and being safe. Am I white Privileged because we didn’t have a/c and we only had window fans in the summer ? Was I white privilege because at Christmas I got clothes and few toys ? I think there is a problem with this white privilege thing.

I do feel sorry for anyone that has no father or mother. I know that is tuff life and it means growing up on your own a lot. My problem is this. We can learn one of two way from what we see in life. We can learn what works and what doesn’t. We can learn what hurts and what doesn’t hurt. So many people use what their parents did as a excuse to blame things on them or act the same damn way. Maybe we should have a class in school that teaches you how things are meant to be. That two parent families is a good thing. That you are responsible for the children you procreate and nothing in life is free just because you want it. Maybe I’m white privilege because I was taught to respect my elders no matter who they were. I grant you this that not every cop deserved my respect but I stayed clear of them. But 99.9 % of them deserved my respected and they just did their jobs and kept us safe. Even the ones that I didn’t like just rousted us because we were causing a problem.

This whole thing of race comes down to one thing. Loving your neighbor as you love yourself. The golden rule. Teaching children to respect one another but that starts at home and not in school. We have taken the power of teaching respect out of teachers hands. We’ve tied their hand behind their backs because you can’t touch a kid without being sued. We have taken God out of the schools , respect of our Nations flag out of our schools. We don’t teach the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in school. We teach instead that there are no winners or losers and we are all somehow equal even after we lose in a game of baseball. Somehow now it is ok to steal or loot because you can’t afford those things and your mom or dad didn’t teach you right from wrong. We don’t need jails because all those bad thing those people do are because they never were taught anything different. So we are just going to let them loose to do those bad things over and over again because the white privilege people are all to blame. If somehow we can just take all that stuff white privilege people have and give it to everyone else this world will be better. Why work just let those white privilege people just give all their stuff up. Have you got the picture yet on how dangerous this sounds ? But that is what you hear out of these people. Who think the police aren’t needed and mayors and governors who think after they let theirs cities burn and be looted. That the rest of America should send our hard earned taxes to rebuild what they let someone burn down and didn’t do what it takes to stop it.

In America there is no privileged class white , black , yellow , red or any other skin color. You respect the people who raise you. You go to school and then work hard you can do whatever you want with in our laws. Sure you can go the other way but then there is a price to pay. But no one ever said you had to steal , loot , do drugs or drink. Those things are your choices not society choice for anyone. Personal responsibility is a choice and no one can make that choice for anyone else or force it on anyone. We took God out of the schools took the rulers out of teachers hands and even out of parents hands. It is time to put it all back because guess what folks school and family life wasn’t that bad when you had God in your home and school. With my privilege white butt I worked hard and I respected my elders. I praised my God and paid for my miss deeds with blood. sweat and tears. All our lives matter because God created us all and no one is perfect except for Jesus who died on that cross for us all . We don’t have to agree on everything but loving someone doesn’t mean you always agree with them or what they do. It means you’ll be there even when they are wrong or vice versa.

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