Am I Naïve or What ?

I use to think politics was sort a like a game of sports. You enter the game and put your qualifications forward and the issues you support. You run for the office and you win or lose. Then you shake hands with your opponent and either go serve or go home. That does sound a little cut and dry that way and it is by today standards. I guess thinking at the end of a campaign you just agree to disagree and go home is naïve. In the age of President Trump or even perhaps the last few President’s it has been getting more cut throat than ever. I know that if you have been reading my blogs that I’m a Trump fan. Yet I can take Donald J. Trump out of the equation all together and I’d still vote Republican. Does this take my bias away ? I’m not sure.

Let’s just look at the issues. I think the issues for us voters are pretty well defined. First immigrations is a very big one for most of us. It isn’t a question of race or where people come from. It is a question of national security and control of our borders and protection of the American workers already here in the United States. You just can’t open the borders and airways to let everyone that wants in. Those that want to take our rules of law and throw them away are the same ones that supported the rules of law in the past. The question to ask yourself is why have the Democrats flipped on immigration. Really it is rather simple immigrants with less education than even the one here now are more likely to vote for Democrats. They have to have that dependent vote. People are trapped in low income status. That’s why you see no progress in the ghettos of the big cities run by Democrats. They have the votes where they want them and the people to blame are those rich Republicans that want things like open school enrollment.

The second big issue is health care. It really centers around pre-existing conditions. This really is a big issue to most people because sooner or later we all may fall into this class of patient. If you are working and say have a heart attack. You are all right unless you lose your job and then need insurance again. It then gets very expensive for you and may almost impossible to get insurance because you are now at risk for another heart attack. Instead of sitting down and figuring this out we have a political tug a war going on. This can be solved but you just can’t lay all that expense on people of good health. Either make it a separate welfare system .

We do need to pull back from our dependence on China. It has been a one way street and a dream of open markets in China for our goods is a dream and has been a dream. Promises never kept by China and won’t be with Joe Biden in charge.

The economy would be one of the big reasons to vote for the Republicans over the Democrats. Right now with Covid 19 the Democrats are crying for a continued shut down of the economy and they are all talk and no action as usual. They complain about Trumps reaction to it and everything Joe Biden says he would do President Trump has already done. Of course if all you pay attention to is CNN you probably be right because they really don’t pay any attention to Trump. We can’t stay at home forever and the longer we do the more it destroys our economy. This is right were the Democrats want us dependent on government for our daily needs.

The biggest reason I can’t vote for the Democrats are they don’t want my vote or anyone that supports Prolife. Every year they reject thousands of future votes in the babies that are aborted. They don’t care and they don’t care that the majority of those babies are minority. Why would I vote for people who think more of protecting the life of a dog , cat or any other animals more than protecting a precious a human fetus. Now does that make sense babies mean less to the Democrats than dogs or animals. I’m probably going to get some static for saying that but if you think I’m wrong show me how. Better yet stop killing babies and figure out some other way to help these unwanted babies.

Now you can say I’m bias towards President Trump but regardless even without Trump I rather vote for people that believe in saving lives and making life better for all. Than voting for people who think it is alright to kill babies , watch cities burn , watch our economy fail and don’t respect law and order for all.

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