Oh Where Oh Where are you Joe ?

While our President takes all the questions , complaints , news conference’s and Covid 19 briefings. Joe Biden snipes out of his basement and maybe answers a question a day. While President Trump makes hard decisions and catch the flack for sending federal officers into Portland, Chicago and maybe New York City . Have we even heard whether Joe Biden even gives a damn about what is happening or what he’d do if he was in charge ? I know the good old Joe Biden is the presumptive candidate of the Democrat Party and that being said he has a few questions to answer and some pretty big ones. Joe Biden reminds me of a time when I use to go to the Carnival and shoot those 22 rifles at those pop up targets. You got more points for hitting the pop ups. I guess if I was shooting at old Joe Biden I wouldn’t get to pull the trigger very often.

Now just perhaps Joe Biden’s absences isn’t his idea. Could it be that the longer they can keep old Joe in his bunker. The less chances of him inserting foot in mouth. The less often he’ll have to answer those hard question President Trump fields daily. President Trump has already demonstrated his willingness to talk to the press and the American people. He steps out of the White House and many times is hit up with many questions from reporters who are always their. He tries to take their questions even when they are mean spirited. If President Trump loses which I don’t think he will. I’ll miss President Trump and fearless approach to serving us as President. I hate to see the good old boring press briefing with all the low ball questions from the Democrat press fielded.

While I’m at it where oh where is the media and all their curiosity of what Joe Biden is thinking or even doing all day. Perhaps President Trump is right Joe is sleeping a little more than normal . Yea, I know a low blow but then I can’t hit him he isn’t coming out to answer any questions. At least when President Trump is absent we can find him hurrying around on a golf course in Florida. I guess it is easy to stay ahead in the polls when you don’t have to answer any questions. Probably plan A knowing the Democrats anyhow. Had no vision when Clinton ran for President and still no vision with Biden running. Oh I know continue Obama’s legacy. Yea , at least 5% unemployment , 18,000,000 people on food stamps and no job growth. Have at it Joe you should be able to sleep through that.

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