Has the Media Succeeded or Not ?

The truth is that no matter who the Republican in the White House. The mass media wouldn’t treat them any different. That is the truth if you check other Republican candidates who were either President or running to be President the first time. They were trashed in every possible way. First in years were the incumbent isn’t a Republican and there are multiple candidates looking to get that nomination. They try to influence which candidate they want to run against the Democrat candidate. They will go as far as even saying good things about the Republican candidate. They want to win the nomination. In 2016 that candidate was Donald J. Trump. He appeared to be the easiest to beat because of lack of political experience and his big ego. Once he became the candidate of choice it was nothing but trash Trump. And say he is losing right up to election day. The closer it gets the more of frenzy and the more direct the attacks get.

Yet something happen on the way to election day 2016 Donald J. Trump had a better read on the American public than the Democrats and Hillary Clinton did. Even though they spun the Trump rallies to be just people coming out to see ” The Donald ” because of his popular TV show The Apprentice. It was more than just entertainment and unplanned events across a broad spectrum of the United States. The Democrats did everything they could to disrupt the Trump rallies and then accuse them of being everything that they weren’t. Instead of giving the American people a picture of rallies of people who literally came to support what he said and stood for. They painted us as spaced out people not understanding what Trump was talking about. We were disruptive and hateful people that beat up anyone that didn’t agree with them. Mean while on the Hillary side she couldn’t fill a high school auditorium and didn’t bother even to campaign in some key states. Well we know the results now the candidate that said he’d accept the out come of the election won and the one that lost. Who made it appear she’d accept the results is still saying some Russians miraculously talked millions of Americans to vote Trump and not Clinton. Really !!!!!! And I’ll sell you a bridge in the Sierra Desert.

Here we are with less than 115 days until the election and what do we see. Really what we’ve seen from before President Trump took the oath it has been constant smash and trash Trump from any and all directions possible. It hasn’t been just President Trump as the mass media and Democrats target but anyone like me who supports him or will work for him. Anyone that has been nominated to serve as a head of any agency was trashed before the hearing. Only time they weren’t was when the Swamp had something on them or could control how they worked for Trump. I could name a couple names but why bother because I don’t think they are worth the mention here. The question remains has the media and the Democrats CREATED a enough HATE for President Trump to make their make believe work in 2020. With the Covid 19 pandemic we have been dealt a additional obstacle on the way to the 2020 election and more ammunition for the news media (fake news) and Democrats to somehow spin to blame President Trump for. Combine that with the protest after George Floyd’s death plus riots in Democrats controlled city’s. I could start typing out all the promises President Trump made as candidate Trump. You have a amazing list but unless you agree with President Trump it wouldn’t matter what I list. Because if you are a tried and true Democrat you are willing to do anything to destroy President Trump and that includes standing back and literally watch cities burn to the ground. Your hatred goes so far as to not give a damn if the economy is completely ruined as long as you get rid of Trump. Yet now what I’m going to say is aim at President Trump supporters. What the media and the Democrats are doing aren’t just aimed at President Trump but the voters that support him and the things he supports. Even if President Trump didn’t believe in everything he says or he does. In other words is lying to us. It doesn’t matter to them because they don’t believe in secure borders , justice’s that support the Constitution , less regulation , lower taxes , strong military and limited government. This whole last 3 years plus of Hate Trump has been aimed at Trump supports as much as Trump. Will the Trump supports believe this 3 years of chaos cause by the media and Democrats and not President Trump ? Other than a pandemic which no one could have seen coming , Do we believe that somehow the same people who said that 5% continual unemployment is just the way it is suppose to be. That millions of people on food stamps are the new normal. Border walls do no good and manufacturing won’t return to our shores. And no one can cut the red tape in Washington D.C. Somehow as Americans we need to get back to work and help rebuild what this pandemic has done and keep the Democrats and the media from locking us into a permanently government control society. Whether you have to crawl or walk a hundred miles to vote for a vision of Making and Keeping America Great. We have to do it or we are screwed !!

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