Are Republicans Being Silent or Is It Fake News ?

This is a subject that can go either way. For the past 3.7 month or so a lot of things have happen. I sometimes have ask myself too. We’ve seen a constant line of negative things thrown at President Trump since before he took the oath of office. I think most Republicans just look at the issues and not on personalities. There are reasons for Republican voters to stay silent. Just read the news and you see Trump supports getting beat up for having a Trump hat on or sign in his car. There are other things at play here. President Trump supporters Republicans and others are very active in the online world. If this was say 40 years ago I’d say the the Republicans would land locked. What I’m saying is this the Democrats basically have the media in there pocket and they haven’t hidden their bias in anyway. It just isn’t the media but the education system at all levels’. Anyone who is a who who in society that speaks out to support President Trump is raked over the red hot coals of hate and call every derogatory you can imagine. So you see there are plenty of good reasons for Republicans to be silent. Yet I don’t believe even if that is the reason some Republicans are being silent , they will still vote President Trump November 3, 2020. Let’s look at some other reasons you might not here as much about.

For the mainstream media has done everything they can to limit the criticism of their way of reporting news. At the bottom of most web page there use to be a place for comments. Now usually in order to leave a comment people had to register their e-mail address and give their name. Yet without much warning and with the excuse of to much abusive comments 99.9% of the media quit taking comments. I get the abusive language thing and there really isn’t a much of excuse for it. Yet this leaves the people that run these sources of news open season without hearing any static from the reading public. Some of us have been creative and publish their BS on Facebook and left out comment there. Newspapers are really just a lost cause. If you are lucky you might get you comments heard once a year. I know the newspapers have millions and millions of reads so they can’t let the public speak out to often. If you believe that lie about millions readers , you believe in the tooth fairy too.

The other question is are Republicans being silent or are they being silenced ? Personally I think it is attempt to silences complaints about fake news and out and out lies. The lies have been proven over and over again to be true. Millions have been spent to frame President Trump because not one time has anything been proven against President Trump. Really!!!!!!!! Our FBI and all the news media are inept and can’t find a single thing they can prove in 3.7 years !!!!!!! I think personally they just got sucked in by the Democrats LIES !! For 8 years we heard that the Democrats are the majority and that everything they were doing was because of that majority. We accept two elections and yes we did complain but we didn’t take to the streets and riot. America lived through President Barack Obama and now those same people haven’t accepted President Trump yet !!!!!!

In closing as you can tell this one Republican isn’t going to be silent and if the President was Hillary Clinton and news media put her through this same BS I’d switch parties and VOTE for her. But that isn’t the case and in fact Hillary has helped set President Trump up in every way. Republicans will be heard on November 3rd ,2020 load and clear . And with the help of God we will win !!!!!!!!

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