When Do We Need God ?

I think that is very straight forward question of the day. For some people I don’t think the thought of needing God doesn’t even passes through their mind once a week. That is a condemning statement for a lot of us. We just mosey through life and take everything for granted and walk around like we are blind to all the things going on. We are baptized either as babies or in our early teens. We learn all those little things that are needed to baptized or confirmed. We see things like 9/11 happen and everyone seems to have a need for God and the churches all fill up. Maybe our mother or our father get really sick and we pray for their healing. Yet in general we coast through life and our need for God seems to play minimal importance in our lives. We have a need for God when we baptize our children , when they get married and when they are sick or die. We may go to church on Christmas and Easter but if we miss there is next year. Really , we are such good at seeing the future. We go golfing and join all sorts of things that take time away from our families. We all the sudden get in a financial bind and then we ask God for help. Over and over again we take God for granted. And we cuss God when tragic things happen because we think He could have stop it. See I’m going to answer that question about when do we need God before I end this blog but first I have another question you should think about first. Because I hear people say God doesn’t need anything He created everything and so there is nothing we can give God. Oh that is so wrong my friends. For God can’t create our thankfulness for all He has given us. He can no more force you to be thankful that than He could make Adam and Eve not eat from that tree in the Garden of Eden. He could tell them what would happen if they did eat from it but He did not force no more than He forces us to be thankful for all He gives us each day.

Ged needs our thankful hearts and our asking for forgiveness when we do stupid thing and sometime intentional things that go against Him and hurt others. I’m really not sure Adam and Eve understood the grave sin that they committed in Eden. I read no act of contrition before they are put out of Eden. We go through life and just let things happen around us. Until something slaps us in the faces or kicks us where it counts we do nothing. Not even pray. If we don’t care and don’t care what happens to our towns and world. Then why should God give us guidance when we aren’t asking for it. We act like we don’t need God and don’t give a damn how things are going until it is so bad we have no where else to turn but to God. Even then sometimes are hearts are harden and we can’t even ask God then for help. Our way or no way and we get what we ask for nothing.

See I’m going answer that first question now everyday and in everyway. We need God when things are good or when things are bad. Because bad things happen to ALL people. We should teach our children to pray and thank God for everything the good , the bad and the ugly. Bad things happen and people die and that we should teach our children it is a fact of life that no one escapes from. Sometimes we go through bad things and being even thankful that God is there when things are bad. Oh God heard Jesus on that cross the afternoon He died and He promised Him He’d bring Him back to life in 3 days. God hears our prayer no matter how bad our situation is and if we come through or if we don’t. Our God has heard us and our faith in Him and Jesus like the thief on the cross who did NOTHING but say I’m a sinner forgive me. Jesus said THIS VERY DAY YOU WILL SEE PARADISE ! He did not say you have to start a soup kitchen or give all your money away or do anything to receive salvation just believe and ask forgiveness that was all. If we want change in our world then we belong on our knees. We belong in church more than just Christmas and Easter. We need God in our lives everyday. God needs to hear from you everyday whether it is a good day or bad God wants you to talk with Him. If we all cared enough to talk with God each day this world would be a far better place. God needs to hear our appreciation for the beautiful planet He has given us. For being one of His creations and that you don’t just take Him for granted. He wants a personal relationship with you and someday a walk in the gardens of paradise with you. He created us for that personal walk through life and He wants that personal thankfulness. He can’t get that thankfulness in any other way. He couldn’t create thankfulness and you and I are the only ones that can give that to God our Creator. We are made to do that and we receive more that we can ever give in return. So we need God everyday and God need us too.

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