Religion or Faith

The biggest mistakes that a preacher can make sometimes is to delve in to the area of politics. Maybe in blogging it could be in writing about Religion and Faith, I’ll soon find out.

When I’m sitting here thinking about things to write about it usually comes down to something I can’t shake from my mind. So today it is Religion and Faith. You can drive me away from my Religion but you can’t drive me away from my Faith. Religion to me is more of a institution like Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and so on. But Faith is a personal thing that you get even if you don’t step inside a church. Even if I wasn’t brought up in a home were we went to church. I’d still see with great curiosity the marvels of the world I’d live in and wonder how it came to be. I’ve taken enough science to know you can’t make something from nothing. Scientist try all the time to tell us this is how the universes started but they neglect the one basic thing. You can’t make something from nothing. Argue all you want about evolution but first explain how something came from nothing. And there in I argue that God exist and there in my study began.

We can study all the Religions in the world but Religion isn’t Faith. You might say Religion leads you to Faith. I venture to say a lot of people go to church on Sunday or whatever day they choose but it isn’t a act of Faith that brings them there but a act of Religion. I was brought up in the Catholic Religion and I was always taught it was the only true Religion. Yet you get a little older and you ask yourself. Does that mean everyone else is condemned to hell ? Then you ever so slowly realize you have been sold a bill of goods that don’t float. You look at other Religions and you see that they too sell the same premise that puts Religion and belief in there way is the only way or it’s hell for you. Can’t dare question the Pope or Mohamed because if you do it’s condemnation forever to hell. Just in stating that I’ve already driven the Muslim’s to condemning me to hell. So be it this isn’t a blog designed to change your Religions but to make you Think !

Religion is rather easy to explain but Faith is a tougher nut to crack. Faith involves exploring and deep thought. Sit down with me if you will and remember your science class and your teacher teaching you about atoms and the parts of a atom. Yes we have made great strides at manipulating them and moving them around. Yet in a vacuum we have created Nothing ! So how did these atoms form? Out of nothing? Really then I say prove it. That my friends can’t be done. So how matter has to be made or created and you can’t do in a vacuum. It would take someone far superior than a man to create matter or anything. The complexity of any thing is far beyond our compacity to understand other than to say it’s a marvel the way it works. We may understand how we work but we can’t make a man or woman or anything from nothing. So it comes down to the consideration of a being , who is far superior to us. With more power , wisdom and love to create all we see and hear. A being with abilities far beyond our human imagination and so complex we couldn’t understand the love which it has taken to create everything we see and touch. Imagine this if you will . Here is this being we call Him God. He creates everything we see, touch, smell and hear. Then He says this is cool I like everything I have made. It is good. Yet something isn’t complete because even though I have created all this I have no one to share it with. So I will create man and unlike the Angels I’ve created I’ll give the physical bodies and I’ll put part of my spirit in them. So they will be in my image. Everything God made was perfect including man and woman. Yet man and woman were the pinnacle and most complex creation. With the ability to think, reason and make decisions for themselves. God just didn’t want a robot that would do exactly as He said to do but a creation that would choose to do the right thing and honor the one who created them. To you or me it may look like God messed up by giving man the option to obey or disobey or to do right or wrong. We were created to appreciate and honor our creator but not forced to do because that isn’t what God wanted. You can say I’ve just written the Book of Genesis and yes I’d say that is true in the most simplest way. God gave that knowledge of creation to our fore father’s in that book form. So that we would have that knowledge of where we came from and sensible way of explaining our own being. I’ve seen no better explanation from anyone else writing and I see reasonable hope in the writings of others faiths. So my faith is in a God I can’t see. Who can’t and won’t accept anyone in His heavenly kingdom that is without a blemish. God Himself provided that blemish repair in His Son Jesus Christ who died to take our blemishes away and all we have to do is say yes I’m a sinner and I believe that He died for my sins and they are wash away by that perfect sacrifice. And since He arose 3 days later I too will one day be accepted by God because His Son cleansed me. Religion can be seen but Faith is a matter of accepting the unseen.

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