The Lines Are Drawn-Out

The news media has gone nuts in the last 4 weeks or so. Ever since the death of George Floyd they have gone over the top for Biden and Black Lives Matter. It doesn’t matter how many police are killed or the police departments are unfunded or anything else. It is like now is the time to back the socialist agenda. President Trump is a racist for pointing out the destroying of monuments and the destruction of private property. If anyone says anything about Black Lives Matter or damages a Black Lives Matter sign it’s like you hit some black person in the face and called them some derogatory name. Yet police get ambushed, bricks, bottles and everything else thrown at them and the voice of the press isn’t crying outrage but are silenced. Report the news but nothing more. The Democrats sit back with tape over their mouths and Joe Biden in his basement bunker complaining about Trump’s response to the Corona virus. If you go to Microsoft Edge you’ll see multiple negative things from CNN and others to blast the President for anything he has said or done . If President Trump found the way to make it so we all could live without pain. The news media would find something wrong with it.

The wagons are circled around Joe Biden to protect him and keep his head down and mouth shut because he has no plan to Make America Great, better or anything else. Just a continuation of the Swamp force to burn money and line their pockets with the money they take from the American tax payers. You go into Congress with measly some in your bank account and like magic you come out with millions in your bank account and only made a $176,000 a year in a city with one of the highest cost of living in the USA. But no one blinks a eye or questions how anyone can make this happen. We can limit a President to two terms but we can’t put a limit to Congressional terms because now it is a job and not a representation of citizens. People go in to Congress thinking they can make a difference but those with tenure put a stranglehold on them and new ideas get flushed and the swamp goes on.

This election cycle is probably the most important one in our 244 year history. The lines are drawn in the sand. We can stand up for our Freedom or go the way of the socialist. The freedom fighters would continue stand up for our fore fathers and mothers. We’d continue to recognize the greatness of past generation and remember our successes and our failures. We’d continue to work to make America a success for all people.

On the other side you have people who only look at the imperfection of our nation and somehow approve of riots and burning of cities and business is right. Somehow they think we are better off without police and because you tare down statues of people in our passed you can erase history. That somehow if you give free college to everyone things would be better. That somehow if were given free health care and taught that our forefathers were all racist because of a few we’d be better off. We all be better off with no private gun ownership. There idea of equal justice under the law is if a policeman makes a mistake and miss handles a black man or woman we get rid of them. But places like Chicago and Baltimore where hundreds get killed every year if not thousands we do nothing about that.

These people who claim President Trump is the most corrupt President in our history. Sit back and watch riots and cities burn with a bind eye and say it is peaceful. The watch as hundreds of men and women’s livelihood are burned to the ground and while one black man life was taken unjustly other Blackman and women’s businesses were burnt to the ground and they don’t care.

Our President may have a big ego and sometimes he says things wrong but he wants all to be treated justly and have jobs. Nothing is perfect in life and our forefathers weren’t given nothing to make this country great, But through their faith in God and love of our land they did just that. They defended us and the freedom of the whole world too. We conquered no one but provided freedom for many and hope around the world. That is why people still want to come to America to live because the hope and freedom to control their own destiny.

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