A Message of Hope

Today is Easter Sunday and today in the Christian world talk about Hope !! What more does this world need now more than Hope ? I can think of nothing with a pandemic traveling around our globe. This isn’t the first time a pandemic has engulfed the world in death and sickness. Even with H1N1 flu the fight to develop a vaccine wasn’t nearly the challenge that it is with Covid-19. Yet in modern time with labs working around the clock. I believe we have Hope in away to treat Covid-19 until a vaccine can be developed. Now that is hope in man and a faith in God to give man the genius to find and develop the cure.

Many people who don’t have the slightest understanding of about our Creator God. Will question why God would let such a pandemic even exist. If you just take a look at life itself you’ll see God isn’t behind all the tragic happenings in the world but He allows them to happen. Sickness , wars , hunger , drug addiction , suicides’ and the list goes on. All allowed by a loving God. It makes no sense to those that have no faith and even somethings people of faith wonder why ? You really do need to go back to the first man and woman created by God to answer that question of why ? We are so weak and easy to deceive and man’s desire to be like God has never changed. God defined what is right and wrong, when told Adam and Eve not to eat from that one tree. That act of disobedience change this world forever. Our survival was put in to our hands before that act of disobedience our survival was in God’s hand because man and woman were perfect in all ways. We weren’t powerful but perfect like everything else God created. We know God could have stop Eve from eating that fruit and giving some to Adam but yet He didn’t because He wanted their obedience freely ! After that imperfection enter God’s creation and imperfection that can’t be in the same realm with God. And God saw a need to give us Hope. He provided Jesus His only Son who came lived and died on a cross for our sins. Every last one of us even the ones who nailed Him to the cross. The Hope is in His resurrection and the words He said that who so shall ever believe in Him ( Jesus) and ask forgiveness for their sins and repent shall be saved. That is simple straight forward and no strings attached.

I’m really not sure why I didn’t publish this back around Easter but it is never to late to celebrate the the Hope Easter brings. With the Covid 19 pandemic and the recent riots the call for Hope is even louder than before. Our lives run on Hope and Hope fades away despair sets in and we give up . We throw in the towel and do desperate things. It’s nice to be around people that look on the positive things in life even when the circumstances aren’t so promising. Human are made to live on Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. For a cure for cancer For a answer to a world of unending wars and for a end to poverty. Yet we know some of those things have been with mankind since almost creation itself. I listen to the people of Black Lives Matter talk but I see no Hope in it for white man like me. I see them marching in cities but I see in others cities they don’t bother to march in. A black man or a black woman gets killed by a cop justly or not and the they march in the streets. But 25 or 30 black people get shot in Chicago every week and there are no march’s or cries of out rage because no police man did it. There is something wrong with that picture that one life is more important that someone else’s life. What Hope does Black Lives Matter bring to the law abiding black community if all they want is to get rid of police and law and order ? When Black Lives Matter sees a black man or black woman’s business burnt to the ground and they don’t give a damn or say a word about it ?

I’m finishing this writing on July 4th , 2020 America’s day of Independence and right fully so. Over 244 years ago our fore father’s and mother’s came to this continent to try to fulfill their dreams of Freedom. Some came to escape persecution because of the way they worshiped God. Others just to escape from the monarchy of the British or France and others. Some just had a dream of being able to live life’s of Hope with out the burden of having a government for anything. Maybe in the first years that might have been so. But we know men being men law and order doesn’t prevail by itself because of all our human faults. Yet this a unique country with no king that reigns over us. We are one nation under God and that is the reason this country still stands today. Under God gives us Hope and provides a protection in our Faith. Many have tried to remove that protection out of our laws , our oaths and our ways of life. I don’t envision that battle ever going away but if it does our Nation will fail because God is the Hope this nation was founded on. We are a long ways from prefect and our nation has many flaws but yet We the People control the Hope of this country with our choice of Godly leaders that believe in our fore father’s dreams of Freedom and right’s to worship as we please. If your goal is to to make this nation better for All then your goal is of God because no one is better than another !

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