Sticks and Stones Can Break My …

We have all been there at sometime in our lives. Maybe it was your mother or your father that told you. That sticks and stones can break your bones but words can’t ever hurt you, I could have even been a teacher or boy scout leader or girl scout leader. Yet I’ll almost guarantee that someone in your life has told you that. We more than likely heard that as a young age and never gave it much thought as to its truth. Sometimes it takes a while to digest what our parents or older people tell us. Now words may not hurt you much from a stranger when they are said to you but those very same words from your mom or dad are like getting hit with a ton of bricks. Who ever made up that saying either had the thickest skin in the world when it came to their mom and dad saying things to them. I know for a fact that you can be doing things and have playmate call you stupid and you can brush it off. Yet when your mom or dad calls you stupid it hurts and it hurts deep. It doesn’t matter whether they are joking or anything else. When you are young you don’t understand that they really don’t mean it.

I admit I live in mostly a white world but it isn’t because I have anything against any other race but just because my situation is like that. That is the way it works for everyone basically though. It isn’t intentionally racial it is just the way it is. When you grow older and your field of friends grow all the other races come into play. I think you can be taught to be prejudice by parents, grandparents or relatives which is tragic and wrong. Yet that is real world and unfortunate. I really don’t think my parents ever mention a word of prejudice towards and other races or creeds. I’m so thankful for that and it was a very wise decision to leave the thinking to us as their children.

Of course as you grow older your small world of friends change and you meet people from all walks of life all races and creeds. I’m a Veteran of the Viet Nam years. The arm services was well integrated and we depended on one another for our very lives in many situations. There wasn’t time to play the race card and if you did your butt was in trouble. I never really understood a couple things. You hear black guys talking to each other and they’d call each other the N word and think nothing of it. Yet if a white guy would call one the N word all hell would break loose. I just think it is the kind a word I wouldn’t call anyone. I get it but that word should be lock away and never used. I guess racial prejudice works both ways and maybe in ways that aren’t necessarily about skin color but religion , nationality and any reason a person wants to dream up. Insensitive towards our fellow citizens isn’t something new and it isn’t going away. And it won’t unless we call people on their insensitive talk and actions. It starts with parents , teachers and leaders. The George Floyd take down has gotten universal attention and 99.9% of people would say that excessive forced was use and very stupid police officer and his helpers should pay a high price for that stupidity. Let’s talk about the community response and a few other things.

Most law abiding citizens understand the anger and frustration that George Floyd’s parents, and others feel toward the police. The anger is justified and just a little slap on the wrist isn’t going to be enough of a answer to the death of George Floyd. The demonstrations across this great country should be enough to get the powers that be attention. Yet the even with the support that has been built something has gone wrong. Mass peaceful protest is enough to get our attention and support. When it turns to riots beating of innocent people , destroying of businesses and injuring hundreds of police you lose us law abiding citizens support. We have nothing against Black Lives Matter but we do have something against them if the only time that counts is when a black man or woman is hurt by police. See Black Lives Matter to us law abiding citizens in Chicago , Baltimore , New York City or any other place in this country day in and day out. We protest excessive force used on all people and it doesn’t matter about race , color or religion. Equal Justice Under The Law means Equal Justice For All. For the people who are handled with excessive force , for the businesses who are destroyed and the communities that are left with millions of dollars of expenses , lost revenue and future taxes that won’t come back anytime soon. All our lives matter and without peace and tranquility you may have your life but why live if your community is ruined. It’s time to get off the streets and go home is. It isn’t because you are giving up but because there are forces that making what you are working for look like you don’t want peaceful and orderly change. The more businesses that are destroyed and police that are killed and hurt. The power you lose because you lose the rest of us law abiding citizens support. Change is ok and good but without the threats and violence. That is why Martin Luther King Jr. was successful because he brought attention to the problems basics but He did it without burning cities. We know further change needs to come but again with peaceful means and reasonable demands that everyone can live with. Yea and sticks and stones do break bones and it is a bunch of BS that words never hurt you. They do and when the bones are healed the words continues to hurt for a life time in some cases. Dr. Phil once said ” It takes a 1000 I love You to make up for telling your kid he or she is Stupid one time. ” That is a fact and ask any kid where dad or mom has called him stupid if that isn’t right 100% of the time.

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