President Trump Losing His Base ?

With roughly 130 day until the election the polling shows President Trump trailing Joe Biden Democrat Presidential hopeful. Even in the Fox Polling he comes up short. Now if you believe all these polls President Trump loses to Joe Biden in November. Even though you can take the polls the same way that we did in 2016 when all the early polls showed Hillary Clinton leading all contenders by double digits. Let’s take a look at some of the changes since 2016.

The world economies are in more of the dumps. Is it because President Trump and his economic policies or is it the Covid -19 pandemic ? It is true that tariffs and the threat of tariffs have resulted in some pretty good economic deals for the United States and NATO members finally ponying up to pay more of their fair share for the cost of the alliance hasn’t made any new friend. But yet to America it doesn’t show us as the softies we been. Yes a promise kept by Candidate Trump. Of course our news media makes it look like President Trump is a laughing stock but only to the snobbish leaders. Why should it be a big secret that the world loves our loose purse strings. Heck we have given money to countries that hate us and they use it to blow things up that hurt Americans. Several other things could effect the coming election on the record of foreign policy. President supposed softness on the Russians. Let’s look at that. Has President Trump colluded with Russia a big NO. Has he approved more sanctions against the Russians than any other President a big YES. Has he promoted our oil and energy industry to take big bite out of the Russians and OPEC. A big YES. Has he countered every move that the Russians have made and cancel treaties that the Russians were not keeping. Another Big Yes. Did President Trump lose support because he met with the North Korean President Kim Jung Um. Since when did talking hurt and did he give away the bank to meet with him. We might not have gained a lot but the missiles aren’t flying over Japan anymore. So a losing issue there for the Democrats. The issue are many in foreign relationships and Israel is one that looks better than it did during the Obama years. A promise kept on moving our Embassy to Bethlehem the capital of Israel. The last 4 Presidents ran on that promise but never did it and President Trump did it. Let’s look at the American economy some.

Pre-pandemic the economy seem to be rolling a long a pretty good clip. Job numbers in most states were at all time lows and the numbers of people in the American work force were at record numbers. Of course since everything lags behind some the Democrats have tried to say they started before President Trumps election. From a Obama administration that said ” We never see the unemployment rate below 5% again and that manufacturing job are never coming back ” I’d say they did nothing to change anything before they left office. But no matter what the economy looked like to the Democrats they still said it was all a lie. Just a little secret between me and you $15.00 hour for a minimum wage wouldn’t make the Democrats happy. Most of us know that when you talk about elections a lot of people vote by what has happen to their pocket books. And tax cuts have effected our pockets books and so has the Covid 19 pandemic. When you say disease and then say no cure and no vaccine it scares 99% of us. I suppose it put that same fear into President Trump. We went a long with the recommendation of the experts and advise us to social distance , wash our hands frequently and avoid large crowds. Million were laid off and millions remain out of work. Just what a good Democrat would order for a change in administration. In normal condition I might say that would be right but this time around I’d say there is a difference in what the Democrats offer and what President Trump and the Republicans offer. What the Democrats offer is a return to the Deep State policies , Obama Care or worst , reinstatement of regulations , higher taxes and same old thinking of the past. Does the Trump base believe we’d be better off with 4 years or 8 years of Democrat rule ? Do we really think sleep Joe and the Democrats can make any difference with the Covid -19 pandemic which hasn’t gone away and no vaccine yet. Will we trust old sleepy Joe to lead us back to property and not chase jobs overseas again. Will we trust him to keep the iron ore mines open in Minnesota and the shale oil production going. Even though everything has been effected by the pandemic can we trust sleep Joe and the Democrats to not put a strangle hold on the economy and put the same efforts into vaccine and a treatment for Covid-19 if a vaccine doesn’t materialize in the next year. Let’s look at what Joe Biden wants from the Trump base.

In order for President Trump’s base to shift to the Democrat side many acceptances would have to be forth coming from Sleepy Joe and his Democrat base. First could they accept closed borders protected by walls , fences and technology ? Could they accept Pro-Life Christians ? Could they accept those of us that believe that President Trump has been unfairly treated for the past 3 years plus ? Can they support Justices that upholds the Constitution and not make laws from the bench. And that all people are created equal even those in Chicago and Baltimore that Black Lives Matter and others have written off year after year. Can they accept school choice for all. You see all these things and many more sleepy Joe and the Democrats are going to have to address in order for most of President Trump supports to change the way they voted in 2016. You can call Trump a liar or anything else you want but we don’t see anyone but a person who wants the status quo to change and to put America back to work and to spend some money here on things that need to be fixed, He wants everyone to have a job and raise a family without fear. President Trump maybe down in the polls but we know how the media works polls and only one that counts will be November 3, 2020 !!

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