What’s Wrong with History ?

That might just be the $64,000 question going through your mind these days. We have somehow decided that the easiest way to correct history is to rip down the statues of people like Columbus and Andrew Jackson , General Robert E. Lee , Lincoln and anyone we don’t like in our history books. Somehow this will erases the things they did and make our world a better place. We all have our favorite history hero’s and villain’s who did things to our ancestors that we don’t like. After these people get done ripping statues down are they going to act like the Nazis’ and insist we burn all the books that mention the names of these people ? What exactly happen to the truth setting you free ? History is just that History ! It is the past whether right or wrong was done is a lesson to be learned from . We can’t change what our ancestors did but we can act differently to make our future better. Funny thing about history is that it sometime shows the imperfections of people that lived long ago. It also shows us the basic facts of life. That is we all DIE !! No one has a exemption card to cheat death but everyone has a history they leave behind. Just imagine if you will the one great accomplishment in your life being I ripped the statue of Andrew Jackson down or General Robert E. Lee. What do you tell your children about it and your reason for it ? I don’t know how I’d explain that to my son or daughter do you ?

This is really what I find wrong with schools today they don’t teach acceptance of someone else point of view. Instead of teaching that sugars and fats in moderation isn’t all bad for you. They teach that you should be a vegan or some other kind of diet freak. They teach you like a child that isn’t going to grow up. Instead of showing you that you need these skills to make it through life. They avoid teaching those skills we all need in everyday life. Doing a basic check book or cooking a simple meal aren’t taught. Maybe schools that send more kids to college get more funding I’m not sure. There is something about accepting other peoples point of view you think would be a basic in life. Teaching to a person to agree to disagree and remain friends is very important thing in living together in this world. If you have to force people to agree with you then maybe you should review your position or learn to compromise and find a middle ground.

We can’t change anything that happen yesterday or anything we did 5 minutes ago. Once something is done it is done. We can only learn from our mistakes and try to do better. You wear your mask as you rip down these statues of our fore fathers . Yes , I know that we live in a world with a pandemic but you would wear your mask because you aren’t brave enough to show your face and really go down in the history books. At least the people that you tare down the statues of were brave enough to show their faces and speak out about their conviction and not hide behind a mask. You live in a country where you can burn our national flag and have it called freedom of speech. But you don’t live in a country without laws about destroying property and causing mayhem There are limits to what we can to do to upset the harmony of everyone life’s. We know that statue ripping is only the beginning of your mayhem and next it will be our libraries , schools , museums and institutions of higher learning . Destroying statues is just a precursor of your hate for America and our way of life .

There is nothing wrong with history and there is nothing wrong with names or statues of the people in our past. We look at them and they remind us that they did certain things and they either won or lost. There isn’t one thing we can change about what they did . That is a fact and they are dead and their time has gone. Time is now to work to make this world a better place . If you aren’t evil then take off your mask and put a face to the change you want and educate us all. I double dog dare you cowards that doing these things.

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