The Deserting of Trump

From now until the day of election what we are going to here is that somehow voters are going to make a mass exodus from the ranks of Trump campaign. The race card is spread out before us. He somehow didn’t provide enough leadership during the George Floyd experience to be able to stop the riots and rename all the Army bases because they are named after southern Confederates. Somehow President Trump is suppose to snap too and salute Black Lives Matter and do as they wish to bring some kind of peace to our nation. He is suppose to keep his mouth shut and not say anything about the rioters and looters that torched and looted businesses. He is suppose to apologize for sending the National Guard into Washington D.C. to prevent further destruction of property and maiming of police officer’s. Somehow we are suppose to believe that President Trump liked watching the video of George Floyd being knelt on and begging for his life. Somehow we are suppose to believe the number one problem and cause of the riots is Trump didn’t speak out soon enough. Maybe he did wanted to bring in the regular Army to qualm the riots and bring a end to the riots and looting. Who could blame him for wanting to end the destruction of businesses and maiming of police. I doubt that any true Trumper’s are going to desert President Trump for his actions because they know he was as horrified as the rest of us were about the actions of the police against George Floyd.

We are going to hear that everything President Trump did during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic was wrong. The make believe media saying that somehow President Trump could have actually acted sooner to stop the pandemic. The media will even blame the Covid-19 shut down on him , when in fact the governor’s of each state had that power not President Trump. We are going to here that we weren’t prepared for a pandemic and our stock of PPE was his fault for being depleted. I know all President Obama did was lay around all the time thinking about how a pandemic would come to America and was back stocking PPE. for that to happen. Yes and if you believe that any President just does that day and night you believe in Frosty the Snowman. Government has a notorious reputation for moving slow. The easiest thing was the stay at home orders and shutting down non-essential businesses. To tell the truth it was unbelievable how fast that happen and how successful it was. We know that like the flu this the coronavirus was and is most deadly to elderly and people with weak immune systems. But unlike the flu no real vaccines or medication to cure it. The blame game isn’t going to get us to desert President Trump.

Deserting President Trump would be like deserting General Eisenhower a week before his ride into Berlin to declare a victory for the Allies at the end of World War 2. It isn’t going to happen because there is no viable candidate to run against a bunch of liberals who think they know how to live our lives better than us. Who think that somehow if we give away our rights to own a guns and teach our son’s and daughters about God and Jesus our country will be better for it. We are suppose to desert President Trump because he didn’t complete the wall across our southern borders. When the reality is that he never got the support of Congress because of back stabbers and Democrats who want open borders. President Trump has kept more promises than any other President has even if we don’t agree with them all. What he says he does and you can bank on his promises. Were other Presidents before paid lip service to their promises President Trump has delivered on his.

For 3 years plus we have seen everything thrown at President Trump and he has stood his ground in all cases. The hate for President Trump on the left is so bad that nothing he does that is positive is reported. Instead of joining the fight to help Trump in anything they have worked against him. Joe Biden says President Trump will have to cheat to win reelection but he provides no vision for a better America with him in charge. Desertion of President Trump is a real dream in the lefts lies.

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