2020 The year that got Canceled ?

Every time you turn around our leaders and organizations are canceling events. Maybe the front cover of Time Magazine in December will say ” The Year of The Covid-19 ” . For truly the coronavirus has dominated almost everyone’s life since the first cases . The first case in any country you live in. This has been a disease that hasn’t a vaccine or any handy medicines to relieve it’s effects. At the outset many people thought it to be like the Flu but as it turns out it is much more complicated and deadlier to people with pre-existing condition, elderly 60 + , people of color and minorities. We have still have seen people in all ranges of age dying from this invisible killer. Everyday that goes by with no vaccine or meds to counter act the effects of the coronavirus , the places we want go or things we like to do are being drastically changed. Social distancing is now main line messaging. A lot of people didn’t know what the acronym PPE stood for 3 months ago. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is now used on a daily basis. Because children seem to be less effected but might be good carriers that effects grandma and grandpa with a simple hug it has changed family get togethers. Visiting retirement homes and visiting those place are now off-limits.

Even though the things are slowly opening in some areas. Event after event keep on being canceled. Many people have been laid off because of the limitation and closing somethings indefinitely. Swimming pools closed for the summer and park programs a no go for the summer. Here they have just opened restaurants for 50% capacity, bars and pool halls. Most big box stores are limiting the number of people who can come in at one time. The grocery stores in some case make you go in one door on one side and out a door on the other side. Wearing mask and protective gloves in serving people or wearing mask in to protect yourself. Many people like myself and my wife are having groceries delivered by stores or relatives. With the limited opening of summer sports for high schools , little leagues and other sports nothing is going to look like it use too. From the grandstands full of fans and high fives at the end of the games and trips to the DQ to celebrate the win. Nothing is going to look the same until the coronavirus has a vaccine and meds to to combat its effects.

Even with openings the coronavirus isn’t going away and we don’t know whether this will be reoccurring in the Fall and Winter of 2020. Will the coronavirus be like the flu reoccurring year after year with mutations of it ? We know that the coronavirus has attacked the most vulnerable and perhaps cause these number rise because of no way to prevent the coronavirus. So more cancelation of events may continue. Social distancing presents a big problem for large events because the numbers of people to attend may make the cost to high to have the event. For example our church holds about 250 people but social distance of 6 Ft. would mean a capacity of 60 people. I know some people think that this covid-19 is way over blown and the government response is way overboard. The majority of deaths are probably in the age groups over 65 and people with pre-existing conditions. A lot of these people may have already had cancer, heart disease or other conditions. In a lot of these case these people may have live with their condition for many years but covid-19 has no cure so it takes these people sooner. Now the government needs to get us back to work but the simple truth is that the coronavirus is still out there. The uncertainty means gradual opening and social distancing. It means people over 65 and pre-existing conditions are still afraid and under stay at home situation. I’m one of those who is effected in this way. It really doesn’t matter what they open up safe isn’t going to happen anytime real soon for me.

If I was working yet I probably would take a chance only for a couple reasons. One you need to eat and two you need to pay the bills. But with things the way they are 2020 will be a record year for cancelation of most events. I don’t blame the government for anything. How were they to know this was coming down the pike or how much of a need there was going to be for the PPE. It is easy to point fingers and complain about mistakes that government has made. They aren’t God but humans like us all. It’s a learn and live moment in time and we should thank those people even if a mistakes have been made.

I think we have done a pretty good job of staying at home and doing our best to minimize our contact with each other. How long we can do this without driving our spouses nuts or throwing up our hands and saying the hell with this and just taking a chance. We know this can’t go on forever and the government can’t just keep giving out checks. I believe that those of us that even though we’ve been in a lock down for the last 11 weeks or so . We don’t really understand the horrible reality of covid-19 disease because a lot of us haven’t personally lost anyone to it. We are like on the outside looking in. It isn’t that at we haven’t seen the pictures on TV but we haven’t lost someone close to us. When you see someone you know today and a few days later they are gone it effects you differently. Our country and even the world can’t afford another years of canceled events. We are losing literally trillions of dollars and recession like we have seen before could come. So the goal of the world governments as a whole should a all out war against covid-19 and until a safe vaccine is produced medicines that that will at cut the suffering from catching it. We don’t care which political party the scientist belong to or if they support Trump or Pelosi . We need unity to work day and night so 2021 isn’t a repeat of 2020 . An the only thing that gets canceled in 2021 is the word CANCELED !!

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