Have We Change Our Minds Yet ?

With our national election drawing near and it looks like it will be President Trump and ex-vice president Joe Biden as our choices. I know the lines are drawn in the sand and I see no difference than 2016. President Trump is still the pro job growth and pro make in America and pro legal immigration. He has been pro-life and pro-Israel . Basically President Trump hasn’t changed his views or his principles. Okay fine and dandy. So has the Democrat side change to challenge President Trump to draw his voters to the Democrat point of view ? The Democrats continue to promote open borders with basically open immigration. Anti-Israel and pro-China.

The picture I get from the Democrats is they have either kept their issues the same or made them more radical . They have tried in everyway to get rid of President Trump . They have had the aid of the main line media and newspapers across this country. It’s been like a copy and paste media and there is no resemblance of journalism. Even without a chance at impeachment they have continued to put this country through a constant focus on unproven charges against President Trump. They have made any supporter of the President a target of their disdain for President Trump. Somehow they think that they are drawing pro-Trump people to their side with this continued unrelenting hate campaign for President Trump. Since the Covid-19 pandemic you have thought they’d drop their hate Trump thing for a while and rally around a campaign to get rid of this virus and help the American people. Yet it hasn’t been like that but like little children saying I can do better than you can to solve this problem. Where President Trump has been on the phone and encouraging every possible institution to develop a vaccine and medicines to relieve the effects of this corona virus. The media and the Democrats have done everything they can to create havoc in the group that President Trump and Vice President Pence have brought together to lead the fight against Covid-19. So with all President Trump bashing has the Democrats done anything to draw Trump supports to the Democrat side on voting day November 3rd 2020 ? Nothing that a Trump supporter can see to change our minds. We can go through the list of things which I suppose are suppose to have change our minds about President Trump. Let’s do that just for kicks. Number 1. the Mueller investigation a nothing burger no collusion. Number 2. Michael Flynn lying to the FBI another nothing burger a setup by the FBI . Number 3 Impeachment another nothing burger no proof everything President Trump did was legal . Number 4. Supposed affairs nothing burger no proof and even with proof not paid for with campaign money. Number 5. Covid- 19 mishandling only in the eyes of the Democrats another nothing burger. Between the Democrats and the media they have thrown everything at President Trump including the kitchen sink, bath tub and the toilet but has all bounced off and landed squarely on their heads.

In conclusion the Democrats have to provide NO good alternative to another four years of President Trumps solid leadership. I know you stern Trump haters are convinced he has not lead but your point of view comes out of partisan dislike that only a blind person couldn’t see but thank God they got ears to hear. The answer provided by the Democrats will not be Joe Biden and a platform of liberal policies. You’ll have to do better your broken record is about ready to shatter.

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