The Blame Game

Are you tired of the Blame Game yet? I’m only tired of it because it is one sided. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. An by that I mean either credit for the good they have done or the bad. The left and right political spectrum isn’t always right in their opinions but they think they are right because of their ideological points of view. Both sides are stubborn and both sides have that right to be just that way. Why would you compromise with someone when there is no middle ground to compromise too? I get that really if someone want you to go against everything you believe and say they are right and you are wrong it is political suicide or personal betrayal. I would like to know if there is one thing that President Trump has done that the left has given him credit for doing right. I can’t think of anything even when what he has done served the interest of both parties and they even help getting it through Congress. I can think of things that the Trump administration has given the Democrats credit for helping to get through Congress. That has been few and far between because 99% of what the President wants they want the opposite even if it hurts this country.

The latest Blame Game comes down to the economy under this pandemic of the Covid -19 virus. Before the Covid-19 virus came into nations midst. Our economy was purring along like perfectly tuned car. Even though the other side said it wasn’t or gave President Obama credit for it. Everything from day one of the Trump administration has been knocked, condemned or made fun of by the left. The left just isn’t the Democrats alone. The true picture of the left has to included the major media channel and even the major newspapers and magazines. Let me give you one example. For the last 5 administrations or at least in the campaigns to get to the White House candidates have all profess to move our embassy to Jerusalem in Israel. President Trump was no different in his campaign promises. The difference being President Trump actually did it and moved it. Yet in the media except for Fox, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity you have thought no other President hadn’t ever mentioned moving our embassy to Jerusalem. One thing that is very nice about the internet is that you can fact check most things. In this case you can literally go back in the archives and watch the videos of the candidate all promising to move the embassy if they where elected to the office of President. Anyone with a third of a brain would understand why our unemployment rate is high right now. An anyone with a third of a brain wouldn’t blame President Trump. But no because he took credit for a economy that was doing things in record numbers for the good , They want him to take the blame for the bad numbers now. In normal times with things looking so bad as the employment we say yea blame Trump or who ever the person leading the economy is. Yet in this case President Trump and his administration has done nothing to cause this high unemployment situation. We haven’t ever blamed a President for bad unemployment numbers when hurricanes caused them or Winter storms or earthquakes. The American people aren’t stupid and we understand that given a good choice President Trump would never have ask us to stay at home or social distance unless it was a choice between life or death. Facts are facts and when you have virus that is going to kill many people even though a lot of people may not get deathly sick. You error on the side that saves lives. In this case mainly grandma and grandpa lives but as we have seen many others too. Unless those trailers and coffins in New York are empty and it is all a lie then President Trump did what he thought was best for the common good of our country. In a normal flu season even though we do lose many people. The coffins aren’t stacked up in refrigerated trucks or mass graves. We may get as many deaths but they don’t come in theses numbers so fast but are scattered through out the year. They do not come like that because we have vaccines and vaccines work for the majority of people. I am tired of the blame game when it is one sided and unfair.

We be far worst off if our governments had done nothing. If we just went about our business and went saw grandma in the nursing homes and then went to ball games. The numbers would be more staggering that they are now. Even sixty some thousand is bad enough in this short a time here in the USA but left without anyone doing anything those numbers could easily be 10 times as many. Play your blame game media but I’ll say our governments have done a pretty good job. Has there been errors yes and has some of this gone to far yes but to do nothing would have been a real disaster.

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