A simple enough title but you know Speed is the key ingredient that counts in many things we do. Sometimes Speed works for us and other times against us. In racing it usually is a matter of Speed that wins the race. Seem like in this day of fast changing technologies we rely on Speed one heck of a lot. The emphasis on Speed in getting things done forces more errors and less correctness. Have you ever notice in newspapers , TV and radio the likeness in the same news story. It’s like they just copy and paste the stuff they print and say without doing any leg work or even any eye work. The emphasis on Speed and keeping that time line seem more important than the accuracy of what they are presenting. This is a story about Speed and it has two points. One there is good Speed and Two there is bad Speed.

Each year we have 1000’s of people die from the flu in this country and around the world. I’m not talking really about a small number and in this country it amounts to 40 to 60,000 deaths each year even with our vaccines . That isn’t a good thing and we should try to lower those numbers. Yet those deaths don’t overwhelm our health care system but the they don’t come like a waterfall of people but rather a few here and a few there, scattered through out our country. I know that most of us are fed up with staying home. Yet we aren’t the ones watching the patients wheeled into hospitals and seeing the dead being wheeled out at record Speed. Morgues and cemeteries that can’t keep up with the numbers to bury fast enough. I don’t think anyone could imagine the Speed of the Coronavirus or the swiftness of the death it has brought.

Sit back for a moment and imagine that the NCAA Tournament wasn’t cancel and colleges , schools and everything just continued on as normal. Visitations to hospitals , nursing home and daycares all just continued to go on with no interruptions. Airline kept bringing in foreign visitors and no one pulled that emergency cord to stop us from dragging this silent killer to all our businesses and through out our society. Just say to yourself what if no one step forward and said a word. Oh yes sooner or later someone would have seen the disaster coming. With people getting sick all over and hospitals filling up to over flowing. I just mention a few of the place we would have continued to go to go and to drag this silent virus too. If that would have happened in that way bad Speed would have caused complete chaos in our society.

We all know that isn’t the way things have played out. We had a President who got some information and analysis it and saw a potential for a great disaster. They were saying 2 to 4 million people could have died if what they have ordered hadn’t been done. Personally I think it could have been far worst than that if all the cancelations and stay at home orders hadn’t been made. It has cost everyone a lot. Businesses , government and individuals have all lost freedoms , money ,economy and probably a lot of sleep. We lost family members , friend , foes and this silent virus hasn’t skipped any race , color or creed. The Speed at which things were shut down and general obedient following of the shut downs rules has saved lives. I understand this being a election year coming up and I look at President Trump and the decisions he has made knowing that the economy was going to take a hit that makes 9/11 look like child’s play . Above all people in political power his willingness to do what he has done and still catching the political flake was courage’s . Whether he could have done things faster I don’t know . But if he had left the airlines running from China and the EUROPE our shortages of PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT or PPE would have been even worst that it was or is.

We are not through this Covid-19 virus thing yet and we all understand the calls to open up. Many of the small businesses are going to go broke unless something changes pretty soon. Flooding the streets with people and hand shaking , hugging our friends and neighbors isn’t a wise idea with this virus still killing so many people. Travel to places were the out break hasn’t receded is still weeks away. Our prayers to God should be traveling with the Speed of light . If people will turn from themselves and pray to God He will answer them and end this nightmare of these last few months. He answers those that are faithful to Him and acknowledge Him as God and His Son as Savior.

Just as usual your opinions are welcome and these are mine and directed by no one but a unseen Spirit that has touch my fingers and heart. I pray for your safety and the safety of all man kind because we are brothers and sisters in this small world God created for us.

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