The What if Factor of the Covid-19 Pandemic Part 2

I’m reading my own writing on the What if Factor and I realize one great big what if I left out. The way this pandemic looks right now this pandemic in the United States isn’t going to turn out as bad as projected. That being said don’t rush to your doors and drive to you favorite pub.

There are so many what if that many things would be quite different without the things government has done . I thank God for the those few people who sounded the alarm in Wuhan , China and I ask myself what if no one had raise that alarm ? What if China just said we can afford to lose a few million people, after all we are over populated and it’s hard enough feeding all these people. Just what if President Trump never closed travel to China or Europe when he did ? You’d have people coming back going to all parts of the United States . You’d have people walking into nursing homes , hospital, sports arenas , visiting children and every place you can think of. This pandemic would be ten times as bad as it is now or worst. President Trump is going to take a lot of heat if this only cost America say 60,000 lives. Why ? Because a annual flu outbreak only cost that many lives and we take it as normal. Now the President had to think of this what if scene himself. We have this great economy going and every aspect of it is running like a fine tune car. What if I shut this economy down ? What’s going to happen ? Will I lose in the 2020 election ? Will people understand ? Can I make people understand that we have no vaccines , drugs to cure it and if you are around someone with it , all they have to do is breath on you.

In times past when we had no vaccines for Yellow Fever or any of the thing that nearly wipe out towns . What grew to be understood almost like seventh sense is the only way to avoid dying was to stay away. Basically what President Trump and his advisers decide on doing was that exact thing called mediation or stay at home and distancing. It is more than that but the basic hygiene thing as well has been plan A.

So the what if President Trump did this or that to combat Covid-19 is going to be debated for many years to come. But instead of throwing stones we should be thanking God for all the blessings He pours out upon the this world as a whole. He has bless this generation with a mass media , computers , advances in medicines and PPE. Instead of looking at what President Trump did wrong or right really . We should be looking at what we can do to make us ready for any future pandemics or disasters. The problem there is no one can tell if that will be next year or in 100 years . We as humans don’t like spending money on the unseen. This pandemic should be a lesson in being prepared for the unseen coming down the road of life . Stay safe out there and don’t jump the gun be patient this will end.

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