The What if factor of Covid-19

I know many of us are praying that the death total from the Covid-19 virus are going to be lower than the CDC is forecasting. There is always the what if factor that comes into play. What if it far exceeds the highest numbers in the forecast ? What if it is lower than the projected lowest number ? In the United States everything seems to be a political game especially with Donald J. Trump as President. The average person doesn’t want this to become a political issue . We just want it over and our lives back on track. Well let’s explore the what if factor of Covid-19 ?

We came out of the Impeachment Trial of President Trump in which he was found no guilty. Straight into the Corvid-19 pandemic set off in China. We were seeing the numbers of people dying in Wuhan China and the President shut down air travel to and from . Allowing for some returns of our citizens and theirs. But yet we knew that Covid -19 was probably already here because the secrecy of the China government. This was rather a no brainer that we were going to have a real problem on our hands. Maybe it could have been lessened but the Chinese are very proud people and don’t rely on outside help very often, It is sad because we would only like to have helped them stop this invisible killer and maybe help exploring early on how to defeat it. So here we are in our 3rd or 4th week in either a modified stay home orders or direct government order to stay home, I believe the numbers now are around 330,000 infected people and 12,000 deaths in the United States. That doesn’t seem like many but the testing is increasing with better test and number of cases keep growing. So the peak isn’t that near but we don’t know exactly how far away from that peak we are. With most state having closed most big gathering places and places people hang together like bar, restaurants , gyms , and almost any place where human to human contact can pass a long a cold or Covid-19. It’s almost to the time to say what if this turns out with either more deaths than forecast or less. Then what does the political climate look like. I believe this a no win situation if you are on the Republican side. Because if we see say less than 100,000 to 150,000 deaths you’ll see the liberal crying that President Trump shut our economy down for just a minor bump in the road or that he just should have had certain areas shut down and left others open . If those numbers climb say 200,000 to 260,000 deaths you’ll here the liberal say that Trump didn’t do enough or he didn’t care about grandma and grandpa and acted to slowly.

That is the way politics have worked from even before President Trump took his oath of office, At least that is what I expect and with the way the liberal media and Democrats have acted in the pandemic situation it looks like I’m right on the the money. While most of us just want this pandemic over with and to go back to work and make this country even better than before. There are those selfish people breeding on power and want control everything especially the money coming out of Washington D.C. and they can’t do that with President Trump in their way. And that my friends is a fact. But we will see if I’m right or wrong and what twist the Democrats put to their attacks on President Trump in the coming months.

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